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Everyone Is Treated Well With Adam Goldenberg’s Company

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These days, people are aware of more things that are happening behind closed doors with companies. Among the companies in the fashion industry that are showing a lot of respect in the industry is TechStyle on Bloomberg. It has shown that there is a harmonious work environment where people are treated as if they are valuable. The energy that they bring to the company is very positive. Therefore, people who work there enjoy their days. This is actually a very important thing to achieve with TechStyle for many reasons. The treatment of employees at is going to translate to the products that are offered to customers.

In a company that takes care of the employee, the products that are put forward are going to have a much higher quality on Therefore, they will be more durable as opposed to companies that treat their employees in cruel ways. Fortunately, Adam Goldenberg avoids remote warehouses and decides to keep all production of products in house. In this way, they can be sure that the products that are made are done so in friendly conditions. Adam Goldenberg understands the stigma that comes with companies that do everything they can to cut corners. Adam Goldenberg avoids shortcuts because he wants people to be treated well. Therefore, he will only support companies that make the effort to treat their employees in reasonable ways.

This great treatment of people makes it easier for people to be passionate about what they are doing. Adam Goldenberg himself enjoys working with people that are passionate about what they are doing. This type of passion is very important because they are often faced with challenges on what they can do to bring forth products that will move the fashion industry forward. In the end, it is about providing customers with fashion that will raise their confidence and other aspects of their self esteem.

Jim Hunt, The CEO Of VTA Publications

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There are many people that are entrepreneurs, but not all of them are successful. When one thinks of an entrepreneur that has, and will continue to be successful, the name, Jim Hunt comes to mind. Jim Hunt is the CEO of VTA Publications, and a true success.

What Is VTA Publications?

VTA Publications is what Jim Hunt created so that he can tell others about the stock market, and how to make money at it. He has a special way of picking trades in the market that make him money. With VTA, he shares his information with others so they too can make money. Jim Hunt hopes that they can control their own destiny with their finances, and not leave up to the big banks. He has many subscribers that listen to him, and they do well too. If a person wants to learn even more from Jim, they can look at his YouTube account to find even more tips on trading on Crunchbase, and how to do well in the stock market. He likes to help other people so that they can enjoy life in a better fashion.

What Is A Day Like For Jim?

Jim Hunt VTA Publications is a very buy man with VTA, and all his other avenues. Jim starts his day early with a workout, and then sets his daily goals, which he always reaches. At dinnertime, he always spends this time with his family to keep a balance of personal and business responsibilities. He hopes that other want to be entrepreneurs will do this too. Jim also recommends on Street Wise that they learn how to sell, and to study psychology in order to well owning one’s own business. This is all good advice from a successful businessman.

In the future, it looks like Jim will continue to get more subscribers for VTA, and he will put out more and more information about what he knows about the stock market on YouTube. His efforts to help other people are commendable, and he will continue to succeed at all he does.

Josh Verne’s Belief of the Key Values One Should Posses to Attain Success in Business and Life

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Josh Verne firmly believes that vision is the art of foreseeing what cannot be visualized by others. The CEO recently participated in a podcast and revealed the key points with which one can attain success in business and life. Josh began by explaining that it is more important for one to be a leader, so as to maximize the productivity of one’s team in the business. According to Josh, a leader varies from a boss in functionality and productivity. A leader will often earn the respect of his employees whereas a boss will have to demand the respect of his staff. Josh stated that it is more prudent to put other people first and serve them so that they can reciprocate the same.


Josh Verne revealed that a successful business person would often seek to create a win-win situation for all the entities involved. When one stops striving for a win that only serves the business and begins to consider the employees, society and clients, the company’s reputation will skyrocket and attract more customers and a higher income. He added to say that one should always strive to serve the society no matter how difficult the situation may seem. Josh Verne also stated that for one to earn respect and authority at the workplace, it is crucial to use fewer words in addressing employees. He explained that one appears to have more control when the people are forced to listen and pay attention to the few spoken words. Josh Verne stated that for one to attain success in all spheres of life, it is important to seek balance in the home life, health and the workplace. According to Mr. Verne, instead of exerting too much effort in one area, one should try to improve daily in health, relationships, wealth and personal growth.


