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Sussex Healthcare has a vision of becoming the number one healthcare provider for the elderly in the world, and they are working towards achieving this. The management is coming up with new ways that will transform Sussex Healthcare into a better and modern version. The first crucial point is to ensure that the staff members work as a team and that they are dedicated to what they do. Training the employees is also a considerable part of the transformation since the company is taking in new people with various neurological diseases that require long term care. Sussex Healthcare is constantly employing new care assistants and nurses. The vacancies are announced through different channels such as local radio, permanent agencies, and even flyers. By hiring new members frequently, Sussex is bringing in fresh knowledge and ideas that will help it expand and grow. Visit to learn more about Sussex Healthcare

A well-staffed home cannot be complete without the necessary equipment to take care of the residents. Therefore, Sussex Healthcare has top-notch equipment including a fully equipped gym. Activities in the home vary from pool therapy to outdoor games. The company is shunning away from group activities and focusing more on individual physical activities. The personal activities will enable each resident to receive the special attention that they require. Trials for the personal activities have already been done in some Sussex Healthcare homes, and the success was overwhelming. Positive reviews were received from both the staff and residents. Families that have enrolled their members in the Sussex’ homes are confident that they will be well taken care of as Sussex has proved to be worthy of all the praise it receives.

In one of the homes, Upper Mead a resident Lilly, says that she enjoys the various activities provided by the home. She previously lived in Spring Hills for a while before joining Upper Mead. Now she enjoys trips organized by the home, afternoon teas, and sing-alongs with fellow residents. She even persuaded her friend who was her neighbor back at Spring Hills to join the home. They now enjoy spending time together carrying out various activities. According to Lilly, she would have moved to Upper Mead sooner had she known it was this fun.

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Sussex Healthcare Homes

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Sussex healthcare is a private health provider center that is based in Sussex County in the south of England. The company funds services are mostly in Urology and weight managements. It is a philosophic health care facility that provides quality health care to individuals that have health problems. Sussex currently have about twenty caring homes that provides specialist care for people difficulties in learning and caring for the elderly people as they agree that great care starts with people and that is why they work hard to make people get a great care same as they had. Sussex is committed to changing the environment for the better and making it a place where everybody can feel valued and can fulfil their goals. Read more health news about Sussex Healthcare at

Sussex Healthcare center was earlier managed by the Hospital Board of South East Metropolitan region from 1947 to 1974. In 1965, board was managers was formed for Wessex which covered Dorset center leaving behind Lyme Regis. The board that managed Wessex managed the other centers until 1974 when it was abolished. The abolished management team was then replaced by the authorities from the Regional health. The west Sussex and east Sussex owned their health authority in separate areas from 1974 to 2000 when the health authority management board was abolished. In 2015, the NHA offered a tender to Sussex for a contract for care and support to people and homes in Chichester worth 275 million dollars that enabled the Sussex healthcare center to secure an employment of an experienced dental surgeon who graduated from University of London Dental School and had enough qualification experience from Guy’s Hospital in London where the doctor held many positions in different healthcare companies which brought him to his current position as Chairman of Sussex Health Care Company.

In 2012, Sussex community was established due to the rapid transformation of the community service programmes. The Sussex healthcare won a contract for dermatology services from their competitors as it was all the services they had been providing since 2010. Sussex healthcare keeps its data up to date with most of its latest innovation technologies that can make too much difference to an individual of well-being and great quality of life.

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Eric Lefkofsky’s Passion to Make Human Life Better

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Eric Lefkofsky is the co-founder of a leading company that deals with the production of technology-powered medicine solutions. Tempus a company that empowers medics to provide personal care services to cancer patients. He is also a founding associate at Lightbank a fund that invests in disruptive technologies. Erick Lefkosfky was born on 2nd September 1969 in Detroit, Michigan State. He was brought up in a Jewish family by his dad Bill who was a structural engineer and her mother Sandy a teacher. He also cofounded Mediaocean, a leading provider of comprehensive media acquisition technology. He is also the founder of Echo Logistics a company that uses technology for transportation and logistics. Lefkofsky is also the pioneer at Inner Workings an entity the t deals in print and promotional solutions. Eric Lefkofsky is also a founding member of Uptake Technology a leader in the predictive analysis for big corporations as well as industries.

Eric Lefkofsky decided to commit to Lefkofsky Family Foundation a philanthropic and private initiative with his wife Liz. The foundation seeks to advance great and impactful causes to improve lives in the communities that are reached. Lefkofsky foundation has helped over fifty organizations to date. He is also an insider at the World Business Chicago. Eric is also the Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theatre Company. Eric is also a part-time professor at the University of Chicago and author of the great Accelerated Disruption a book on how technology affects business.

