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Why Prison Officials Trust Securus Technologies

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When you work inside a busy and dangerous prison, you need every resource possible to keep you and your fellow officers safe. When I start my day in the jail, I have to know that every inmate in this prison is looking for any opportunity to take me out. The minute you let down your guard, you could be taken out of the facility in a stretcher. To make matters worse, a rise in drug use inside the jail is only making inmates even more violent than normal.


To control drug flow in our prison, we do things like inspect every piece of mail and surprise cell inspections around the clock. My team will position ourselves in the visitor center so that nothing in the way of contraband can be slipped from family member or friend to the inmate. Even with all these efforts, drugs still manage to get into the hands of the inmates on a regular basis. That is why we were so excited when we discovered our old inmate call monitoring system was being upgraded by Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies has 2.600 of these new monitoring systems in different prisons around the country. The goal of the organization is making the world safer for all, and that is something me and my fellow officers can get behind. We were taught how to use the LBS software to detect chatter between the inmates concerning drugs, and the results have been nothing short of spectacular.


One call revealed an inmate hiding drugs in his cell despite us searching for them. One inmate talked about how his brother could get prescription drugs into the visitor center. Each time one of the inmates talks about drugs, my team is able to spring into action and eliminate the problem before it becomes something that puts innocent lives in danger.


The Fundamentals of Class Dojo

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Class Dojo is a communication app that allows teachers, students, and parents to openly communicate and establish a positive classroom culture. Their company mission to help create an incredible classroom. Class Dojo features messaging, video and picture messages, and educational videos to help teachers focus on the elements of the classroom they deem the most important. Behaviors, communication, even mindfulness are just some of the topics covered.


The plan is to connect teachers, students, and parents to help build positive communications and culture within each class. Student stories and teacher stories help to spread those positive moments within the class that parents miss out on, and the messages app allows teachers to notify parents and students of important information. The team at Class Dojo wants to put the power in the hands of the teachers to create the classroom needed to transform the lives of children. From videos about empathy to growth mindset, they continue to help educators with research based strategies and translate them into a way everyone can understand.


Through an app similar to that of social networking, Class Dojo has been able to create a platform for communication. Their app has been able to create classrooms that focus on the more positive contributions and help to shape the culture. This free app has helped educators focus the conversations in their classrooms and parents talk to their students. The widespread popularity has helped get the message across even quicker. While the app is free, they hope to make money on some of the features soon.