Josh Verne began his career in June 1995 as the president of Home Line Furniture and grew it into an international company until he left in 2011. In April 2011, Josh joined as the president and CEO. is an online commerce forum that improves the finances of individuals so as to enable them to acquire discounted items from selected stores. Currently, Josh is the CEO and founder of Flocku features trending news on sports, opinions, exams and other contents for college students. Josh has more than 20 years of experience in establishing, growing and leading enterprises. He continues to use his vast knowledge of life to allow students to improve education and other sectors of their lives.

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Eric Lefkofsky: The Brain Behind Tempus and Accelerated Disruption

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Tempus is a health-oriented technological company that specializes in enabling doctors to deliver high-quality and personalized cancer care to a wide range of cancer-stricken patients.

Eric Lefkofsky is the co-founder and the current CEO of Tempus. As the chief executive officer of Tempus, Eric’s primary role is to ensure the smooth running of the company. Tempus main role as a company is to deal with molecular data with the primary aim of helping the physicians to make sound judgments when diagnosing, managing, and treating cancer patients.

The philanthropic nature of Eric has seen him hit the headlines for all the good reasons. Back in the year 2006, Eric and his wife formed the Lefkofsky Family Foundation (LFF), with the aim been to provide or enhance the quality of life through the use of research initiatives and high-impact programs. The organization mainly focuses on four core areas of human life which are education, arts, medical research, and human rights. Eric is also an avid contributor to The Giving Pledge campaign that encourages the wealthy individuals to give back to the community.

Eric is an avid social media contributor who keeps his followers updated on the current happenings involving Tempus or charitable endeavors. Regardless of whether you are on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, you are guaranteed to catch a glimpse of the most recent happening surrounding Eric. This is a clear indication that Eric uses the power of social media to get to as many people as possible.

Eric currently resides in Chicago where he has contributed immensely towards bettering his community. He takes part in various organizations whose primary role is to make Chicago better. For instance, Eric supports various organizations such as the Lincoln Park Zoo, The Field Museum, Chicago Botanic Garden, and the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation.

Accelerated Disruption is a form of business development that explains how various companies are left stranded for failing to embrace the forces of technology. The connection between Accelerated Disruption and Eric Lefkofsky is based on the fact that Eric is the author of the book titled “Accelerated Disruption” that was published in November 2016 by Easton Studio Press.

Eric attended the Southfield-Lathrup High School where he graduated in 1987 and joined the University of Michigan where he graduated in 1991 with honors. He later rejoined the University of Michigan Law School where he graduated in 1993 with a Juris Doctor.

Eric’s main contributions can be seen in the technological and medical industry. In the medical field, Eric has made cancer treatment and management easy thanks to the Tempus organization. On the other hand, regarding technology, Eric’s Accelerated Disruption has made various firms embrace technology in a positive way.

Are Millennials Receiving Too Much Help From Their Parents?

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Moving Back Home

The Millennial generation came of age during a time of severe economic crisis. The Great Recession left Millennials graduating college without many job options or forced them to take lower paying jobs unrelated to their college majors. Unfortunately many Millennials are moving back to their parents or at least requiring financial assistance from their parents. This doesn’t mean Millennials aren’t planning for the future or saving money. As Sam Tabar sees things Millennials are taking advantage of a situation to prepare for their futures, but the parents of Millennials are bearing the costs of their living at home. He sees this as a potential danger to the retirement of Baby Boomers and Generation X.



The Prepared Generation

While the average American adult has only $400 in savings the average Millennial has $9100 stored in their bank account. More than half of all American Millennials claims to have either an investment or retirement account giving today’s young adults a head start unheard for the youth of past decades. Overall these stats raise questions about the living arrangements of Millennials. Are Millennials Taking Too Much From Mom and Dad?



The Capital Strategist

As an attorney and capital strategist Tabar understands savings and retirement just fine. After graduating from Columbia University in 2001 he set out to begin his career immediately. He found work as an associate at Skaddler, Alps, Meagar and Flom and gained experience in the legal aspects he would later deal with when he started his own private practice.



