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Ted Bauman Explains Why He Expects PayPal Stock To Do Very Well

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Expert investor and economist Ted Bauman is pretty high on the stock of Paypal. calling it an investor’s best friend. He told the subscribers of his financial newsletters that many small businesses around the world now accept payments through PayPal or Stripe and he sees the trend continuing. Cash is no longer king because most people don’t want to deal with it. Many people have gone months if not years not buying anything using cash.

If people do use cash it’s just for small purchases in most cases. People pay for most things using debit or credit cards or an app on their smartphone. They will also set up things to be auto-payed from their checking account. Ted Bauman sees a lot of investment opportunities as people continue to abandon cash in the increasingly digital world.

As the use of cash declines, the $100 bill is becoming the most popular currency in the United States. This bill isn’t generally being used for spending, however, People are using $100 bills to save them. Ted Bauman says that there are better options for saving money than stashing it away at home in a bank account, something he has addressed in his newsletters before.

Ted Bauman worked in the South Africa nonprofit sector for more than 20 years. He was also a consultant who offered his knowledge regarding financial issues and housing. He has worked with entities such as the South Africa government, the United Nations, and the European Parliament. He once worked for Habitat for Humanity before deciding to offer his investment advice to DIY investors.

He says that traditional credit card companies like Visa and Mastercard aren’t good investment options. They are going to see their territory invaded by newer cashless payment platforms. Ted Bauman says Apple Pay and Google Wallet are both good options but there are better opportunities to be had.

He thinks PayPay is the best stock to buy. They offer a lot of benefits and are giants in the industry. He says that PayPal has managed to adapt and grow over time showing savvy management and the ability to engage with their users.

No More Pesky Paper Work with GreenSky

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Success is what David Zalik is all about. He is a man who aims high and really gets things done. This has been David’s modus operandi for his entire life.

Child Prodigy

David Zalik skipped high school altogether and went right on to college. He was a well-known child prodigy who excelled in mathematics. Standardized tests at the age of 12 scored him well above average. This is when he officially started taking courses at Auburn University.

Auburn University

Mr. Zalik attended Auburn University when he was 14 years old. It was during his freshman year that he began his foray into the business world. He saw that students needed computers and started MicroTech Information Systems. It was a company that assembled computers. The success of this business took David to a whole new level.

New Beginnings

After leaving Auburn, David Zalik sold MicroTech for a handsome sum and invested the proceeds into two new companies along with real estate. These propelled him even higher in the business world. One of his latest adventures is GreenSky, which was founded in 2006.


GreenSky credit offers a brand new way for people and lenders to come together. They designed a method that makes the loan process quick and easy by simply using a cellular phone.

Everyone Wins

Businesses are thrilled to be affiliated with GreenSky. It enables them to offer credit opportunities to their customers. This means more sells for the business while giving the consumer another option on how to pay for merchandise or services.

Mobile App

One of the things that set GreenSky apart from the crowd is their unique mobile app. There is a simple registration process that requires:

  • A quick scan of the applicant’s driver’s license.
  • The person’s social security number
  • Answering a few question.

Once the application is complete, it is transferred to a participating financial institution.


David Zalik saw a need for better financing options. Mobile credit is a great solution for anyone with a cell phone. It dramatically decreases the wait time for an approval and cuts down on that pesky paper work.

AvaTrade Review on the services and offerings

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AvaTrade is rated as being one of the best brokers in the forex market. They have their offices in numerous locations including Tokyo, Sydney, Milan, Dublin as well as New York City. The firm follows the regulations of various institutions. They include the Central Bank of Ireland, ASIC regulations in Australia, FSC Regulations in Japan as well as the B.V.I FSC of the British Virgin Islands. The company got its license of brokering from the European Union’s department called MiFID.


There is a single form or standard with which AvaTrade manages its accounts. The user is required to deposit at least one hundred US dollars. The leverages that are offered are in the ratio of 1:400. The spreads provided by the firm are floating as well as variable or fixed spreads with a pip of 0.9. The spread is considered being extremely competitive in the brokerage sector.


There are various order types in AvaTrade. They include: limit orders and Market orders, Entry Limit orders as well as Stop Loss orders, and Entry Stops orders, as well as Trailing, Stops orders. Other not commonly used orders are the Advanced Orders which entail the IF Done orders and One Cancels Other orders.


The funds of the clients are kept in segregated accounts to uphold the security of those funds. Another concept that is allowed is the Hedging and also the spread betting. Spread betting is however done to traders based in the United Kingdom and Ireland. This betting entails doing tax-free trades on a long-term, or short-term spreads in over two hundred financial instruments. The leverage is to the ratio of 400:1. This form of trading can be done in both live or demo accounts and can be found in the MetaTrader 4 platform.


AvaTrade is a forex broker that follows regulations of various institutions. It was started twelve years ago in 2006. It has its dedication to the clients in providing unique solutions to the forex trade. The solutions are given regardless of any prior knowledge on the matter or any experience. The institution allows the client to trade at once on any platform that is required.

