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Why Fortress Investment Group is Still an Indomitable Leader

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How a company starts doesn’t matter much as how it grows. Most of the companies with big names today started small, but they kept their move steady. Fortress Investment Group is among the reputable companies that show how great a company or business can be through proper management. The company was started in 1998, and it has become a global private equity group today. Fortress Investment generates its revenues from permanent capital vehicles and asset management. The company had assets worth 400 dollars when it started, but its three co-founders could see the company hit the billion-bracket someday. The three great business leaders had a huge vision for the company, and they were working round the clock to realize it.

Every great thing you see starts from somewhere. The company took only five years to have assets worth 3 billion dollars. It proved to the society that the co-founders were visionary leaders who could not settle for anything short of the main dream they had. The financial background of the three co-founders was substantial to the growth Fortress Investment Group has experienced. The permanent investment vehicles of Fortress Group are spread out in real estate, media, infrastructure, and transport. Companies appearing on the stock exchange list and those wholly owned are part of the permanent investment vehicles. Fortress group could be the majority shareholder or a section of the management team.

A company shows remarkable growth through its ability to diversify in different sectors. Fortress Investment Group has diversified in a great way, and it is nurturing many other subsectors under its umbrella. Looking at the company’s private equity, credit, or permanent investment vehicles, you could confirm its diversification strength. The company has about 915 employees in different operation sections. Although every subsector of Fortress Group has been doing well, the Credit Subsector has surpassed the management team’s expectations by far. This subsector has handled deals worth over 100 billion dollars.

The deals of the credit subsector of this company involve distressed investments, undervalued assets, loans, and illiquid investments. The deals of this company have become lucrative although this couldn’t be seen coming at the beginning. Fortress Investment Group was listed on the NYSE in 2007 as a public company. It took the company only one year to sell about eight percent of its shares to the public. The company became a private entity again in 2017 after Softbank acquired it. Most great companies go the acquisition way when expanding their operations and business base.

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Chris Burch Nihiwatu Resort Growth

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Chris Burch is one of the leading business leaders in the world today. He continually works on new business projects. He is the owner of the Nihiwatu Resort. The Nihiwatu Resort is one of the most prestigious hotels in the world. Located on an island off the coast of Indonesia, it is the perfect place for people to go and relax.

Chris has always wanted to manage his own company. While attending Ithaca College, he started a fashion company with his brother. The company only sold one product, which was a sweatshirt. However, the company was financially successful. He decided to let his brother manage the company so he could focus on other projects.

Real Estate

When he started earning an income, Chris decided to invest in real estate. He learned about real estate investing from his father. His father was a successful business owner, but he was able to amass substantial wealth from real estate investments.

Chris enjoys buying homes to rent to tenants. During his career, he has amassed an impressive real estate portfolio.


Several years ago, Chris decided to start building hotels. Hotels are much riskier than buying a home. Hotels require a substantial loan from a bank, and few banks are willing to lend out that much money.

After several successful ventures with hotels, Chris started planning the Nihiwatu Resort. Although the resort took several years to complete, he is proud of everything that he accomplished (

Future Goals

Chris is always willing to consider a new business opportunity. He worked on a recent project with various celebrities. He owns a substantial position in Voss Water, and he thinks that business owners should do more to help those around them. He donates millions of dollars each year to charities that he cares about. Anyone wanting to learn about business should read about his career.

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Christopher Burch principles in entrepreneurship

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Christopher Burch is a famous entrepreneur who founded the Burch Creative Company. He named this company after his name. Before launching the Burch Company, he had worked in many companies where he had led to their success. As a result, he went a step further to start his own company, “Burch Creative” with the aim of improving the entrepreneurial values, creating more market opportunities, creativity, invention and innovation in the business to increase the level of consumer satisfaction (

Christopher stands as a role model to the existing, new and prospective entrepreneurs portrays the values of a typical successful entrepreneur which they should follow to realize profits in their investments. They should enhance proper communication between the entrepreneur and his clients. While working on the clients work, plans should be laid down well in an appropriate manner starting from the very first step of the work up to the very last stage including the expected outcome. In case of any changes in the plan, the entrepreneur should let the client know immediately.

To a serious entrepreneur, every day should be a school day. Research is one of the most crucial tools to succeed in business. Entrepreneurs should research such issues such as the daily market trends, price fluctuations, government regulations, the nature of the market demand and supply, new products in the market and many more ( This helps the entrepreneur to keep updated to ensure he does not offer products that are out of date.

Christopher Burch created a lot of network with other entrepreneurs to ensure no work is left undone and still in the process he was able to learn from them since he knew he was not perfect and was always ready to learn new ideas each day. Networking in business enables an entrepreneur to delegate work to other people. In the case that he is offered a job that he may not have any idea about, he may transfer the action to some else who is good at it. Also in the case, the work is too much that he may not be able to complete it alone, through networking he can delegate some of that work to other people. As a result, the customers are served on time without delays.  More reading on


Chris Burch Career Journey

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Chris Burch was born in the 3rd month of 1958 and since then, he happens to be possessing great business energy. He has been able to manage his brands through the famous Burch Creative Capital where he happens to be the CEO and also the chairman. All his investments are managed by the aforementioned company which has been able to account for billions of profits. The company has majored in brand development and also venture investments. He is also the co-founder of Tory Burch LLC and by 2012, he had already been confirmed as an American based billionaire by Forbes Magazine. He was able to leap big in the industries because of his diversified investments. He had invested with the renowned Guggenheim Partners and that is where his net worth was coming from. For an overview of the diversity of his business investments, check

Chris Burch’s early life was quite different and his priorities in life were not like those of other people. He was raised in Pennsylvania from a middle-class family. He grew up with desires to make it in his dreams and was always a business minded person even while in school. He started by first venturing into the Fashion industry. His first business was selling sweaters while in school and later selling them to the campus students. That was back then at Ithaca College where he seemed more interested in business. Together with his brother Robert, they decided to invest $2,000 dollars that made them start Eagle’s Eye an investment that was able to expand within a very short time.   More to read here.  The company was able to expand within a very short period and expanded greatly.

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Chris Burch later sold the company to Swire Group and was able to get a lot of money to venture into other industries. He joined his wife Tory Burch who was a professional fashion designer and they established a great business. He became the co-chairman of the company. That is when he started developing an interest in the real estate business. He started looking for great partnerships and they launched the great Faena Hotel + Universe together with Alan Faena and Philippe Stark. His dreams became true when he bought Nihiwatu from Indonesia.  For a tour to one of his awesome investment, hit this link on

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