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Rocketship Education Giving Hope To The Community

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Education is the foundation of any given community. Quality education is key to yielding more empowered students and consequently a better workforce for the country. The Rocketship Education has developed an innovative model that seeks to utilize the parent and school relationship for the benefit of the student.

Before the beginning of a school term, the teachers and the school leaders visit the students’ homes. It helps them to contextualize the living situation of the students. The parents are also encouraged to get involved in learning more about what the students are learning in class. The collaboration results in parents who are more involved in the education of their students, and as the results suggest, the students perform impressively. They perform well such that despite the Rocketship education centers being located in financially challenged areas, they outperform the some of the other schools in those particular areas.

The Rocketship Education experience emphasizes on the parents involvement in the education of the student. It also goes beyond to ensure that the parent is also stable at home. For instance, if a parent is affected by an accident or a natural disaster, the school acts with haste to help the parent to regain stability. The stability of the living situation of the parents is directly linked to the psychological stability of the student.

Rocketship Education involves a charter of schools that have adopted a revolutionary approach to education. The public schools are located in the low-income communities and firmly believe that all the students have the potential to perform well. They emphasize on the collaborative work of the school administrators, the teachers, parents and the students.

The non-profit education network is committed to raising the living standards of the underprivileged neighborhoods through quality education. To this end, the system operates hand in hand with the communities their students(Rocketeers) are coming from. This education system is rare and efficient as it helps to fill in the gap in the typical education system whereby the parents are rarely involved in the educational journey of their students. The collaborative approach has proven useful to produce quality education standards compared to the typical method.

Orange Coast College Rises To The Top Of College Rowing

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Thinking of college-level rowing often inspires thoughts of the most established academic four-year institutions who have dominated one of the last true amateur sport in the world. As a two-year college one would not normally expect to even see a crew from Orange Coast College at a rowing meeting, let alone achieving much as one of the top crews in U.S. rowing circles. Orange Coast College has maintained such a pull on those who have worked and rowed with the Californian school that many remain in the program as coaches and assistants after their term as a crewmember or coach are over.


The demanding nature of rowing is seen as a major reason for the success Orange Coast College has achieved in both sporting and academic circles. As a rowing program, the school has won an impressive 11 national titles in the novice crew category despite its status as a two-year community college close to the heart of Los Angeles; Orange Coast College has also seen its ranking for achieving Associates Degrees rise to number 65 of the more than 5,000 educational institutions offering these programs across the U.S. The physical skills achieved by those taking part in rowing programs are easy to see and are accompanied by a mental success seen in the academic achievements of the members of the rowing crews who have won scholarships to some of the top Ivy League institutions in the nation.


The establishment of the Orange Coast College campus came in 1947 when a former U.S. Air Force base was gifted to the burgeoning college to create an impressive campus of more than 240 acres. In its early stages, the campus was created from the existing buildings used by the U.S. Air Force with a major period of construction taking place from the 1950s to 1970s. The minimal architecture of Richard Neutra has become a major part of college life for those living and studying in Costa Mesa. Learn more:

ClassDojo Goes Viral

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If there is anything that brings forth success, it is when something goes viral. There is almost no telling what is going to go viral. Often times, a video or concept going viral is the result of a combination of people sharing something with friends. The only thing to wonder is what prompts such sharing. Whatever it is, ClassDojo has just that. There is good reason why this app is going viral. One of the reason is that it makes a huge change in the educational industry. Now, children are more connected with their parents. The parents can also be a larger part of the growing experience of their child.

CLassDojo has been developed by Sam Chaudhary. Sam has moved to Palo Alto as a tourist in order to launch a startup. This startup was started from the ground up. To start with, he reached out to teachers in order to connect with them and figure out how to meet a need of theirs. All of the connecting and the working has resulted in ClassDojo. ClassDojo allows teachers to connect with parents through an app that is downloadable with the use of smartphones. Teachers can get in touch with their parents in order to keep track on how well their child is doing in class.

ClassDojo has since been downloaded by millions of users throughout 5 years. Two thirds of all schools of various types use this platform. Teachers, students, and parents have seen first hand how well this app works for students. Instead of the parent teacher conference once every semester, the parents can connect with the teacher on almost a daily basis. ClassDojo has proven to be a really innovative platform for the educational industry. Of course, something like this would be a good thing to add in order to bring forth an effective change in the world of education.

Education is no longer something that excludes parents. Children can now keep in contact with their parents in order to know that they have the love and care of their parents. Also, the students can get more input from their parents.


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