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Richard Mishaan: Blending Culture, Art and Design

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Richard Mishaan is an architect and an interior designer who commands a lot of respect in many circles. He is renowned for his sense of design and love for art. Mishaan runs an interior design firm which is based in New York City. His firm is called Richard Mishaan Design, and it is known for most of the projects it has handled.

One of the famous projects which Richard Mishaan has handled is the redesigning of the presidential suites of the St. Regis Hotel in New York. Not only does Mishaan enjoy adding a personal touch to every design, but he also knows how to blend art and décor. It is no wonder that he has been recognized for being one of the best interior designers in the United States by several décor magazines. Magazines such as Elle Décor have featured his work and rated him highly.

While most people appreciate Mishaan’s designs, they do not know him that well. Mishaan was born in Colombia. He grew up in Colombia with his parents, and his childhood influenced his decision to study architecture. In fact, he decided to pursue his degree in Architecture at the University of Colombia’s School of Architecture because of his love for interior design.

After completing and earning his degree, Mishaan decided to advance his studies. That is how he moved to New York to do his BA. His graduated from the New York University and landed an apprenticeship position at Philip Johnson’s Offices. His career kicked off, and he went on to establish his own firm afterwards.

Whenever Mishaan designs any space, he makes sure that it reflects the owner’s wishes. His love for music, art and fashion also inform his designs. Whenever he is not designing spaces, he loves to travel and attend exhibitions around the world. To know more click here.