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Safety Is High Priority For The OSI Group McDonalds Factories Around The World

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Food safety is paramount for the McDonalds Corporation because they serve billions of customers who come for the great taste of burgers and chicken nuggets, and their health and safety means everything. It’s an OSI Group McDonalds partnership that’s responsible for the processing of these meats and keeping them as preserved as possible when they reach the restaurants. One of their largest food plants is in Germany where high volumes of meat are brought in and ready to undergo the slicing and dicing phase followed by hard freezing to keep them at peak quality. But even more importantly is what OSI Group does with sanitary practices that require thorough hand washing and wearing protective gear, keeping all loose items out of the food processing area and making sure metal detectors minimize the likelihood of foreign objects getting in the meat.

It wasn’t long ago that the British Safety Council awarded OSI Group the Globe of Honour for following strict safety guidelines. The OSI Group McDonalds partnership has lasted for over 60 years starting when OSI Group was a locally-owned meat market known as Otto & Sons. Otto & Sons was started by Otto Kolschowsky in 1909 and had become well-known in Chicago. McDonalds owner Ray Kroc decided they were the perfect fit for supplying hamburger meat to his new restaurant chain, and Otto & Sons welcomed the opportunity to grow their company into something big. The OSI Group McDonalds partnership was helped by the arrival of Sheldon Lavin who helped Otto & Sons get a bank loan to open their first high output processing plant in Geneva, IL, and then in 1978 the plant in Germany was opened.

The OSI Group McDonalds partnership has seen thousands of restaurants and over 60 processing plants opened up in over 60 countries. Meat products are their primary food specialties, though OSI Group has recently included more baked goods and produce in their portfolio. Both companies have realized environmental awareness is a growing concern around the world and have hired executives to engage in sustainable practices and initiatives. Both companies also have been deeply invested in philanthropy through the Ronald McDonald House Charities, a charitable organization.

Davis Mcdonald-Most Optimistic Investor and President of OSI Food Solutions

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Davis McDonald is the president of OSI Food Solutions investment company. He has been the president since the year one thousand nine hundred and eighty-seven. To enhance job availability, he mostly resides in the Midwestern side of united states. His hometown town is in Illionois united states of America Chicago. Apart from him being the president of OSI Food Solutions, he also serves the role of chief operating officer in the company. Before he was elected to head the above seats, he was before the project manager in the company. Davis McDonald attended Lowa state university where he graduated from with a bachelor’s degree in animal science back in the year one thousand nine hundred and eighty-seven.

Among the many roles he plays in different companies, he also works as the chairman in north American meat institute. Additionally, he has been the director of Marfrig global foods which is a food processing company that operates worlds wide. It’s after marfrig company acquired OSI Food Solutions of Europe and Brazil branches in the year two thousand and eight that Davis McDonald joined the board of directors in OSI Food Solutions. Similarly, he works at OSI international foods pty limited in Australia as the director.

David McDonald currently holds one job, that of being the chief executive officer and president of OSI Food Solutions. He then holds roles as advisor and board member in several other companies. David McDonald has also been crowned with several awards the first one being the Wallace E Barron which recognized him as an outstanding personality who was highly disciplined and good in academics. He received this one while still in school. Apart from him holding great titles in the company he also works at lowa state where he addresses the community in matters regarding agricultural entrepreneurship initiatives.

Nevertheless . he financially supports Alpha Gamma Rho Scholarship program. He has also shown a lot of support to students leaving university of ISU by providing internship programs in OSI . In the year two thousand and four he worn an award as the emerging philanthropist which was an award given by lowa university. Apart from Davis McDonald being a business man, entrepreneur, investor, advisor, sponsor, he is also a family man of one wife and six children where the two eldest children are in ISU university pursuing their degrees.

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OSI Food Solutions Goes Global With New Facilities

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As one of the largest private companies in the US, OSI Food Solutions has supplied many organizations with a businesses partner that can provide them with the food they need to keep operating. With 20,000 employees now operating in 65 facilities in 17 countries, this business is just getting started.

Retailers and restaurant chains have enjoyed good prices on food supplies from all over the world that cut down on prep time while maintaining integrity and considerate pricing. It’s a vital component in keeping these smaller businesses operating. This was made possible after years of acquiring processing facilities, plants, farms and warehouses, focusing on North America, Europe, Australia, India and China.

The capacity for chicken processing has doubled at a site in Toledo, Spain. This one expansion project made it possible to process 24,000 tons of chicken and an additional 21,000 tons of chicken and beef, all being done by 140 employees. OSI Food Solutions can now offer new products, hire more workers, and service a bigger local demand for brand new products.

