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ClassDojo Goes Viral

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If there is anything that brings forth success, it is when something goes viral. There is almost no telling what is going to go viral. Often times, a video or concept going viral is the result of a combination of people sharing something with friends. The only thing to wonder is what prompts such sharing. Whatever it is, ClassDojo has just that. There is good reason why this app is going viral. One of the reason is that it makes a huge change in the educational industry. Now, children are more connected with their parents. The parents can also be a larger part of the growing experience of their child.

CLassDojo has been developed by Sam Chaudhary. Sam has moved to Palo Alto as a tourist in order to launch a startup. This startup was started from the ground up. To start with, he reached out to teachers in order to connect with them and figure out how to meet a need of theirs. All of the connecting and the working has resulted in ClassDojo. ClassDojo allows teachers to connect with parents through an app that is downloadable with the use of smartphones. Teachers can get in touch with their parents in order to keep track on how well their child is doing in class.

ClassDojo has since been downloaded by millions of users throughout 5 years. Two thirds of all schools of various types use this platform. Teachers, students, and parents have seen first hand how well this app works for students. Instead of the parent teacher conference once every semester, the parents can connect with the teacher on almost a daily basis. ClassDojo has proven to be a really innovative platform for the educational industry. Of course, something like this would be a good thing to add in order to bring forth an effective change in the world of education.

Education is no longer something that excludes parents. Children can now keep in contact with their parents in order to know that they have the love and care of their parents. Also, the students can get more input from their parents.


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