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Thor Halvorssen Gives His View On Socialism And Presidential Nominees

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Thor Halvorssen who created the the non-profit group Human Rights Foundation recently made an appearance on the Fox Business News Channel. There Mr. Halvorssen was briefly interviewed on socialism, whether it works, how it functions today and his stance on the presidential nominees in the United States. Mr. Halvorssen also revealed why he supports a certain candidate despite his socialist policies.

Halvorssen described that socialism is not necessarily bad or harmful. The real problem says Thor is that dictators will often use socialism as a mask to pretend that they are helping people when they are really looking to gain complete power and total control. This is what Halvorssen states happened in Venezuela. Dictators often use the guise of socialism to seize power and this is a gross injustice.

On the other end of the spectrum Thor Halvorssen states the a country could have democracy, freedom of expression and relative prosperity under a socialist government. He points of the nation of Sweden which has a socialist government and economic system. Thor also pointed out that many European nations such as Norway and Denmark include socialistic elements in their governance and economic polices.

On the actual policies of socialistic governments, Thor said that he disagrees that the idea of redistribution of wealth is the way to create a high standard of living for citizens. Instead, he believes in free enterprise and the creation of additional wealth. This is how you eliminate poverty and create good conditions for citizens says Thor.

Weighing in on the presidential nominee race, Thor Halvorssen says that he is supporting Bernie Sanders on the democratic ballot. The reason he is supporting Bernie Sanders is because of his fierce opposition to Democratic front runner Hilary Clinton. Mrs. Clinton takes money from dictatorships said Thor. Her foundation has received millions of dollars from oppressive governments such as Bahrain, Saudia Arabia and Algeria. This is worrying to Thor Halvorssen, who is also a film maker. These countries he reveals do not have freedom of the press. In some cases some of the countries that donate to Hilary Clinton ban holidays we take for granted such as Christmas.