He is a graduate of the University of Michigan where he received his Juris Doctor at the University Of Michigan School Of Law. He also taught Applied Technology at DePaul University’s Kellstadt Graduate School of Business and also at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. You can connect with Eric Lefkofsky on Twitter and Facebook @lefkofsky and also on LinkedIn.

Eric has been passionate about disruptive technologies. He has shown relentless commitment to making business operations easier through the companies he has co-founded or helped nurture. His charitable side has also come out through supporting causes that ensure the common good of humanity. Through Tempus he wishes to provide specialized medication and treatment of cancer by engaging qualified personnel.

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A Preview of Brian Torchin Achievements

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Brian Torchin is recognized by many for his accomplishments in the medical industry. Torchin is a medical professional, with more than twelve year’s experience in chiropractic. Besides practicing medicine, Torchin is a well-reputed entrepreneur and blogger. He is the president of his healthcare staffing and recruiting firm, HealthCare Recruitment Counselors.

Torchin studied at the University of Delaware, where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in exercise science. He later enrolled for chiropractic training in New York Chiropractic College and went ahead to open his chiropractic clinic in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Brian Torchin practiced in the medical industry for many years before exercising his business skills.

A decade ago, the young and determined medical practitioner filled with medical and business ideas, build HCRC. His primary motive was to create employment opportunities for practitioners in the medical industry. The thriving staffing agency provides services to over two hundred clients across the fifty States and other continents.

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Torchin has accomplished a lot in his life. He is respected for building HCRC, opening medical offices and chiropractic clinics in Delaware, Philadelphia. HCRC is one of the greatest achievements Torchin has accomplished in his years of practice in medicine and business. What appeals most about the staffing agency, is its ability to recruit and provide qualified staff to medical institutes and offices.

As a blogger and entrepreneur, Torchin is familiar with social media platforms. He makes use of Facebook to educate, inspire and inform individuals about the medical industry. His posts provide detailed information about employment opportunities and links to websites where applicants can access more information.

On Twitter, Torchin share feeds similar to those he shares on his Facebook page. He tweets about employment opportunities, challenges medical practitioners face and provides solutions to common problems affecting the health sector. Like any other reputed professional, Torchin tweets hints about his lifestyle. His publications are also published on popular offline media sources.

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Rick Shinto Taking InnovaCare Health to the Heights of Excellence

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The History of InnovaCare

Tracing its roots to 1998 with Richard Shinto on the frontline of its establishment, InnovaCare Health has made quite the strides in the medical field. Perhaps its history would begin with Richard Shinto’s time in the North American Medical Management (NAMM). Richard Shinto who was by then just a practicing doctor realized that there was quite the shortfall in operational expertise in doctors. Through NAMM, however, he was able to do good by seeing to the efficient providence and delivery of top-notch care.

What is InnovaCare?

InnovaCare Health is a healthcare company that seeks to ensure the providence of quality care to patients, while at the same time maintaining healthy resources for their physicians. The end result of taking off the load of finances which poses as a great challenge to health institutions is what the company aims to achieve. Everyone sleeps better when the patient, physician and health centers are all covered by an able company.

Richard Shinto’s Background

Richard Shinto, known by many as Rick Shinto, holds both the executive chief and presidential positions at InnovaCare Health. Established with a solid 20-year clinical experience, Dr. Shinto holds a history as the executive chief at Aveta Inc. He, later on, stretched out to become NAMM’s Chief Medical Officer before its partnership with The Straus Group. The company did well over the years before the acquisition of MMM Healthcare which led to Rick’s promotion to the CEO position.


For his excellent work, Rick Shinto was earlier this year graced with a ‘Top 25 Minority Executives in Healthcare, 2018’ award by Modern Healthcare. One of the most memorable moments in his career, however, would be back in 2012 when he won the ‘Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year’ award. This prestigious award is presented to excellent entrepreneurs with notable successes in innovation.

Ms. Penelope Kokkinides

InnovaCare Health would not be where it is, however, without the inputs of Ms. Penelope Kokkinides. Having held the Chief Operating Officer’s position at InnovaCare, Penelope identifies as the company’s 2-year Chief Administrative Officer. Just like Rick, Ms. Penelope Kokkinides has a history at Aveta Inc. running from 2006 to 2012 where she was the COO. She held the same position at Touchstone Health where he services kicked off on the July of 2008. Ms. Kokkinides holds credit for playing a part in the development and implementation of the healthcare model. She was able to do this during her time at AmeriChoice where she was the VP for Care Management and Disease Management. With a 15-year healthcare experience, Penelope has served majorly on the lines of government programs besides managed care.

