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The Pet Food Industry Focuses More On Health and Gourmet Foods For 2016

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Pet food manufacturers are stepping up for 2016. Long gone are the days where manufacturers make simple single ingredient pet foods wit ha single beef flavor. Companies like Purina who also manufacture the Beneful dog food line are heading up the pet food market with their gourmet foods line. There are 39 different varieties across wet pet food , dry pet food and dog treats. The company incorporates only the best hand picked varieties of vegetables and quality meats to ensure their customers get the best nutritional foundation possible.

The Beneful line comes in 3 distinct flavours of beef, salmon and chicken and as an added bonus customers can also pick the variety of vegetables and rice found in the food. Vegetable varieties that are known to also be beneficial for humans are now incorporated in the Beneful dog food line. Vegetables like sweet potatoes, barely, peas, tomatoes, carrots and spinach which are loaded with vitamins and minerals. Nothing is too much when it comes to mans best friend. Dog treats have also evolved over the years and are now pocket sized thanks giving feasts in a single bite. They are also specific to dental care for your dogs as they provide a cleaning action. The treats come in all different shapes, flavors and sizes. Stars and sticks to peanut butter or bacon flavor. Every dog taste is catered for.

Companies like Freshpet Inc are also moving with this global trend in gourmet dog food production. They are apart of a $23.7 billion dollar industry that a lot of experts are saying will grow further in the future. Freshpet Inc is apart of the innovation that is constantly going on in order for companies to win the hearts of pet owners globally. Gourmet pet food can range from weight loss for your pet to dental care for your pet. There are many niche markets that are still changing so things are looking up when it comes to the health and well being of your beloved pet.