Environmental responsibility remains important the company as well. The expanded Toledo facility now consumes 20% less electricity. It’s also been certified to meet the requirements of the EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme, the Environmental Standard ISO, the Food Safety Standard, and the Social Responsibility Standard.

Dr. Kenneth Petersen, educated in public health and veterinary medicine, minds the safety concerns for the company. In his role as Senior Vice President of Quality Assurance, Food Safety, and Regulatory Affairs, he’s spent the better part of four years making sure OSI Food Solutions goes above and beyond in meeting the regulatory commitments of each country where they operate. This comes after a long career in similar roles for IEH Laboratories & Consulting Group and the Food Safety and Inspection Service as the USDA.

OSI Food Solutions treats customers like business partners. Rather than provide a standard offering of food products, they work close with customers to develop a profile to meet their needs so they can function optimally as a business. Still, they remain abreast of developments in food processing to make sure they always have the right approach to serve a given market no matter where in the world that may be.

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David McDonald Contributions to the Growth of Chinese Food Market Through OSI Group

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OSI Group is turning 27 years in the Chinese food market. The company believes that the Asian market is the future of the food market. David McDonald has been part of this revolution. He hopes that 2019 will be a perfect year for more growth in the Chinese market. There are some lessons new companies can learn from OSI Group and their operations in China.

First, David McDonald points out that the company identified a gap in the Chinese food market. The company’s operation — in one of the largest food markets in the world — is pegged on quality products. This policy has enabled OSI Group to be one of the most relatable companies in Asia. The company’s policy on quality products has also enabled OSI to work with some of the biggest food outlets in China. According to 2012 statistics, the company supplies more than 60% of all the foods in major food outlets. David McDonald attributes this success to the company’s approach to quality.

Second, the company is reliable. In 2008, the Olympic Games in China created a huge demand for quality foods. Fortunately, OSI ensured that all the demand was met and more importantly — the products were in good quality. According to the president of this company, the reliability aspect of the Olympic Games also gave the company a chance to create new business partners. Although the company was working with major international food companies, its reliability gave the company a chance to work with some Chinese companies. Currently, OSI is one of the major suppliers in the vast Chinese food market.

Finally, the company understands the importance of having the best workforce. The president of the company — one of the believers of diversified workforces — has enabled the company to realign its employment policy with modern trends. According to him, OSI remains a haven for employees — regardless of their social background or any other factor. This policy has also given the company a chance to unlock the potential in the company’s distribution channels. In addition, a comprehensive employment policy has enabled the company to improve its efficiency around its operation. The policy makes the company home to modern operations.

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The Story of OSI Group’s Success in the Food Market

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OSI Industries is a market leader in the provision of value-added processed foods. Currently, the firm is one of the best performing American firms. OSI is presently operating numerous facilities across the world while also running a network of leading retail stores. The firm has established itself as a household brand in the American and global food market.

OSI industries core business is value addition of processed foods. The company adds value to food products it produces and processes, or foods products brought in for value addition by its clients. Since the increase in demand for food product development, OSI industries dived into the market and has been providing its clients with foods products of unrivaled quality. OSI offers food product development service for its clients from different countries across the world.

Few firms can take pride in being part in the production of the agricultural products they use, but this is not the case with OSI. At OSI, the firm believes that they need to be part of the production process to create unique and unrivaled products that both meet and surpass a client’s expectations. Besides, OSI is also immersed in the sourcing and distribution of food products as they are considered part of the firm’s aspect of manufacturing. The delivery of OSI’s food products is done using a highly sophisticated and complex global network of a chain management system.

Investors and market analysts believe that OSI industries is one of America’s most successful companies in foreign nations. The firm has close to 70 facilities spread out across 17 countries across the world. The development and production of quality food products it a priority in these facilities and there are quality assessment teams that ensure that the quality of food products being manufactured meet required specifications.

OSI Industries is currently expanding into new locations across the world. The company’s rapid expansion is seeing it establish itself in Asian and European countries. Recently, OSI completed the construction of a mega facility in China. The firm is also using acquisitions to help it expand into new territories, and this is being made possible by partnering with local communities and enterprises.