Sussex Healthcare: A New Gym To Their Stellar Reputation

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Sussex Healthcare has a fitness specialist on hand to help residents restore their mobility through effective well design programs. The organization has many residents that have serious limitations and are stricken either with joint pain or bad arthritis. The long-standing company has employed professional staff that recommends specific water exercises along with swimming for residents that need that extra care. One particular treatment is called hydrotherapy. By using jetted hot tubs, fitness experts can help residents workout sore or injured muscles. The goal is to provide aquatic exercises that will eventually impact an individual’s joints and give them relief.

The organization uses specialists who have trained in the areas of helping with range of motion for those residents trying to regain basic movements. The program can involve using free weights, resistance machines and physiotherapist experts assisting with building strength when it comes to muscle mass. The company’s fitness plans are in place for those coming out of surgery and wanting to get back on track with life. Sussex Healthcare has a great state-of-the-art gym designed to meet all of their residents needs. For some struggle with cognitive disabilities, they may find it hard to regain focus. That’s why Sussex Healthcare hires fitness professionals that design programs that are enjoyable to residents and at the same time benefits them as well.

Sussex Healthcare consistently sticks to their mission of providing high-level care to the elderly and those who have a disability. Its newly well-crafted gym adds to their reputation when it comes to providing customized and personal-care. The gym’s professional staff will be able to create personal assessments and effective exercise plans that will go a long regarding residents getting control over their situations. The organization is unique in itself by understanding the need to improve upon giving quality care two local residents in the area.

They have been known to take in adults with extreme issues or complications regarding dementia, Alzheimer’s, neurological disorders and various learning disabilities. Sussex Healthcare has a specific staff of experts available to work in each of these categories. It’s also imperative the staff is friendly and sympathetic at all times.

Eric Lefkofsy helping fight cancer with the power of analytics

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Eric Lefkofsky, co-founder of Tempus has announced they have achieved unicorn status. The term unicorn was coined in 2013, by Aileem Lee who is a seed investor and venture capitalist. The mythical creature unicorn is used to describe startup companies that are privately owned and operated with a value of over $ 1 billion. Eric Lefkofsky announced Kinship Trust Co. T. Rowe Price Associates are the latest investors that invested $ 80 million. The last $ 80 million plus the $ 210 million Tempus received dating back to 2015 has pushed the current value of the company to an astounding $ 1.1 billion. Other notable unicorn companies include Uber, Lyft, Hulu, Survey Monkey, Reddit, Facebook, Alibaba and Spotify. Eric Lefkofsky credited the high interest by investors in Tempus is due to the realization of a current healthcare revolution.

Tempus is a data driven, healthcare analytical platform that uses analytical technology to identify correlations, and possible solutions in the fight against cancer. We are currently in a healthcare technology race, to identify ways to utilize the data that is siloed in various health information technology tools. Tempus has an extensive network of partners in the health information technology sector including pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, clinics and insurance payers. Mr. Eric Lefkofsky noted, the funding received from the investors is used for research, but most of it used to create jobs. Tempus currently employees about 400 people, and on average adds 30 new hires each month.

Mr. Eric Lefkofsky is a graduate of the University of Michigan, and has a JD from the University Of Michigan Law School. Tempus is working with the May Clinic in an effort to leverage the power of technology to provide a customized healthcare plan to help fight cancer. Tempus has the potential to limit exposing cancer patients to the often ineffective treatment procedures. By analyzing real-time data, in conjunction with historical healthcare data, Tempus can more efficiently, and effectively fight cancer that is specific for the patient’s healthcare needs.

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Jeunesse Global hits the right notes with Instantly Ageless

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Jeunesse Global has become one of the hottest names on the international health and beauty scene. The company has gone from unknown to a major global player in the provision of total-health products. One of the secrets to Jeunesse Global’s astonishing success has been the company’s ability to find unmet market needs and tailor effective and innovative solutions to meet them.

Jeunesse was founded in 2009 by industry pioneers Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray. The power couple had long been known as a formidable duo in the health and beauty industry of North America, having founded and grown dozens of successful businesses. Now, the financially independent couple was nearing an age where they were considering permanently bowing out of the industry that they loved.

But it didn’t take more than a couple of weeks of enduring the boredom and ennui of retirement to convince Ray and Lewis that the business world is where their calling is. They began selling a few products out of their Florida mansion, quickly growing the neonate business into a major force.

