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How Visual Search Improves Lives

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Visual search is something that is proving to be very beneficial for everyone. Visual search is especially helpful for retail. There are plenty of people that are looking for a certain product that they like but can’t seem to find. People often have to deal with the frustration of trying to find out what a certain item is that they saw. It could be that they seen the item at some place they were visiting, or that they were looking at an ad and saw an item other than what was being advertised. Either way, they wanted that item. However, they can’t find it because they can’t figure out the search terms.

Fortunately, there is Slyce. Slyce is visual search technology that makes it easier for people to find what they are looking for. The technology can be downloaded to the smartphone or tablet. Then the user could find a product that they are interested in and take a picture. Slyce will give a lot of information about the item in the image which includes the cost, the material, and the store that it is available in. Slyce also refers people to similar products. Therefore, they may find something that they like better than the initial product.

Slyce also makes things easier for retailers. When customers visit a retailer looking for a certain item, they often times just leave the store if they don’t find the item. However, Slyce and visual search technology not only lets people know where the product is, but also lets people know of alternatives in the store in case they might want to buy something else. Often times, the alternatives are inexpensive and even more visually appealing than the initial offer. Either way, Slyce will bring in more sales for the retailer. As a result, both the retailer and the customer are satisfied.

The Effective Use of SEO Keywords

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To truly succeed, an online business absolutely must know how to effectively use SEO keywords. White Shark Media says that the absolute most important thing for on online business looking for success is a good SEO strategy with great keywords. The interaction of SEOs with keywords is not the same as it was at one time. SEO use of these keywords has evolved over time. The old way was to stuff as many keywords in your description to get as high a spot as possible on search engines. This method started working less and less, so online businesses started changing how they worked. This was actually a good thing.

The old way of doing this was never really reliable or trustworthy for searching things anyway because even words that didn’t have anything to do with the product were stuffed into the description, page title, and page content for SEO reasons. Although the methods are quite a bit different, a key question still remains: How many keywords should you use? The temptation is to revert back to the keyword stuffing with search engine optimization in mind. The better and newer method is to use limited and strategic keyword with your customers in mind.

Fewer but more product-related keywords is not only more trustworthy from a customer searcher point of view, but fewer keywords can be more effective if placed strategically. You want to use your keywords in your meta description and two or three times in your page content. You should also use your keywords in your images. You just don’t need to overuse these pertinent keywords. Make extra sure you have enough and just delete those you don’t need. You can know it’s too much if your keywords are so crowded that they make it look like a string of complaints.

This is White Shark Media’s advice and when they give advice on SEO, blog and website designers would do well to listen. White Shark Media review is a very experienced and knowledgeable Digital Marketing Agency that gives the top online marketing solutions and advice in North America. Their very sound guidance in this area is the primary reason they are the largest and most respected businesses in the SEO industry. White Shark Media not only offers world class SEO advice, but it offers world-class online marketing tools as well. These tools include such things as keyword-level call tracking, Google Analytics, and reporting software.

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