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Lori Senecal’s Innovative Business Strategies

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Lori became the CEO of CP+B IN March 2015 which was a new role at the agency. Before joining CP+B, she had served as the CEO and president of MDC Partners Network. Chuck Porter, the chairman, and co-founder of CP+B said that Senecal was best suited for the position to grow the organization into a renowned global agency. Since Lori joined CP+B, she combines her efforts with Porter to come up with a next generation leadership team for the company. She conducts this process carefully while making thoughtful decisions because she wants the best leadership team for the agency. Chuck noted that since she joined CP+B, the agency has become more effective and smarter due to her outstanding leadership skills. The company seeks for a smooth transition when Senacal retires at the end of 2017.

In a report by Adweek, the new generation team seems to be taking over as planned with Aldrich Danielle being appointed as the President of CP+B West. Aldrich had served as one of the managing directors of the agency. Danielle had a good reputation of helping to transform the American Airlines. CP+B offices are led by passionate entrepreneurs who look forward to building the organization. By working closely with all its leaders, the company realized that it could share its resources to bring creative and strategic talent to clients. This idea of sharing resources was initiated by Lori. Lori Senecal has devised new strategies for new leaders to uncover tough business challenges and to solve them in creative ways.

Lori graduated from McGill University. She also served as the president of McCann Erickson located in New York. She has also played a significant role in transforming other companies such as Xbox and Coca-Cola. She helped develop creative and successful advertising campaigns for those business giants. The advertisements significantly boosted the profitability and popularity of the companies.

Lori is a fluent speaker of French. According to her, advertising is one of the greatest tools a company should have. Senecal is famous for her creative talent, unique style, and her ability to pay attention to challenging situations. Lori has contributed to the success of KBS which has approximately 800 employees at the moment. Lori has also conducted successful ad campaigns for companies such as BMW, HomeGoods, Vanguard, Victoria Secret Pink, and American Express among others.

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