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Another Tale of ‘Soros’

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Economics tides are changing. The world is feeling financial waves that many describe as similar to past, destructive events. No other voice but George Soros leads the conviction that world economies are in peril. A voice many would be wise to heed. The imminent threat suggests an international collapse to world markets.

The reliance of world markets with each other will be the key factor to “it all” falling apart.

Soros, the billionaire investor sees current economic conditions on resembling signs of financial turbulence as once seen in 2008. Those seen in the American system. The financial mogul blames China’s rapidly declining trade as a lead factor to today’s expected catastrophe.

But is this simply doomsday prophecies designed to compel widespread interest?

That potential is unlikely coming from the mouth of George. George Soros’ been known to take actions in the political and financial world with gusto. Those actions, in these latter years, could be categorized under the umbrella of philanthropy.

Though professed as birthing the down times to come, the Chinese economy boasted of expansion and fast modernization only months ago. Expansion that led this Asian power to an economic platform rating it as second worldwide. Today, that same rapidity and prosperity has come to a near halt.

A sudden shock stops the flow of cash.

Not much can be done, so it seems.

This translates to a country without the ingenuity necessary to reignite economic growth. And such is the tale that Soros tells.

But there are other factors at play.

Europe remains in stalemate as it deals with a prior debt crisis. More time is needed to manage its circumstance. Soros also saw that crisis. The same prophetic voice warned of an inevitable unveiling that would expose Europe’s true financial condition.

George Soros holds a reputation for accurate forecasts in stocks and in defining economic conditions. His net worth of over $35 billion is proof of these convictions and the weight they should hold by world markets. This story comes as the industrial investor spoke to his recent public audience in Sri Lanka’s capitol city, Colombo.

The ex-hedge fund manager was a WWII survivor on who escaped Hungry during a brutal Nazi occupation. The lad was at the tender age of 13. He fled to Europe where he found refuge in London. There he began to take lowly work in the train yards. He eventually became a restaurant server before joining the London School of Economics.

Here George Soros earned his degree in finance and later started managing a fund of his own. It eventually made him riches beyond men’s wildest dreams. He became a force to be reckoned with. That is the same force and prowess he is now.

And today, George Soros has a searing message scarring hearts in the investing industry.

The world markets are positioned to collapse without defense. China’s inability to spur new growth will put a strain on the entire international market.

And now, we can only wait to see what will come of this one investor’s word.

There Is A Recession Coming To The United States And It May Bring Back Memories Of 2008 According To Hedge Fund Investor George Soros

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Hedge fund investor George Soros is a particular and finicky 85-year-old investor that knows what he’s talking about. What other economic forecaster insinuate about, Soros matter-of-factly states as a truth. The most recent truth Soros is telling the world about through various news agencies is the threat of global recession. Soros told this next recession isn’t going to be one of those mild get over it quick kind of recessions. This one is going to hurt and it may hurt for years.

Forecasting a recession in the middle of economic growth is not a popular position. That’s why it’s so hard for economists to tell it like is when it comes to economic changes. People want to know the good news. They don’t want to hear the bad news until it’s too late. Soros thinks it may be too late, but that’s not the reason he is speaking out. Soros wants world leaders to come together and talk about the issues that are causing emerging markets to dry up, and the reasons why the European Union is heading for a collapse.

But even when world leaders come together and discuss climate change and recessionary signs, nothing happens, or a little happens, and some other urgent situation takes precedence. Mr. Soros said on Bloomberg he thinks China is in for another round of economic turmoil. He thinks their currency is going lose value against the dollar, and their stock market is going to shrink again. He also thinks Brazil and other emerging markets must find a way to pull out of the recession that has created an enormous amount of issues for the people in recessionary countries.

But Soros also thinks that United States candidates must be truthful about the pending global recession. They should have a plan that stimulates the U.S. economy, so the GDP growth rate stays the same while other countries find a way out of the fiasco. That is going to be hard to do, since no one in power thinks the United States is going to be part of the global meltdown.

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All the signs point to a recession that is on par with the 2008 crisis. China and Europe are sliding deeper into a recessionary hole, and Asian and South American countries are in it too, or they are on the mouth of that hole. U.S. consumers don’t know it yet, but their country is one-step away from a repeat of 2008. Soros thinks it’s too late to change the course of the recession, and according to the compliancy that exists in political circles, he’s right.