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Jeunesse Global hits the right notes with Instantly Ageless

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Jeunesse Global has become one of the hottest names on the international health and beauty scene. The company has gone from unknown to a major global player in the provision of total-health products. One of the secrets to Jeunesse Global’s astonishing success has been the company’s ability to find unmet market needs and tailor effective and innovative solutions to meet them.

Jeunesse was founded in 2009 by industry pioneers Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray. The power couple had long been known as a formidable duo in the health and beauty industry of North America, having founded and grown dozens of successful businesses. Now, the financially independent couple was nearing an age where they were considering permanently bowing out of the industry that they loved.

But it didn’t take more than a couple of weeks of enduring the boredom and ennui of retirement to convince Ray and Lewis that the business world is where their calling is. They began selling a few products out of their Florida mansion, quickly growing the neonate business into a major force.

Throughout the history of Jeunesse, one of the secrets to the company’s rapid success has been its ability to produce products that no one else has devised. One example of that is the company’s Instantly Ageless micro-creme. Instantly Ageless is able to reduce under-eye bags, eliminate wrinkles and prevent the occurrence of new wrinkles. The lotion is also able to restore elasticity that has been lost to age, giving skin a youthful, supple look and feel that can knock years off the user’s apparent age.

Instantly Ageless is designed for busy professionals or others who need the high-end results of serious skincare but don’t have hours each day to apply such products. In just two minutes, Instantly Ageless provides all-day coverage that lasts through even the most stressful daily routines. It can help users look and feel their best throughout the day, boosting confidence and ensuring that every successive day is one that the user will still spend in their prime.

Instantly Ageless is available through Jeunesse Global authorized distributors only. More information can be found on the Jeunesse website.

A Couple Hundred Dollars And A Vision

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There are countless stories out there about how people have started major businesses and companies with a small amount of capital to begin with. Lime Crime is another perfect example. CEO Doe Deere started the company with only a few hundred dollars and grew it into a large, thriving business in the beauty industry! If that doesn’t inspire you to get off the couch and get working towards your goals I don’t know what does!

Lime Crime is a make-up company made up of make-up enthusiasts from Los Angeles. But this is no ordinary make up company, they don’t only focus on covering up imperfections such as those pesky zits, but they use make-up to portray an individuals creativity and style. It’s almost like an art form to them.

Lime Crime offers many obscure beauty products that allow each and every individual to make themselves look however they please. If standing out of the crowd is your thing, then this is probably the company for you. From your hair, to nails, to eyes, to lips, you can find a wide array of options that will not leave you feeling empty and looking for more.

Speaking on the title, the vision by the Founder and CEO Doe Deere is one of my personal favorite things about Lime Crime. Her accomplishments are just another example of what is possible for anybody with a burning desire and the persistence to follow through with that desire until it is attained. She is living proof that you can do anything you set your mind to. Deere has been said to encourage fans not to “quit their daydream.” Excellent advice!

Whether you are looking to publicly express yourself by wearing crazy combinations of make-up and lipstick, trying to win best dressed, or just looking to cover up a pimple, Lime Crime has plentiful a selection to choose from to fit the needs of any beauty connoisseur.