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Sussex Healthcare is Moving in a Positive Direction

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Sussex Healthcare is an organization that is an independent company that offers housing and other services to the elderly. These service extends to the elderly who have dementia, alzheimer’s, or physical disabilities. Sussex Healthcare was started in March 1998 and the company currently own 20 homes. The company’s headquarters is located in the European Union. Sussex is a private for-profit organization. The Chief Operating Officer for Sussex Healthcare is Steve Whittingham. The company also has two board members by the names of Sharik Sachedina and Shiraz Boghani.

Sussex Healthcare has began to focus on not being left behind by other organizations and to take good care of its employees and customers. The goal is to provide their customers with affordable and high-quality healthcare services. The companies staff is well-trained and the staff along with upper management focuses on improving the conditions of the facilities, correcting any issues, and being a positive influence in the life of clients. The company is currently implementing change for the better. The company is aware that change may be uncomfortable for clients and employees but for improvement change is necessary. In an article written by an employee by the name of Lynn made an interesting quote and it was ” We all know, if you change nothing, nothing will change!”

The Company also has a very good IT team that handles issues with pcs, laptops, desk phones, and mobile phones. The companies IT team also handles all issues that are related to user accounts and staff member problems associated with equipment or software issues as well. Sussex Healthcare IT team has upgraded corporate mobile phones and is currently working on upgrading Microsoft Office throughout all their 20 locations. The company is improving every part of their company from patient care to IT. Improving your company in every department is definitely a step and the right direction.

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Sussex Healthcare’s 25th Anniversary Reflection

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A successful healthcare facility is not determined by the number of clients they receive or by the number of successful operations that have been conducted, the most important factor is the quality of their customer service. Sussex Healthcare brings an unparalleled experience to the mentally ill adults and elderly who need top class treatment options. The facility is known for its array of housing, treatment options, and outstanding customer service. They would not have been able to achieve this positive reception without the combined background of those in charge. A recent Medical Daily Times article expands on the past and future of this facility.

Sussex Healthcare is a company that has stood as a beacon of support for the southern England region for 25 years. The top class customer service and quality stems back to the roots of its co-founders. Starting with Shiraz Boghani, who brings the hospitality background to the company. As an active member of the greater community with years of experience working in hotels, he is fully aware of how to make individuals feel at home in a out of place setting. As for the medical knowledge, this is where the other founder Shafik Sachedina comes into the picture. He boasts an academic background in dentistry and a decade’s worth of experience on the job. Combined, they ensure each patient has a rewarding experience at the facility.

The company used its recent 25th anniversary has a reason to update some of the internal aspects. In particular, they hired Amanda Morgan-Taylor to be CEO of Sussex Healthcare. She is a former nurse with a rich background in leadership and client connecting. This brings a new modern approach to how Sussex Healthcare interacts with its patients. Under her leadership, they have been able to treat patients quicker and more efficiently than ever before.

Between all the treatment options available and the housing choices for patients, Sussex Healthcare is prepared to meet the needs of any patient who walks through their doors. The owners are experts in providing the highest quality care with the best customer service within the region.