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White Shark Media Helps Make One’s Passion Possible

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People always say that it is good for one to follow what he is passionate about. If one does not do that, then he will find himself unfulfilled, even if he is making a lot of money doing his current job. People don’t find fulfillment by playing it safe. It is those that take risks that will make the most success in their lives. However, many cases of this need help. For one thing, there are a ton of companies that are willing to provide people with the assistance they need in order to get their business off the ground. White Shark Media is one of them.


People will risk one of two things when they try to get their business going. One thing they will risk is time. Another thing they will risk is money. For one thing, people don’t have as much time as they have money to put towards their business. This is why advertisers like White Shark Media are available. They have the time needed to bring forth the necessary audience for the success of the business. This also leaves time for other important projects that pertain to the business. After all, it is important to make sure that the business is able to keep up with the image that it presents others during the advertising process.


One of the ways that White Shark Media makes it possible for people to keep pursuing what they are passionate about is that it translate all of the work and the care that is put into the business onto its advertising. When people see that a lot of effort is put into the marketing, then they are more likely to be curious about what the company is offering. This will make the campaign a success for both White Shark Media and its clients.


People deserve to profit on the activities they truly enjoy. For one thing, it makes life more fulfilling. At the same time, it makes the job a lot easier to do. It also makes the business owner or worker a lot easier to get along with.


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Darius Fisher’s Success As An Online Profile Doctor

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Status Labs is an online crisis management firm headed up by an ambitious entrepreneur named Darius Fisher. Fisher originally did work as a political consultant and a copywriter, but eventually started up his own business for doctoring digital reputations for clients. Fisher has said he’s gotten his inspiration for the work he’s done through reading Dale Carnegie’s book How To Win Friends And Influence People. Fisher has worked with people of all walks of life from average joe small business owners, to major icons such as billionaire businessmen, politicians, and other celebrities when their reputations have taken hits and needed fixing.


Fisher took an interest in online reputation doctoring after he himself was the victim of a story that leaked out damaging his reputation, and causing him to want to help others that may have gone through similar situations. Fisher’s company tackles cases of damaged reputations that may have happened as the result of a hacker gaining access to a social media profile, or as the result of stories circulating around the internet that may or may not be true. The way that Status Labs fixes the client’s reputation is to make sure that web pages hosting good content that outweighs the bad press, show up at the top of search engines like Google and Bing. Fisher also tries to make sure that if the real story is appropriate to tell, that it gets out and dispels false or only partially true rumors about a client.


Fisher has also advocated for trying to prevent crises from happening in the first place by taking steps to keep bad press from leaking out about a client. Such steps would be keeping social media profiles free of personal information as much as possible, going through and making sure data brokers don’t have that information on file, clients searching their name to see what comes up in public search engines, and taking extra security steps to make sure websites or social media are not breached. Fisher’s mission has been to give those whose sins may have been small, or that may have been misunderstood a second chance at life, but he does vet his clients to make sure his company is not involved in covering up criminal activity.

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Eliminating Employee Turnover Rates

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Darius Fisher is President and co-founder of Status Labs, a premier online reputation management, digital marketing, and public relations firm. This company’s goal is to make client’s look their best in search results, and Fisher is very good at what he does.

Fisher graduated with honors, from Vanderbilt University with a BS in Economics. Following his graduation, Darius worked as a copywriter at Agora Publishing for awhile. From there, became a successful investor and create several highly successful companies.

Business owners can all agree that their employee turnover rate can really cost them a lot of money. Fisher has found a few ways that have helped him eliminate some of his employee turnover rates. While he can’t eliminate it from happening all together, he has found these ways have greatly reduced it.

One way Fisher found works for his company, has been offering incentivized goals for his employees. Fisher offers expensive prizes when his employees have reached their project goals. Some companies may not be able to fit these expensive prizes in their budgets. Fisher implies offering an extra vacation day can really go a long way.

Fisher suggests that employees accomplishments are often acknowledged. Employees will work harder when they know they are appreciated by their boss. You could mention them in a newsletter, or employee of the month features.

Another suggestion is that you keep your employees in the loop. Whether it be a new employee, new development, or new milestone. Fisher suggests putting out a company newsletter to the employees to help them stay up to date in the company.

Darius Fisher highly suggests to give regular raises when they are due. If you’ve got an employee who is working hard for your company every day, you need to reward them for that. If your employee feels he/she is worth more than you think they are, they are likely to start looking for a career with another company who would be willing to pay them what they are worth.

Employees love when you put on company events that make them feel like more of a family inside your company. Host free company lunches as a way to bring employees together and let them know your appreciate them. People won’t leave where they know they are appreciated.