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The “Why” Behind Talk Fusion

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When entrepreneurs have a desire to do more and learn more, it’s all about the why. This is why Talk Fusion is such an inspiration to those who want to start a viable business. Bob Reina knew the same thing when he began to develop the idea for Talk Fusion. His idea was to find a way to end the homelessness for animals as well as animal cruelty. Everyone has a passion and this is his passion and his strong WHY behind his company.

The Talk Fusion company is known as one of the top companies in Direct Sales as well as in video communications. Videos have been made by Talk Fusion to promote the Humane Society and to build the case for animals that are without homes and for those that have been abused and neglected. While many entrepreneurs just want more free time, for Reina himself it was so much more. He wanted to create something unique, innovative, and most of all he wanted to create an opportunity for others around him to become successful.

No one knows better than Reina what it means to have a clear purpose, direction, and vision. When he started Talk Fusion, his goal was to create opportunity. His why was to support a cause that is close to his heart, but ultimately he wanted this to become an opportunity for people to build their own businesses as well as reach their dreams of business ownership. Anyone can choose to try their hand at the journey of entrepreneurship but not everyone makes it. Reina wanted to make it possible for all to achieve their goals and dreams by using products that made sense and ultimately could be a business that would grow and flourish driving more income for families around the world.

Reina is also known for his sense of humor, and his ability to keep people engaged while he is speaking and training. One of the most outstanding qualities of Reina is that he has a ton of self-discipline, making him the ideal trainer for the team leader of any organization.


Coriant Makes an Impressive Add With Shaygan Kheradpir

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The appointment of its new CEO by one of the largest optical transport vendors, Coriant, is both ambitious and bold to say the least. Shaygan Kheradpir is more than suited for this position following his recent appointment with impressive IT departments such as General Telephone & Electric Corporation (GTE), Verizon and playing a major role in Barclays ( Moving from Juniper Networks Inc. Kheradpir took over Coriant in place of Pat DiPetro, who took the place of Vice Chairman. Kheradpir and DiPetro. In a way, the two executives will also be changing roles as DiPetro will also be taking over Kheradpir’s role as operating partner at Marlin Equity Partners.
The interchanging roles between Kheradpir and DiPetro serve as leverage for the company since Marlin Equity Partners was behind the formation of Coriant. Coriant came about through stitching together the optical units of Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN), Tellabs and Sycamore Networks ( Kheradpir has also had close associations with Coriant, earlier before his appointment, as its Operating Executive to Marlin Equity Partners. This reveals that he will be more than equipped with handling his new position following his knowledge on the company’s routine and operations.
Kheradpir’s passion and ambition can be traced back to his academic career and his rather challenging background. Coming from a place that regards university-level education to be not so important, Kheradpir went against the odds and attained a bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate in electrical engineering from the prestigious Cornell University. His communications career began with GTE IN 1987. During his tenure, Kheradpir’s modern improvements brought significant change to the company’s efficiency and cost structure.
Kheradpir was fortunate enough to move up the corporate ladder as the Chief Information and Technical Officer of Verizon Communications. He played a major role in the Management team that was behind the formation of Verizon. I his entire leadership period it is vital to note that he implemented groundbreaking initiatives that helped transition the communications company from a telephone company to broadband. While his efforts seem to be more concentrated in the communications technology sector, he was also part of Barclays Bank as its Chief Operations and Technology Officer. While at Barclays, he not only handled the bank’s technological agenda but also oversaw the operations and systems in the efficient delivery of products and services to clients all around the globe.
Former Chief Executive Officer at Coriant, Pat DiPetro, mentioned that Kheradpir was an impressive addition to the company following his valid insights on the company’s focused operational execution. With his recent amicable and fruitful relations with the company, Kheradpir is more than equipped to advance Coriant to its next level of growth. His biggest challenge, however, will be combating the ever rising competition from worthy competitors such as Alcatel-Lucent, Ciena, Cisco, and Infinera.
I order to establish itself as a packed-optical Systems supplier; Coriant plans to focus on large customers and carriers. In so doing, the company has been recently successful in winning deals with international carriers, including Australia’s BSNL and NBC, and China’s Unicom, and Telia Sonera International Carrier (TSIC).