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Fortress Investment Group and SoftBank Have Merged

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The Fortress Investment Group is a global private equity leader in managing investments in real estate, capital assets, physical assets, and financial assets worth more than $70 billion. The Fortress Investment Group’s leadership includes major investors – Peter L. Briger, Jr., Co-CEO in the San Francisco office, Mr. Wesley R. Edens, Co-Founder and Co-CEO headquartered in the New York Office, Mr. Randal A. Nardone, Co-Founder and Co-CEO also in New York.Fortress also has offices in Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Italy, and Singapore. Fortress Investment Group LLC had its beginnings in 1998 with major investor Wesley Edens whose background was as a partner at the prominent BlackRock Financial Management Corporation. Randal Nardone also worked for Fortress in its early start after having worked as the managing director of global giant UBS. Mr. Peter Briger was a former partner at Goldman Sachs. Key management investments for its asset-based foundational base is built on being experienced in the industry portfolios that Fortress invests with, including worldwide leading individuals, companies, associations, and other prominent establishments.

Fortress is also a global leader in corporate mergers, acquisitions, and minimal risk financing ventures. Fortress Investment Group had a shaky period during the 2008 fiscal crisis.The Fortress like other financial companies has had its ups and downs. For example, the Fortress Investment Group had invested in the 2010 Winter Olympics athlete’s village in Vancouver British Columbia. During the financial crisis Fortress was forced to back out of their promise to fund the construction of the village. Since Fortress was unable to fund the village, the funding was taken over by the city of Vancouver and the village was completed in time for the Olympics. After the Olympics was over, the athlete’s village became a part of the Fortress Investment Group holdings. The Fortress Investment Group has received many accolades from its employees and the financial industry. Employees have commented on social media websites that Fortress challenges its staff who learn from brilliant investment professionals. The staff further states that Fortress recognizes hard work, motivation, and dedication.

Previous honors given to the Fortress Investment Group in 2010, 2011, and 2012 included Discretionary Macro-Focused and Credit-Focused Hedge Fund of the Year. The financial industry has awarded Fortress with the 2013, 2014, 2015 Best Credit Fund and Single Manager Long-Term Performance Overall award. In 2017, The Fortress Investment Group received the Outstanding Achievement honor. In 2016 SoftBank Group Corporation headed by mogul Masayoshi Son, acquired the Fortress Investment Group for a little more than $3 billion dollars. Softbank is also a mega global company whose portfolio consists of technology giants in robotics, telecommunication, internet, AI, IoT, and energy technology provides. SoftBank has a portfolio that involves Sprint, Alibaba, Yahoo/Japan, and many other global affiliates. The Fortress and SoftBank acquisition was a friendly merger with Messrs. Briger, Edens, and Nardone remaining at the managed fund helm. The Fortress Investment Group management arm will operate as an independent business under the auspices of SoftBank, with headquarters in New York City. By July 2017, all regulatory documentations were approved as was the Fortress shareholders vote.

Equities First Holdings- GC Report

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Equities First Holdings began to respond to the instabilities in the market finance. Investors experienced hardships that no other local or international money providing institution could solve. The company deals with the people who have an intention of increasing their net worth. The high profiled individuals and corporate entities receive cash to help resolve short-term financial issues.

Equities First Holdings began in the year 2002 in Indianapolis by Al Christy Jr, the President. The firm offers quick cash that can help start-up of new businesses and extend the existing ones. Christy spent a lot of his life studying the market strategies. Therefore, he put all his money in investment and loans.

Besides, Equities First Holdings offers financial advice to other business owners on how to handle the economic crisis. The credit given is dependent on the performance of stocks and shares in the market. Shareholders can apply for a margin loan.

An Eye Opener on Nexbank Services

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Nexbank is a mortgage banking company located in Dallas, United States of America. When you are in need of any aspect of mortgage around Dallas, consider seeking help from Nexbank which serves the neighboring community with pride. Nexbank handles everything locally, therefore, you are assured of faster time of execution. Service around the enterprise is personalized hence you will get the best out of them. The professionals present in Nexbank work hand in hand with the client to find a mortgage plan that suits their financial needs. There are varieties of options to choose from irrespective of the amount of loan you need. It is important to be pre-qualified by Nexbank before getting into any process of buying.

Nexbank offers a type of mortgage plan known as Jumbo. It is a flexible financing option of close to 417000 dollars. Nexbank provides direct lending in this scheme and extra knowledge of funding in the real estate market. In this plan, there is no opening of an escrow account or even any pre-payment penalties. When it reaches the level of purchasing, Nexbank will offer you a mortgage that fully suits your needs. They will provide the expertise and personalized service since you are done with the purchasing step.

It is your responsibility to grasp the opportunities present in Nexbank. There are favorable market rates, and you can also access equity from your home. Nexbank will assess your needs and give you the refinancing that is required. They will also offer flexible down payments. Refinancing is done at a lower rate. The client also has the freedom to choose from a fixed loan rate. The company efficiently facilitates the acquisition of first-time buyers. Under the leadership of James Dondero, the company has managed to fulfill many customer needs and is surging forward to exploit more capabilities in the financial industry.