Sam Tabar In The Current Day

His career would take through many law firms before he finally found a position as a senior associate at the Schulte Roth and Zabel firm. Here he uses his experience to help his clients manage some of the world’s largest investment funds. This success has attracted the interest of journalists and given Tabar a chance to write articles about the sort of things he often works with. A great example of the articles Sam Tabar writes is “When Should A Parent Stop Supporting Their Adult Children?”. He often writes about savings, investments, and retirement planning.  See where he’s going by checking out Sam’s ArtStation page, or read the announcement of Mr. Tabar’s recent appointment at Awearable Apparel.

Why Raj Fernando is More Successful than Others

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Raj Fernando is an investor and entrepreneur based in the US. City of Chicago. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics and History from Beloit College. For his MBA program, Raj Fernando attended the University College of London. Raj Fernando is well known for his contribution in the business arena. He is the former founder and Chief Executive Officer of Chopper Trading before he sold the firm. Currently, he is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of an internet startup known as the Scoutahead. Raj Fernando has worked in several organizations such as the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. In the period of 1991-2001, he worked at the Chicago Board of Trading where he acquired a massive wealth of experience.

Raj Fernando can be found on several platforms such as Facebook, CrunchBase, LinkedIn and even Twitter. Raj Fernando is a supporter of the US Commodity Trading Futures Commission as he often advocates for an open and a transparent market. He managed the Chopper trading company for 13 years before it was acquired by the DRW Trading Group. In early 2016, he thought of a way that he could improve the corporate as well as professional growth and decided to come up with a company called Scoutahead. Not only is he active in business and investments, but he also pays keen interest in philanthropic causes around the Chicago area. For instance, he is a board member of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Raj Fernando also sits on the board on a no-kill animal organization called PAWS Chicago. In the past, he has also been part of other causes that help change the society we live in such as the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Chicago, as well as Clinton Foundation and even the Wounded Warriors Foundation.

Raj Fernando is like no other person when it comes to hiring staffs. He does not believe in having a program that initially employees a large number of trainees and only choosing the best amongst them. Instead, he prefers to use a lengthy and an involving process that will lead to the recruitment best employees for his firm. He was very successful when he was working with the chopper trading as it managed to trade with big names in the market such as ICE and LCE.

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Keith Mann, New York-Based Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

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Keith Man, the Dynamic Search Partners New York company Founder Founder, has given his support for the New York Police Department in response to the violence and protests surrounding the police force. Keith Mann and his wife saluted a thank you note by issuing lunch to the 54th Street precinct to enhancement honesty but not to feed the unhelpfulness neighboring the police force.

Keith Mann is personally connected to NYPD. His wife’s uncle is an investigator in Staten Island. “With the recent and imminent attacks on the police force during the so-called peaceful protests, which actions occurring against the department fall near my home according to me.” Keith Mann clarified.

Keith Mann sent lunch t the 54th Street precinct to show support for the officers in January. Keith Mann again sent lunch to the 54th Street police department again on February 9 because a single action never goes unnoticed. “Officers deserve recognition for their exclusive services. Not to be attacked for attempting to safeguard the people.” Keith Mann said. “The Police have families at home and are human beings just like me and you even when in these uniforms.”

Officers have training that dictates how they react that civilians fail to encounter. In the end, Keith Mann does not want to have any of his family members hurt due to a thoughtless action contrary to police force. For Keith Mann, the rising violence is a course of concern. He often feels that police deserve assistance from civilians in their legal actions. Citizens like Keith Mann have made efforts to thank the police force with the recent conflicts.

Keith Mann was the co-founder Dynamic Search Partners hedge fund in 2001. This company works together with other hedge funds to fill recruitment needs. After Keith Mann climbed the ranks at Dynamic Associates, Dynamic Search Founders was founded. Keith Mann is engaged in numerous philanthropic activities including offering scholarships to poor and dedicated students at Uncommon Schools and give them the education as equipment for the job market. Keith has also donated to Hope and Heroes.