Every Cup of Coffee is Beneficial to Your Health

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Organo Gold is the newest beverage to take hold of the morning cup of coffee, adding health benefits to every cup. This brand of coffee introduced to the world by Bernardo Chua a few short years ago has added new meaning and flavor to the morning cup of coffee.

Bernardo Chua is revolutionizing the blend of coffee beans by infusing an herb Ganoderma Lucidum with the beans to enhance coffee drinkers health. This King of Herbs, Ganoderma has been used by ancient herbalists since the Ming Dynasty for medicinal purposes. This ancient herb is labeled ‘The King of Herbs.’ Ganoderma Lucidum is a Chinese herb dating back 4200 years. This herb is known to increase oxygen delivery into the system, enhance the immune system, slow weight gain, and provides “good” bacteria into the intestines. This beneficial herb also improves and facilitates detoxification and add other healing elements that can enhance a coffee drinker’s health and well-being.

The herb Ganoderma Lucidum originally grew on living trees, but over the years, the growers have found that this herb also grows on cut logs and stumps of trees providing the same beneficial health ingredients as the crops grown on living trees. The herb Ganoderma grows in the form of an orange-brown mushroom with flared edges. Once it is time to harvest the mushrooms, they are carefully removed from the trees, logs or stumps and dried before ground into a fine powder, then measured to specification, and infused with the roasted beans. It is this combination of herb and coffee bean that creates this “healthy” cup of coffee being served around the world in restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, business offices, and homes.

Organo Gold coffee blends are Café Latte and Black Coffee, along with several beverage products, infused with the “King Of Herbs” are Mocha, Hot Chocolate, Green Tea, Red Tea and Black Tea.

Bernardo Chua had a dream, and that was to infuse the herb Ganoderma Lucidum with coffee beans and other healthy teas and beverages sharing the benefits of this herb with everyone. Bernardo Chua, CEO and a handful of workers opened the first office. With a tremendous amount of work, the business has grown and now has distributors of Organo Gold worldwide.

Organo Gold, distributed in over 40 countries worldwide, has taken people by surprise with its fragrant aromatic flavor-packed taste, enhanced with the Ganoderma Lucidum “The King of Herbs.  Check out Bernardo Chua’s Facebook where there’s more information.

Talk Fusion Creates New Video Chat Opportunities

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Talk Fusion is the unique creation of CEO Bob Reina, and the company is combining video with audio communication. Talk Fusion uses special technology that allows for video communication between two parties, and there are many people who are turning to video communication over audio. This article explains what Talk Fusion does, now Bob Reina has led the company to prosperity and what the future holds for video chatting.

#1: Bob Has Industry Experience

Bob has quite a lot of industry experience that he has used to build the technology that makes Talk Fusion great. His company uses software that allows for video email and video chatting at any time, and his industry expertise helps guide the company. Talk Fusion is successful because Bob knows what it takes to succeed in the telecommunications industry.

#2: Who Benefits From Talk Fusion?

Everyone in the business sector benefits because Talk Fusion allows for real-time video chats that will bring people together over a common issue. The technology is installed on a business computer, and the computers transmit the video to other users on the same chat. Video email is used to send quick messages in a video format to colleagues, and the service runs on a platform that is faster than the competition.

#3: How Will Video Email Change The Business World?

The video email technology created by Bob Reina and Talk Fusion will allow people to give brief explanations of certain topics over their computers. The brief video is sent as an email, and the recipient need not read the response when they may watch and listen. Talk Fusion saves everyone’s time, and someone who cannot type what they want to say may speak it as part of a video.

Bob Reina has created a powerful brand that helps people remain productive in the office, and the Talk Fusion video chat services help bring people together from around the world.

Give The Man an Award

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I use Talk Fusion for my children and I to communicate with their father overseas and to be honest, it has been a life saver for us. The day he left I thought we were going to be stuck communicating with the awful computer video chats that went in and out every time you logged on. Thankfully for Talk Fusion, we did not have this problem. Not even once. The first week of my husband being overseas with the military, I had absolutely no idea about Talk Fusion what so ever. It was my sister in law who came across it and got a hold of me immediately. She did an online search to find it because she has well was sick and tired of glitch in her screen every time she tried calling him over the computer. When someone you love is fighting for your country, you want the best video program possible.

