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End Citizens United Judges Judge Kavanaugh

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Judge Kavanaugh has been known for years by many as someone who put the agendas of corporations before the needs of the people in the United States. When President Trump nominated him for the Supreme Court, End Citizens United knew that something had to be done to prevent him from causing harm to the American people. Many people are already very concerned about the state of politics and believe that it is for sale to whoever has the most money to pay election campaigns. Read more news about the group on USA Today.

According to End Citizens United, many of these big-time donors have some rather extreme agendas that they are trying to get passed and they aren’t good for the average American. One of the agendas that has End Citizens United concerned is the idea that campaign financing may be a free for all soon that will allow large amounts of money to go in with absolutely no accountability. They are far from alone with the concerns as it was shown that the majority of American is concerned about the future of campaign finance.

While campaign finance has been a concern for many years, it came to a head when the Supreme Court made a decision concerning Citizens United and their right to keep their donors from the public. End Citizens United was formed after this decision in order to fight to keep politicians accountable for who they are accepting money from. It’s clear that money talks in Washington and Citizens United are trying to keep it quiet who is actually doing the talking.

End Citizens United will continue to fight against dark money having the power in politics. They are letting the American people know that they can take back the power and have their voices heard. While corporations may appear to have all the power, ECU knows that things can be changed. While ECU knows that it will take time to have the decision made in the Supreme Court concerning Citizens United overturned, there are other steps that can be taken in the meantime. By supporting candidates who believe passionately about accountability in fundraising, they can fight for change.