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How Waiakea Water is Transforming the Bottled Water Industry

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Bottled water is very popular among consumers, and Ryan Emmons identified a gap in the market that he took advantage of. By providing water which has unique health benefits in an eco-friendly packaging, he won the hearts of many. Bottled water is disliked for the harmful environmental effect of its packaging, and this is an issue that Ryan Emmons did not ignore. Waiakea water has registered impressive growth since 2014 and is so far the best brand for bottled water in the market.

The company is scheduled to receive an award in California on October 10th 2017. Ryan Emmons is thrilled that the company made it to the top 500 and said that he is looking forward to future achievements. According to him, the inclusion in the list of America’s fastest growing firms is evidence that a business can be run successfully in many ways. Waiakea has proved that a business can succeed in the market and still uphold social responsibility and the moral standards of the community.

The water is sourced from a pure alkaline source, and its packaging is eco-conscious. The volcanic water is from Hawaii, and its main sources are rain and snowmelt at the peak of Mauna Loa Volcano. The water is filtered at 14000 ft. at the porous lava which enhances it with minerals making it naturally alkaline. Waiakea founded in 2012, offers sustainable and healthy premium bottled water. The water was launched by Ryan Emmons who after visiting Hawaii discovered that the water there was special.

Waiakea springs water has a ph between 7.8 and 8.8 due to the presence of natural minerals in it. Artificially alkaline water has negative side effects on the human body and therefore, this is water that has natural alkaline is both pure and healthy.

The main mission of Waiakea is to provide delicious and healthy Hawaiian water and contribute to the access of clean water in the developing nations. The Waiakea brand has transformed the beverage and water bottling industry by not only making profit but also caring for the welfare of people. The firm supports environmental conservation and has educated many people on the importance of the same.