After the first week of using Talk Fusion, my mind was completely at ease knowing that every night before bed we could all talk with Matthew online without the worry of losing signal with him. It is because of Bob Reina that this is even a possibility for us. I actually got a little emotional after the first few times of using Talk Fusion because of the clear view of my husband, and I wrote Bob an email. I was shocked at how quickly he replied. He was extremely grateful for my email and very enthused to hear that my husband was serving in the military at that moment in time. What shocked me the most was when he offered me a free month of Talk Fusion to talk with my husband. I was extremely grateful of his offer and the gratitude he expressed towards my husband. I have yet to run into someone to contribute towards anything that has to do wit my husband serving overseas. It was absolutely amazing.

Even after my email conversation with Bob, I ended up doing some research on him and his career. Not only was he a great individual personally, but he was also a great man in the community and at his business. From what I read from reviews and recommendations, Bob Reina is an all around great CEO of talk Fusion. This probably has something to do with his 20 some odd years experience in relationship marketing. Alongside of his relationship marketing skills, he also is a huge contributor to many of animal causes as he has apparently always had a soft spot in his heart for furry friends. A man like this surely deserves some sort award, or two, or even three!

US Money Reserve Wonders why the Penny is Still in Use

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Philip Diehl, the president of US Money Reserve, gave his opinion on the continued circulation the penny to PR Newswire on January 26.

While some people may enjoy picking up spare change it can not be denied that the value of the penny has gone down significantly over the years. If a person was to take the time to bend over and scoop one of these coins off the ground today they would be getting paid less for their time than working at a minimum wage job. What makes these infinitesimally small valued coins seem like an even worse idea is the fact that they cost much more to produce than they are worth. In fact, production of pennies costs American taxpayers $105 million each year.

Those who wish to keep the penny in circulation likely have their own best interests in mind as the largest proponents are members of zinc lobbies and those who assist in the production of the coin. One of their most popular arguments is stating that if the penny were no longer in use then companies would be forced to raise prices on consumer goods. In turn this would result in inflation. In a completely cash-based economy this statement may have been true, however in today’s world over three quarters of transactions take place thanks to technology and cash is rarely used. This could allow prices to remain the same when paying with cards. Furthermore, Diehl asserts that many companies would likely round their prices down a couple of pennies in order to try and gain a competitive advantage.

Others still propose that if the penny is to be taken out of circulation, why not the nickel which costs 9.4 cents to produce. The counter argument here is that the nickel could still be reformatted in order to cost less and eventually become profitable, but the penny is already made of 97.5 percent zinc making this impossible.

The US Money Reserve prides itself on expert knowledge and guide while giving superior customer service. These qualities help to make the process of purchasing precious metals as easy as possible. The US Money Reserve is the largest distributor of United States issued gold, silver, and platinum coins. Get coupons for US Money Reserve on RetailMeNot.

Coriant Company appoints Shaygan Kheradpir as the new company’s CEO

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Coriant is a recognized company dealing with vast networking solutions that embrace great innovation in the current fast growing and changing market. In the Coriant’s edge-to-core transport solutions, operators have managed to improve network resources utilization, reducing confusion in the operations and bringing up services that generate revenue in the highly demanding business and consumer applications.

Over the years, Coriant has been ranked among the leading network operators existent in over 100 countries. It has in return drawn the attention of many customers. These include, cloud and data center operators, large enterprises, mobile and fixed line service providers, utility companies, government agencies, cable MSOs, content providers and financial institutions.

The founding of Coriant was based on the merging of Nokia Siemens Networks, Tellabs and Sycamore Networks. The solutions offered by the company has in return helped many in realization of end-user service revenue.

Shaygan Kheradpir was appointed the new Chief Executive Officer of Coriant. This was following his executive experience having worked in telecom and technology industries for the past 28 years. Shaygan was born in London but grew up in Iran after which he moved to the United States for his education. He studied at Cornell University where he acquired his PhD, masters and bachelors in electrical engineering.

Shaygan got his first job at GTE Corporation working on network routing, management and control. He afterwards took up the role of the Chief Information Officer still at GTE Corporation. Later on he became the president of Verizon’s e-business division, which was formed by the merging of GTE and Bell Atlantic. Shaygan really helped in diversifying telecommunication services in the company bringing in great automation of the operations.

