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Eric Lefkofsy helping fight cancer with the power of analytics

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Eric Lefkofsky, co-founder of Tempus has announced they have achieved unicorn status. The term unicorn was coined in 2013, by Aileem Lee who is a seed investor and venture capitalist. The mythical creature unicorn is used to describe startup companies that are privately owned and operated with a value of over $ 1 billion. Eric Lefkofsky announced Kinship Trust Co. T. Rowe Price Associates are the latest investors that invested $ 80 million. The last $ 80 million plus the $ 210 million Tempus received dating back to 2015 has pushed the current value of the company to an astounding $ 1.1 billion. Other notable unicorn companies include Uber, Lyft, Hulu, Survey Monkey, Reddit, Facebook, Alibaba and Spotify. Eric Lefkofsky credited the high interest by investors in Tempus is due to the realization of a current healthcare revolution.

Tempus is a data driven, healthcare analytical platform that uses analytical technology to identify correlations, and possible solutions in the fight against cancer. We are currently in a healthcare technology race, to identify ways to utilize the data that is siloed in various health information technology tools. Tempus has an extensive network of partners in the health information technology sector including pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, clinics and insurance payers. Mr. Eric Lefkofsky noted, the funding received from the investors is used for research, but most of it used to create jobs. Tempus currently employees about 400 people, and on average adds 30 new hires each month.

Mr. Eric Lefkofsky is a graduate of the University of Michigan, and has a JD from the University Of Michigan Law School. Tempus is working with the May Clinic in an effort to leverage the power of technology to provide a customized healthcare plan to help fight cancer. Tempus has the potential to limit exposing cancer patients to the often ineffective treatment procedures. By analyzing real-time data, in conjunction with historical healthcare data, Tempus can more efficiently, and effectively fight cancer that is specific for the patient’s healthcare needs.

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Oncotarget Lifts the Lid on the Crucial Relationship between Expression Levels and Metastatic Colorectal Cancer

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Oncotarget’s reputation as a prominent online research platform remains unsurpassed. As a testament to their proficiency, the research site has categorically listed journals in chronological order based on the title, type, total documents, total cites, citable documents, and the reference documents. More importantly, each journal is sequentially listed based on their index ranking as a means of differentiating the priority levels. In essence, searching for a document is no longer an insurmountable task especially with the provision of carefully crafted guidelines in each section. For instance, a cancer journal for clinicians possesses a 131 index ranking while the nature reviews cancer possesses a 355 index ranking. IntegraGen recently grabbed the headlines by publishing an edifying article in Oncotarget.The company has become synonymous with transforming biological samples into genomic information and utilizing such diagnostic tools to determine the extent of tumor infection with the available samples.

Titled “Association between miR-31-3p expression and cetuximab efficacy in invalids with wild-type metastatic colorectal cancer,” the article confirms the underlying relationship between efficacy of anti-EGFR treatment and miR-31-3p expression. In a much broader analysis, the journal ratifies that a comprehensive analysis of miR-31-3p levels in invalids suffering from metastatic colorectal cancer can be adopted as a complementary diagnostic tool to assist patients aimed at benefitting from anti-EGFR therapy. According to Prof. John Bridgewater, a leading medical oncologist stationed at University College London Cancer Institute, the medical team is beyond elated to continue publishing clinical data which provides practitioners with comprehensive details regarding therapeutic tailoring approaches to better understanding colorectal cancer.The publication assures that the overwhelming evidence on the merits of measuring miR-31-3P in cancerous tissues should be sufficient in diagnosing and treating metastatic colorectal cancer.


To meet high demands, Oncotarget has embarked on a wise business move to publish two journals weekly per section. Widely known as a leading multidisciplinary journal focusing on a diverse range of topics, the strategic move is undoubtedly geared at not only attracting more readers but also retaining the existing ones. In essence, the site works closely with practitioners, medical field researchers, and the general public.

Oncotarget – Pooling Research on Oncology and Age-related Diseases

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Oncotarget is best described as an online database for oncology and cancer research. It is an online platform that publishes outstanding research papers on cancer and oncology. Articles are published on a weekly basis and outstanding papers can be printed for special demand.

However, the journal is not limited to these fields alone as it also publishes research on related fields including pathology, immunology, physiology, and endocrinology.

Information as a Weapon

The main goal of Oncotarget is to share information that is instrumental to the eradication of cancer and age-related illnesses. It aims to expedite the progress already being made against these diseases by making information quickly and easily available. To this end, anyone can contribute to the journal or refer to the articles already published without any hindrance.

Oncotarget has been operational since it was established in 2010. It is headed by accomplished scientists and authoritative figures in oncology and other related fields. Over the years its focus has widened to include other fields of research associated with aging and oncology; this is in line with the journal’s goal of eliminating the boundaries between specialties.

A Platform for Everyone

Anyone can post a research paper on Oncotarget, but the research first has to be reviewed by the editors and other researchers. It is published by Impact Journals and Dove Press. The journal’s editors in chief are Andrei Gudkov and Mikhail Blagosklonny. Mikhail Blagosklonny, in particular, is a respected authority in the field of oncology and aging. He is a professor of oncology at the Roswell Park Center Institute and an editor for many other journals and books.

In spite of the fact that Oncotarget is an open-access medical journal, every author gets to retain ownership of their research’s copyright. The journal applies the Creative Commons Attribution License to all the articles published on the platform. Under the guidelines the articles’ original authors must be cited by anyone reusing or modifying the research.

However, authors do not have to be consulted by other researchers seeking to use their work. This is in line with the journal’s goal of facilitating quick and easy sharing of information. Nevertheless, the latter have to clarify the license terms under which the article was published.