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Mc Donalds hamburgers made by the OSI group

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I followed a few information sources on the OSI group. They informed people about how McDonalds burgers are made. I compared a few references of the OSI group on how McDonalds burger was engineered. The OSI group ensured the quality of the meat that was produced in the factory. The OSI group told of how the meat had to be of certain quality. They also spoke of inspections, temperature expectations, and multiple other quality assurance criteria. The control and extreme security of how safe the food is while being processed are highlighted. They bared it all with no secrets to hide. They had many details down to the extreme of how contained the whole process is. Detailing the extreme measures that are used to ensure the quality and quantity of meat production. The whole process maintains critical care in the production cycle of the meat. They wanted to make you aware of the technique they use to ensure all the burgers around the world at the 37,000 locations had the same standard of care. Other than condiment deviations all of the patties are constructed to be repetitiously the exact same. To know more about the company click here.

If you ever had a doubt in your mind, of McDonald’s burgers being all beef patties. They will clear it up real quick. They quickly let you in on the whole process of how it is made at the OSI group. They even tell of how the cows are picked. The choices and standards on the cuts of beef. Why they are chosen for processing and higher end standards. The degrees they choose to keep the meat during and after processing. They take the time to tell you enough information to allow you to Understand the whole process. The measure of certainty taken to ensure quality in the beef. This should make a person rest assured on any doubts about the meat being anything more. They had referenced other things they could set up to make at the factory for future endeavors. Current standing is to stick to the burgers in order to keep up the supply and demand for the business. McDonald’s has a lot of steps in the process to ensure the burger in their meat is from a real cow.

David McDonald Speaks About OSI Group’s Success in the Chinese Market

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McDonald’s OSI Group is the largest supplier of value-added meat products to China’s leading food outlets. It has defended the top spot since 1992. The food processing company serves major food outlets like Yum, Saizeriya, Subway, and MacDonald’s.

How did OSI take over China’s food processing market?

According to David McDonald, OSI gained its first breakthrough in 2008. It supplied 113 tons of dehydrated onion, beef, and chicken products to visitors who had attended the Beijing Olympic Games. None of the consumers complained about OSI’s food.

How does OSI Food Solutions manage to defend the industry’s top position?

David McDonald says that establishing strong partnerships has been the cornerstone of their success. OSI has been partnering with the world’s top food processing brands that understand the needs and culture of customers in various locations.

“Each of our partners understands the specific needs and culture of customers in his/her specific region. The knowledge helps us process food that meets the exact needs of those customers,” says David McDonald.

Besides the strong partnerships, OSI Food Solutions keeps changing its products according to their customers’ ever-changing needs. The strategy has helped them to maintain their old customers, as they continue to attract new ones.

How does the OSI Group maintain the quality of its products?

In line with McDonald’s interview, OSI maintains the quality of products by outsourcing raw products from reputable producers, and observing strict manufacturing processes.

David McDonald claims that his company views customers like family. “If we cannot serve our value-added products to loved ones, then we unquestionably can’t do it to our clients,” said MacDonald.

How does McDonald’s team market OSI Group?

David McDonald says that his company relies on the word of mouth marketing. The executive says that the positive feedback from satisfied customers enhances the company’s recognition to prospect customers.

OSI Industries Takes the World By Storm

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OSI Industries has rapidly grown over the last few decades into one of the largest food suppliers. What started as a small company is now a global institution with offices in seventeen countries. In these 17 countries, OSI has over sixty five facilities with 20 000 and more employees working under them. In the United States, OSI ranks as the biggest private company in the food business. OSI is known for offering great opportunities for other food-related organizations through partnerships with them. These partnerships are aimed at creating and fostering responsiveness, global reputation and unparalleled strength. Many restaurant chains and other retail brands can use OSI to produce quality food products that are of value, and that can reach the global market.

OSI Industries has access to the worlds food supply, and this provides them with leverage when it comes to setting the market prices for food. The company can secure these prices so that they are affordable to their consumers. OSI also can deliver food products that fit their consumer needs and that satisfy them. One of the main agenda for OSI industries is to ensure food safety for all their consumers. The company makes sure that all food products that reach their consumers are eligible, take minimal time to prepare and are safe for consumption. Customer satisfaction is the main focus of this company.

OSI Industries is known for its openness towards partnerships with warehouses, processing plants, poultry processing plants and farms. The company’s vision is to work closely with other food organizations and become a global food provider and leader. Some of the areas in which OSI has aggressively expanded its brand towards include Europe, Asia, China, North America, United States, Philippines and Australia. OSI hopes that with time they can become global food leaders in other regions that they are yet to reach. OSI is quickly growing, and this shows in its production processes. Recently, the company had to double the production of their processed chicken because the demand for the good was high. This shows how rapidly OSI is growing and with no time they will take the world by storm.

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