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Dr. Dov Rand Sheds Light on How He Developed His Career

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Dr. Dov Rand manages Healthy Aging Medical Centers, a facility that specializes in an array of customized medical therapies that reinstate patients’ health and vitality. The facility specializes in weight loss assistance, shockwave therapy, fitness plans, cosmetic surgery, and genetic testing.

Who is Dr. Rand? Dr. Dov Rand is a trained physical medicine specialist. He completed his medical studies from Howard University, and he finalized his residency program at Albert Einstein Medical Center.

Outside physical medicine, Dr. Dov Rand spends his time working out, reading insightful medical books, helping patients maintain optimal health, as well as helping innovators who are looking to develop new treatment options.

What makes Dr. Dov Rand different from other specialists?

Unlike other health specialists, Dr. Rand uses peer-reviewed, modern medical solutions to manage his patients’ conditions. His facility gives zero tolerance to treatment options that cannot be supported by authoritative medical journals.

Besides using peer-reviewed treatment options, Dr. Dov Rand leads his patients by example. He takes healthy nutritious meals, and he spends his spare time working out. He practices yoga and martial arts. Dr. Dov Rand delights in reading and writing scientific articles as a way to keep mentally fit.

Why did he start Healthy Aging Medical Centers?

According to, Dr. Dov Rand started Healthy Aging Medical Center as an extension of his appetite for helping people enjoy optimal health. His healthcare facility uses a combination of physical fitness programs, nutritional plans, and new medical interventions to reduce healthcare cost, as well as improve the efficacy of treatment options.

Rand’s Healthy Aging Medical Center works with a licensed team of medical practitioners who manage an array of age-related health conditions. Besides the professional squad, Rand’s healthcare facility uses patient-centered treatment plans to treat its patients. Health Aging Medical Centers serve millions of customers in the US.

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Jeunesse Global hits the right notes with Instantly Ageless

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Jeunesse Global has become one of the hottest names on the international health and beauty scene. The company has gone from unknown to a major global player in the provision of total-health products. One of the secrets to Jeunesse Global’s astonishing success has been the company’s ability to find unmet market needs and tailor effective and innovative solutions to meet them.

Jeunesse was founded in 2009 by industry pioneers Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray. The power couple had long been known as a formidable duo in the health and beauty industry of North America, having founded and grown dozens of successful businesses. Now, the financially independent couple was nearing an age where they were considering permanently bowing out of the industry that they loved.

But it didn’t take more than a couple of weeks of enduring the boredom and ennui of retirement to convince Ray and Lewis that the business world is where their calling is. They began selling a few products out of their Florida mansion, quickly growing the neonate business into a major force.

Throughout the history of Jeunesse, one of the secrets to the company’s rapid success has been its ability to produce products that no one else has devised. One example of that is the company’s Instantly Ageless micro-creme. Instantly Ageless is able to reduce under-eye bags, eliminate wrinkles and prevent the occurrence of new wrinkles. The lotion is also able to restore elasticity that has been lost to age, giving skin a youthful, supple look and feel that can knock years off the user’s apparent age.

Instantly Ageless is designed for busy professionals or others who need the high-end results of serious skincare but don’t have hours each day to apply such products. In just two minutes, Instantly Ageless provides all-day coverage that lasts through even the most stressful daily routines. It can help users look and feel their best throughout the day, boosting confidence and ensuring that every successive day is one that the user will still spend in their prime.

Instantly Ageless is available through Jeunesse Global authorized distributors only. More information can be found on the Jeunesse website.

Why Enrolling in Innovacare Health is a Great Choice

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Perhaps an aspect of healthcare that many people often end up overlooking is insurance. Health insurance has recently become mandatory for people to sign up with in accordance to nationwide laws. Thus, obligating insurance companies to provide citizens with optimal services when they seek it. Although insurance companies are doing their part in providing citizens with what they need in pertinence to healthcare options as they’re being sought after more than ever before, it’s also important to know that the prices that such services are offered at are very high. This is why it is an essential necessity for citizens who are in the process of potentially signing up for a company’s healthcare insurance package to ensure that they’re doing their due diligence of researching prior to acquiring their services.

One aspect of proper researching when searching for a healthcare insurance provider is seeing what types of reviews and ratings have been left about the company. Innovacare Health is a company that has been reviewed and rated quite well. They’re a company that has proven time and time again that they’re an organization that can be relied upon when someone needs them the most. However, it is recommended for people to ensure that they’re doing what it takes to take advantage of the opportunities that they have of enrolling in such programs when they see a good opportunity because plan options and prices often change and if they see a good deal at one point in time, there is no guarantee that the same deal will exist at a later point in time. Be sure to see what deals of health insurance package options and physician services are being offered by Innovacare Health today. You certainly will not regret your decision and you may find that being covered by their health insurance options dramatically improves you life.

Dr. Rick Shinto is currently the company’s CEO and he has been acknowledged as being a figure who has exemplified excellence in all of the work that he has done. In the year of 2012, he earned the Entrepreneur of The Year Award from Ernst & Young. He has help to improve businesses, communities, and shown that he is a true supporter of innovation.

Sergio Cortes Lives Up To Secretary Duties

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Among many other things, the secretary of health is expected to be able to handle the medical aspect of any emergency situation. In times of natural disaster, Sergio Cortes needs to be present to ensure that the people of the area are getting the medical attention that they need and that the medical professionals in the area know how to handle all of the issues that could come from flooding and the after effects. Sergio Cortes of Linked In has made sure that he knows all of the diseases that can come from floodwaters and the ways to prevent them.

Sergio Cortes warns of many diseases, but he is especially careful to mention that people are more susceptible to dengue after a flood. This is because mosquitos can carry disease. While it is important that residents avoid floodwaters and only drink water that has come from secure locations or a bottle, there are still ways that they can get diseases. By using insect repellent and not going near areas where there may be a large number of mosquitos, residents can work to protect themselves from the dangers of dengue. Prevention of this disease is necessary to ensure that the people do not get sick.

Prevention of any disease becomes more important following a flood. Due to a large number of sick and injured people, medical care is something that may be difficult to get, especially for people who need emergency care. Prevention of diseases during flooding is one of the only ways to ensure that the survivors of the flood continue surviving even during the after effects of the flood. There have been many times in which people end up dying, not from the flooding, but from the problems and diseases that they contracted after the flood actually happened.

They are intended to examine, diagnose and treat any issues that could come from the flood. Sergio Cortes on twitter set up the centers to ensure that the people of Xerém have access to the healthcare that they need. He has also worked to make these places hydration centers where residents are able to get the bottled water and hypochlorite they need to keep themselves hydrated, healthy and away from the contaminated water.