Throughout the history of Jeunesse, one of the secrets to the company’s rapid success has been its ability to produce products that no one else has devised. One example of that is the company’s Instantly Ageless micro-creme. Instantly Ageless is able to reduce under-eye bags, eliminate wrinkles and prevent the occurrence of new wrinkles. The lotion is also able to restore elasticity that has been lost to age, giving skin a youthful, supple look and feel that can knock years off the user’s apparent age.

Instantly Ageless is designed for busy professionals or others who need the high-end results of serious skincare but don’t have hours each day to apply such products. In just two minutes, Instantly Ageless provides all-day coverage that lasts through even the most stressful daily routines. It can help users look and feel their best throughout the day, boosting confidence and ensuring that every successive day is one that the user will still spend in their prime.

Instantly Ageless is available through Jeunesse Global authorized distributors only. More information can be found on the Jeunesse website.

Sussex Healthcare, Now Hiring

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If you, or anyone you’ve ever come into contact with has never had to put someone into a home, then imagine putting your loved one in a care home and what each step of that might feel like. At first, you notice them forgetting things too often. You begin to wonder what they might forget when they’re alone. Do they leave the stove on when they leave the kitchen? Maybe they’re becoming more and more fragile. You’re worried for their safety and you imagine them falling or hurting themselves with no one around to help.

Sometimes, these things will have very serious consequences but you simply can’t be around to help all the time. You wish you could, but you can’t and that is a scary thing to deal with. Luckily, society has created care homes where you can live at ease knowing your loved one has the proper care they need, around the clock. You can visit them any time you want but it’s still a scary thought. Is there a way you can help people going through such a hard time? Yes! You can get paid for it too.


Not only does Sussex Healthcare aid in the general care of their older tenants, but they care for adults who have both physical and learning disabilities too. They help them live their best life, daily. Currently, Sussex Healthcare is hiring in many locations to ensure you can be a part of this important step in someones life.

While nursing jobs are available, Sussex Healthcare is also looking for jobs such as kitchen assistants, dental assistants, health and safety leaders, drivers, and activity coordinators. On top of a fulfilling sense of accomplishment, knowing you’re making a difference, and a great salary – Sussex Healthcare Limited offers benefits such as a pension plan, a free staff bus, reduced rate accommodation, extra optional training courses, paid breaks, meals, and offers career progression.

Sussex Healthcare Limited is a company that was founded in 1985. As of today, the Head of Operational Care is Ms. Corrine Wallace. The Head of Education and Training is Ms. Carol Dilley and the company also partners with Mr. Shiraz Bogham. The companies base is in Warnham, United Kingdom and has homes in Warnham, Henfield, East Grinstead, Billingshurst, Horsham, Nutley, Purley and Sharpthorne. They specialize in dementia care, respite care, and palliative care as well as having recreation and education programs. The environment at Sussex Healthcare Limited is as irreplaceable as the job itself.

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Drew Madden And Meaningful Insight Into Modern Healthcare Information Technology

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Sufficient healthcare is readily available to almost everybody around the world. While some nations and regions aren’t as privileged as others, technology has effectively spread the outreach of healthcare services through telecommunications and related services.

Consumers’ views of technology change on a yearly, if not multiple-times-per-year basis. The same can’t be said for healthcare professionals, as technological devices are commonly replaced as soon as innovation allows for new forms of technology to take over. Here are a few more common problems with modern healthcare and related information.

The demand for full-fledged data analysts in the healthcare sector is highly likely to improve, in some parts of the nation significantly so, in 2018. Data analysts help service providers bust out payment models and safely touch bases with policy initiatives.

Cybersecurity is more of a serious threat than ever before. Many people aren’t even aware that they’ve been targeted by cybercriminals, although the same can’t be said for traditional forms of crime like burglaries, vandalism, and robberies.

Analytical tools used by websites related to medicine, particularly digital pharmacies, can inform customers of when they could be experiencing serious health problems based on nothing more than their purchase histories.

Telecommunication through mobile phones is likely to reach rural, far-off regions through the world. Doctors will be able to see patients from virtually anywhere. See This Article for related information.


Drew Madden’s Short, Brief Biography

Mr. Drew Madden is one of the leader’s in the healthcare industry in terms of contributing significantly to the field in the form of strong information technology infrastructure for healthcare organizations. Mr. Madden is best known working for Nordic Consulting Partners, where he spent seven years, from 2010 to 2016.

Madden worked in the capacity of a regular employee in 2010, until he was promoted to President in 2011. He increased the number of employees by 72.5 times, one of the most astounding jumps in employment in healthcare-related consulting.

Nordic Consulting Parents has benefited significantly from Mr. Madden’s hands-on approach, earning a handful of KLAS awards for Consulting Excellence, and a top ranking for Epic Implementation Services, winning the latter contest in both 2012 and 2014.