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Handy – At Three Years Old This Cleaning & Handyman Service Co Is Already A Giant

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Handy’s main competitor, Homejoy, was another company that allowed for online booking of cleaning services but they recently shut their doors with no warning. In the midst of failing to raise money, customer dissatisfaction, and law suits, Homejoy is only one among many online cleaning services to shut its doors and take down their open signs when their businesses failed to thrive. Other cleaning service companies may be falling short in their mission statements, but that is certainly not the case with Handy.

Recently, through new funding from Fidelity and happy investors, Handy raised $50 million which they plan to use for expansion into new territory. Handy’s CEO, Oisin Hanrahan says that currently the company operates in 28 cities and in the next 12 months they plan to at least double that number. At their rate of growth, and impressive record of success, its begins to look like a person will be able to relocate from one side of the world to another, and still be able to contact their favorite cleaning service to take care of household or office needs for them.

Handy was founded as “Handybook” in 2012 and hasn’t stopped growing since. The convenience of being able to book exactly the service needed at a fair price is certainly a draw, but even more is the comfort of knowing the cleaning professional who knocks on your door to report for work has been thoroughly vetted by Handy. The convenience of cutting edge technology used to design Handy’s phone app, vetted service providers, and satisfied consumers are what will make this company a global name.

Smaller companies don’t have much hope of keeping up with Handy, how could they? One of them was a company known as Exec which Handy bought in 2014 so they could amp up their West Coast expansion plans. There are other giants out there, like Amazon for one, and you can bet they are all keeping a close eye the new kid on the block, Handy. When a company as young as Handy can make ones as big as Amazon sit up and take notice of them, that’s news worth keeping track on of for anyone considering a cleaning business of their own.

“On-demand” companies have to be competitive to survive but that’s a fine like to walk and still maintain the kind of service required to attract and keep new customers. Trying to grow too fast and delivering less quality in the process is the beginning of the end for quite a few of them. One could hardly classify Handy as a start up anymore, they made it to the top because they have the key to rapid growth with no loss of quality. Add to that a very savvy business sense, and Handy can’t help but be a winner.