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ClassDojo makes Communicating with Parents and Students a Breeze

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ClassDojo is the nation’s leading EdTech application. It has been around since 2011 and is used by millions of teachers, parents and students around the world. One of the best things about the ClassDojo app is its ability to be used as a communication platform between educators and student’s parents. This app makes it possible for these two parties to communicate without much of a hassle.

One of the most frustrating things about teaching students is not having parental support. Some schools do an outstanding job in this area. However, many parents just do not take an interest in their child’s education. This is especially true in schools where education is not valued. However, ClassDojo is loaded with features that make communication a breeze.

Parent/teacher’s conferences are important times of the school year. It’s the time when parents can visit the school to see the progress that children are making. On parent/teacher conference day; teachers sit around waiting for parents to arrive. They usually spend hours on end waiting to see a few students at a time. For some schools, a good turnout is when at least 5 parents show up to see their child’s school performance. This is truly disappointing to educators. They expect to see a lot more parents when they have a classroom of 20 or more pupils.

ClassDojo takes the leg work out of communication. If a parent has legitimate reasons for not showing up to a meeting, they can connect with a teacher by texting or by utilizing the video conferencing feature. They can also directly call a teacher to see how their child is doing. Teachers can even take photos and send it to a mom or dad. They can then see the photos to figure out what their child is doing in school.

Many people find that ClassDojo has plenty of tools that make it easy for parents to figure out what is going on with their child’s education. ClassDojo doesn’t resolve all parent/teacher communication issues but it certainly does improve them for the better.

Wessex Institute’s Performance Following Ranking of Universities

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Wessex Institute of Technology was established in the year 1986 by Professor Carlos Brebbia. It is an education and research institute that is situated in Ashurst Lodge at the New Forest Park in England. The institute core mandate is divided into three being publishing, research and conferencing.

Recently the Ranking Web of Universities released its latest rankings and places Wessex at number 166 in England. Continental ranking puts Wessex at position 1471 while worldwide it is ranked number 7185.

The ranking initiative is from the Cyber metrics Lab whose main objective is to improve scientific research and to help in advancing scientific technology that would impact positively on the people.

Wessex Institute of Technology is a scientific institution that is research based. It carries out research on quite a number of fields that include ecology, electromagnetic, fluid mechanics among others.

The Institute also participates and organizes conferences that are geared towards engagement of other international bodies and universities thus promoting knowledge transfer. Wessex organizes more than 25 conferences annually.