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Chris Burch: The Man with the Hand of Gold

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Last October 2017, on the papers of Elite Traveler – Lauren Holmes interviews Chris Burch, the well-renowned Chief Executive Officer of Burch Creative Capital, see In this interview, Chris Burch talks about his new journey and plans in Indonesia – his venture is focused on making a distinct connection with his laborers and giving back to the communities that help his company thrive and work towards success.

Chris Burch has pronounced ventures in his businesses but one of his most successful and easily recognizable ones is Nihi Sumba Island which he co-owns with James Mcbride, a hotelier tycoon. This island was once a simple, virgin island that they have developed to being one of the best hotels in the world. This is how Chris Burch works his magic, click ( to see the magical island.

Chris Burch is a tycoon with the hand of gold when it comes to his businesses. Perhaps his name will have a better ring to you ear when you hear his surname preceded with the name Tony. Tony Burch is one of his brands that have taken over the world by storm. He is also the genius behind brands like Poppin, Voss Water and hotel and hospitality groups like Faena Hotel.


His name is a name that is to be dreamed to be associated with – he recently partnered with the great comedienne, Ellen Degeneres, and Chris Burch will lead her lifestyle brand called “ED“. No one’s more qualified than leading a superstar brand – a superstar brand deserves a superpower manager and that’s Chris Burch. Certainly we are sure that this will be a success because they are both masters in their industry. With Chris Burch’s mind and Ellen Degeneres’ popularity, it is sure to skyrocket in sales and take over the world as well.

Needless to say, all aspiring businessmen should take notes from a man like Chris Burch!

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