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Chris Burch Career Journey

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Chris Burch was born in the 3rd month of 1958 and since then, he happens to be possessing great business energy. He has been able to manage his brands through the famous Burch Creative Capital where he happens to be the CEO and also the chairman. All his investments are managed by the aforementioned company which has been able to account for billions of profits. The company has majored in brand development and also venture investments. He is also the co-founder of Tory Burch LLC and by 2012, he had already been confirmed as an American based billionaire by Forbes Magazine. He was able to leap big in the industries because of his diversified investments. He had invested with the renowned Guggenheim Partners and that is where his net worth was coming from. For an overview of the diversity of his business investments, check

Chris Burch’s early life was quite different and his priorities in life were not like those of other people. He was raised in Pennsylvania from a middle-class family. He grew up with desires to make it in his dreams and was always a business minded person even while in school. He started by first venturing into the Fashion industry. His first business was selling sweaters while in school and later selling them to the campus students. That was back then at Ithaca College where he seemed more interested in business. Together with his brother Robert, they decided to invest $2,000 dollars that made them start Eagle’s Eye an investment that was able to expand within a very short time.   More to read here.  The company was able to expand within a very short period and expanded greatly.

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Chris Burch later sold the company to Swire Group and was able to get a lot of money to venture into other industries. He joined his wife Tory Burch who was a professional fashion designer and they established a great business. He became the co-chairman of the company. That is when he started developing an interest in the real estate business. He started looking for great partnerships and they launched the great Faena Hotel + Universe together with Alan Faena and Philippe Stark. His dreams became true when he bought Nihiwatu from Indonesia.  For a tour to one of his awesome investment, hit this link on

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