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Are You Tired of the Same Old Daily Fantasy Doldrums?

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Daily fantasy sports have become a welcome pastime for many avid fans. Only problem is, the casual fan must compete for prize money against algorithm-produced rosters by industry sharks who monopolize the competition.

You can follow all the news and draft up a lineup of perfect sleepers paired with the right combination of stars, only to lose to someone who had a dozen lineups entered. A handful of these lineups also own each of your projected sleepers, plus a dozen other combinations that potentially knock you out of the big prize money.

If you want to increase your chances of winning a daily fantasy league, one way is to play using a snake draft format. Sites likeĀ DRAFT, apply various league sizes where you choose the number of teams. Within this predetermined number of teams, each owner will select their own unique squad of players.

When you do your homework and find true sleepers, no one else will be able to employ an algorithm to repeat an almost identical lineup countless times. Your odds of winning improve dramatically because of this popular feature. Your lineups will be yours, and your opponents theirs. You don’t have to manipulate some fictional salary amount either. Just apply your research and intuition to produce the optimal daily lineup, a lineup that is truly yours.