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Sandy Chin’s Five Tips On Tackling Market Volatility

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In the impending end of the month of February, we saw the lingering effect of the government shutdown which lasted for more than a month. Both the Dow, Nasdaq, and S&P indices are in on the downside and are blinking red. Car manufacturing companies are taking the lead in the upward prices. The 33-days shutdown was a gruesome time for the investors. Now that it was over, there are two events that could possibly happen according to Mile Loewengart, the head of the investment strategy at discount broker E-Trade. It could be short-term volatility or a more pronounced correction.

Investors, either veteran or a newbie, as well as entrepreneurs in the market, are experiencing volatility. Though these drops are temporary, the bearish market right now is only temporary and bull market will appear. Nobody knows when will the bull appear again, the wait is a painful thing to do. Sandy Chin, the brainchild of the Tidal Bore Capital hedge fund, has five tips in tackling market volatility and make better choices for your investments.

  1. “Research the History of Your Stocks”

When a stock’s price is dipping into its own historically lows, a lot of people, especially those who are newbies in investing, will sell the stocks and reap the loss. However, it has been proven over and over again that based on the history of the stock, the prices can increase and recover over time. That is why according to Sandy Chin, before even investing in any stock, researching the history is a good idea to understand when to buy and when to sell.

  1. “The More Opinions, the Merrier”

Sandy Chin recommends listening to as much investment advice as you can. Even though this could be confusing to those who just started their investment career, listening to a lot of advice can help in molding an investor’s knowledge in the market.

  1. “Invest in New Stocks”

When a certain stock an investor follows went into its “sell” cycle, Sandy Chin recommends exploring new stocks. This is to maximize investors potential earning at one time. Exploring new stocks will also help in learning different kinds of businesses and how their stocks perform in the market.

  1. “Go into Investment with a College-Like Mindset”

Even though the stock market is a cycle of ups and downs, investing techniques are always changing. There are always things to learn and so techniques to use. While the market is volatile, it is a good chance to learn something new and enrich the existing trading knowledge.

  1. “Don’t Undervalue the Power of the Individual Investor”

According to Sandy Chin, Entrepreneurial organizations often start out as individuals and evolves into more ambitious and eager institutions. These forces can make a massive change in the economy and stock markets. Individual investors should not be overlooked, especially if the market is volatile and uncertainty lingers on the stocks.

HCR Wealth Advisors: Helping You Plan Your Financial Future

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HCR Wealth Advisors has been able to make a name for itself in the world of financial planning because of the quality and consistency it has maintained in its services for three decades. Starting from organizations to high net worth individuals, HCR Wealth Advisors ensures that its clients get quality financial planning services. HCR Wealth Advisors does not only provide the investment planning services but is also engaged in market research and analysis. It is how they understand the market trends and where the equity and financial markets are likely heading.

HCR Wealth Advisors is a registered investment advisory firm, and for years, the company has been able to help people achieve their financial goals. One of the reasons why the company has been able to help individuals make their financial goals with ease is that they give importance to research. The firm continues to provide clients with investment planning services that are integrated and comprehensive. Without a financial and investment plan in place, it would be difficult to meet your business objectives.

HCR Wealth Advisors understands the importance of financial strategy, especially with the financial markets being highly unpredictable these days. If you want to make sure that you do not have to worry about your finances upon retirement, then working with the advisors at HCR Wealth Advisors is a good idea. The good thing about them is that they do not only allocate your funds for investments but keep you in the loop throughout the investment planning process and help you understand the pros and cons of the strategies that are being considered. When it comes to retirement planning, many people misjudge their requirements in the future. No matter how good you are with your finances, there are always surprises that life throws at you. To be ready for such surprises, you should be financially well-prepared. It is what HCR Wealth Advisors can help you be in the future with the help of a sound investment strategy. Connect with HCR Wealth on Twitter or Facebook.

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Ascent To Executive Chairman As A Financial Visionary

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After the sudden and unexpected death of James Rothenberg, the Los Angeles based firm, Capital Group Companies elected his successor. In a press release dated, July 28, 2015, the Group’s management committee announced Timothy Armour as their choice for Chairman. Armour is a graduate of Middlebury College in Vermont, where he earned a Bachelor degree in Economics. After completing college in 1983, he entered The Associates Program (TAP). Recent college graduates are eligible for program entry, if successful, they’re hired.

He was hired by Capital Group after his participation in TAP. Timothy Armour has been with the company for 33 years and has never worked for another organization. His tenure with Capital Group began in the global telecommunications department as an Equity Investment Analyst and eventually moved into other higher roles within the company. Timothy Armour’s active positions include Equity Portfolio Manager, as well as Chairman of the Capital Group Companies Management Committee, Principal Executive Officer and Chairman of Capital Research and Management and his most recent naming as Chairman of Capital Group Companies.

Although tragedy preceded the announcement of Timothy Armour’s appointment as Executive Chairman of Capital Group. He was actually being groomed early on by Rothenberg himself, to become the eventual successor, several years prior. In a report by independent investment firm analyst, Janet Yang, she acknowledged Timothy Armour’s ongoing contributions towards the continued successful management of $1.4 trillion in assets. Yang also mentioned that those in the financial investment industry often spend their entire career with one company.

In a year end assessment of Capital Group, Janet Yang provided her perspective on the election of Timothy Armour. She noted that he was a great choice because “his eyes are always on the future.” Not a direct quote, but comments from her written report. She entailed that Capital Group has a great team with the ability to fulfill the demands of the business market, by anticipating changes and then accurately preparing to meet those needs in advance.

Timothy Armour is accredited for being somewhat of a financial services visionary. He believes in his firm’s ability to pick great stocks. Armour shared his personal philosophy on how he approaches each client. His philosophy is, “we will get you better returns over time.” Given Capital Group’s impressive track record, it is appropriate that Armour has a personal outlook on what could be more or less considered a silent business mantra.

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