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Perry Mandera Is An Award-Winning Executive

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Perry Mandera founded Custom Cares Charities as a show of commitment to helping others. He dedicates the foundation to his family and church. Perry graduated high school in 1975. He joined the Marine Corps shortly after and was assigned to a truck driving motor pool. Mandera went on to receive an honorable discharge from the Marine Corps and looked to make his mark in civilian life (Bloomberg). Perry Mandera began his career in transportation at the age of 23. He decided to start his own business in 1980. He eventually sold that company in 1985.


Perry Mandera founded Custom Companies Inc in 1986. The company has grown tremendously since its birth. It serves other businesses all over the world including small organizations and Fortune 500 Enterprises. It boasts annual sales of over 200 million dollars and has hundreds of employees. Custom Companies is located in Northlake Illinois. However, there are affiliate offices spread throughout the United States. Custom Companies is a full-service transportation provider, yet offers a various selection of logistic services and products.


The Illinois Transportation Association named Perry one of its top 100 Transportation Executives in the year 2000. Mandera is currently a member of the board of directors on the association.


Perry Mandera has always been a community activist who donates much of his time and resources to charitable causes throughout the years. He has focused specifically on children’s and veterans programs, as well as cancer cures. Mandera is currently a member of the Jesse White Tumblers Foundation, as well as the Walter and Connie Payton Foundation. He uses his abilities to assist these organizations with logistical matters such as transporting winter coats to children in the Chicago area and other parts of the country.


Perry Mandera proudly got Custom Companies Inc involved with the relief effort after a tornado struck Washington Illinois in 2013. The company provided the necessary transportation to get supplies to the storm victims. Custom Company was able to deliver over 40 truckloads of donated and purchase supplies to Mississippi and Louisiana in the relief of hurricane Katrina.


Perry Mandera is very passionate about sports. He coaches several different teams in youth football, baseball and basketball. Mandara has also gotten very involved in boxing. He invested in the careers of Donnell Nickelson and Irish Andy Lee. Both of these athletes participated in the Olympic Games.