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Securus Technologies, Consolidating to Conquer

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Securus Technologies, a leading company in inmate telecommunications has recently announced important news. The company, which has been around for over 30 years, and is based in Texas, has acquired another company. GovPayNet was recently acquired in hopes to roll out technological advances even quicker than ever before. This company has been around for over 20 years and is based in Indianapolis, Indiana. The company was started by a sheriff, who found the need to start a company that can process bail payments made in cash. The company has grown significantly over the years, and now handles all different types of payments made to and from government agencies.


Another recent acquisition of JPay has been hinted to accelerate technological advances under the Securus Technologies name. Combining these two financial service providers could result in Securus being able to implement more services to inmates as well, such as advancing the tablet program where inmates can purchase these devices. The devices allow a limited amount of entertainment and provide educational software to take coursework. This is a great opportunity to improve skills to be job-ready once the inmates are nearing completion of their sentence(s).


In recent years, through innovation and other acquisitions, Securus Technologies has been able to bring down the cost of calling loved ones from correctional facilities. Once known to be cost prohibitive, the improvement has been praised by many. Since Securus Technologies has been along the road to advancements, their customer satisfaction rates have skyrocketed to well over 95 percent. Being accredited by the Better Business Bureau and receiving an “A+” rating is icing on the cake. While there aren’t any specific plans that have been disclosed, it’s likely that Securus will continue, along with JPay and GovPayNet to introduce technology such as wireless containment systems. These devices are used to curtail contraband cellular device usage. It will be interesting to see what the acquisition means for the future of Securus Technologies, and its newly acquired companies.


Why Prison Officials Trust Securus Technologies

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When you work inside a busy and dangerous prison, you need every resource possible to keep you and your fellow officers safe. When I start my day in the jail, I have to know that every inmate in this prison is looking for any opportunity to take me out. The minute you let down your guard, you could be taken out of the facility in a stretcher. To make matters worse, a rise in drug use inside the jail is only making inmates even more violent than normal.


To control drug flow in our prison, we do things like inspect every piece of mail and surprise cell inspections around the clock. My team will position ourselves in the visitor center so that nothing in the way of contraband can be slipped from family member or friend to the inmate. Even with all these efforts, drugs still manage to get into the hands of the inmates on a regular basis. That is why we were so excited when we discovered our old inmate call monitoring system was being upgraded by Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies has 2.600 of these new monitoring systems in different prisons around the country. The goal of the organization is making the world safer for all, and that is something me and my fellow officers can get behind. We were taught how to use the LBS software to detect chatter between the inmates concerning drugs, and the results have been nothing short of spectacular.


One call revealed an inmate hiding drugs in his cell despite us searching for them. One inmate talked about how his brother could get prescription drugs into the visitor center. Each time one of the inmates talks about drugs, my team is able to spring into action and eliminate the problem before it becomes something that puts innocent lives in danger.


Preventing Dangerous Crimes Using the Securus Technologies System

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I am a police officer in one of the most dangerous and crowded cities in the country. The gang presence in our city has escalated in recent years, and this has been the focus of my efforts in the last few years. The gangs are getting more daring and violent, and many times their activities are affecting the lives of innocent people who just want to live a peaceful live in their community.


To try and control the violence, we have to go after the high-ranking gang members who seem to be protected by the soldiers. Even the top gang members that are in jail still are able to rule the streets from the phones. In the past, we would use the inmate call system to try and monitor and take action, but these gang members have their own language and codes that were making it challenging to get ahead of the violence.


Things took a huge change for the better for our residents when the jail installed a new inmate call system by Securus Technologies. Me and my fellow officers were trained to use the LBS software and decided to spend a day monitoring calls to see if we could put a dent in the illegal activities these gangs were involved with each day throughout the city. It wasn’t long before the Securus Technologies system alerted us to chatter between a top gang member in jail and one of his associates on the street.


We discovered that the gangs were helpless and disorganized without daily updates from the top members in jail. We decided rather than stop the calls, we would simply arrive to the locations were drug deals, weapons deals, and other activities were scheduled to take place, and arrest the parties instead. Each time orders were given, we were able to stop the order and frustrate the gangs.


ConnectUs, Securus Technologies Latest Success

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Securus, one of the largest providers of civil and criminal justice technology in America has added a new service via ConnectUs. This technology processes inmate forms and grievances. Prior to implementing ConnectUs, corrections personnel were required to use 65% more time in the pursuit of their duties. Now with the use of ConnectUs the process has been automated and the effort spent to expedite that paper is no longer necessary.

ConnectUs provides online forms for inmates to sign up for various things, complete medical information and handbook acceptance forms as well as file grievances. Now that these forms are completed electronically, the additional work needed to process the paperwork is no longer necessary. Corrections officers were responsible for distributing the forms before the creation of ConnectUs. They also had to collect, log, route, respond to, copy, file, archive and store those forms. All of which took up valuable time, sometimes in the form of overtime. Each expenditure of time cost the public money.

As many as 13.8 different types of forms are processed each month. Now that they are done electronically, the process is much faster. This now includes the inmate’s response to follow-ups and the final decisions which are also communicated via electronic transmission. The inmate can log on to the system to find out the final decision on any request that was made. Officers can also communicate electronically with inmates when additional information is needed.

Because ConnectUs allows inmate and corrections officers to communicate via notes to one another as follow-up for the completion of a request. It provides an essential communication service for the prison. It was a long time in coming, but now that it is here, the public should applaud its creation and insist that it be allowed to continue and that it be improved to meet all the needs of the corrections population.

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