Kheradpir has also served as the Chief Operating Officer at Barclays bank after which he later on became the CEO at Juniper Networks in 2014. Following his experience in these telecom, technology and financial industries, he was appointed the new CEO at Coriant. Prior to his new role, Shaygan worked closely with the senior management team at Coriant and he was a very active member.

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Kennedy Center Expansion Attracts Many Generous Benefactors

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The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts has recently been looking for contributions to its funds in a bid to aid the construction of a series of expansions and programming options. I have been impressed by the many large contributions made to the fund that has seen the initial target of $125 million surpassed, and has now seen the target extended by another $50 million. The fund looking for around $125 million in donations has been aided by a major contribution of a reported $1 million by the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation.

Dick DeVos may now be better known for his work as a philanthropist than for his business activities, which began with his first steps taken in the Amway business in 1984 that had been begun by his father. DeVos tripled international sales in a speedy way and led the company to even more major successes before leaving to start his own business. Working with his wife Betsy, Dick has been a major philanthropic supporter of many areas of the arts, religious groups and educational programs through the Michigan based Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. The owner of the Orlando Magic had already made a major donation to the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts totaling around $22.5 million in 2010 before making his latest donation to aid the arts based foundation.

The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation is one of many charitable groups who have made major contributions to the expansion plans for The Kennedy Center that includes the development of three new pavilions and a walkway.

Bruce Levenson: A Philanthropist for the Sake of Philanthropy

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Bruce Levenson is a philanthropist who is passing along his passion for helping others to students at the University of Maryland. The Center for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Leadership at the University of Maryland was launched by a sizeable endowment from Bruce Levenson and his wife Karen, who is herself a University of Maryland alumni. It has been three years since the Center’s inception, and another $5.5 million gift from the Levenson family will ensure that the Center continues its rapid growth. According to an article first published by, the Center’s philanthropic focus has permeated the entire campus. Annually it sponsors an event called the “Do Good Challenge” which pushes students to bring social awareness to their cause, and the winner gets $20,000 donated to the cause that they represent. Levenson’s goal according to PRNewsWire is to foster an atmosphere where “every student attending the University of Maryland graduates as an informed and motivated philanthropist.” This year, there was a living and learning dorm added to the campus for students taking classes at the Center, which offers several courses, all of which end the semester by donating $10,000 to a worthy non-profit organization. Many of the Center’s graduates go on to become some of the most sought after by non-profit organizations, and a few have gone on to start their own non-profits with the support of the center. There are many philanthropists in the United States, but few are as dedicated to the cause as Bruce Levenson.

Sam Tabar: Far More Than an Attorney

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LinkedIn depicts Sam Tabar as a successful attorney located in New York City. Tabar attended and graduated with honors from Columbia University. Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP was the firm where he began his law career. While working at this firm, Tabor was able to counsel clients on regulatory and compliance issues, employment matters, side letters, private placement memoranda, hedge fund formation and structure, investment management agreements, and hedge fund formation. In 2004, Tabar became a part of SPARX Group Co./ PMA Investment advisors and climbed the corporate at a rapid pace to become the company’s Managing Director & Co-Head of Business Development. Sometime later, Tabor started working at Bank of America Merrill Lynch as its Director and Head of Capital Strategy for the Asia-Pacific Region. In September 2013, Attorney Tabar, revisted his law career with Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP as a Senior Associate specializing in hedge funds, regulatory compliance matters, and fund formation and structure. Tabor left this firm in August 2014.

Tabar’s drive to help people, and share his investment advice, did not stop when he left Schulte but he has added investment in a kickstarter company, THINX, to his portfolio. THINX is a company which makes fashionable underwear which aid in supporting a woman during menstration and incontinence. For each purchase of the THINX underwear seven reusable and washable cloth sanitary pads are given to women in Africa through a program called AFRIpads. According to Tabor, “THINX helps others through their unique design. Antonia and Miki are making a difference with their product.”

On Twitter Tabar said he was not looking for an investment at the time, this business idea caught his eye. Today, THINX offers the underwear on their website and through wholesale distribution. The underwear are available in five different fashionable styles and provide comfort and assurance to women during their menstrual cycle. THINX offers a manifesto for their customers’ to sign on their website to prove to and prompt others to purchase the underwear to not only help themselves but provide assistance to another woman by helping to keep her in school and work.