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Nihiwatu is as beautiful as it looks in pictures

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In 2012 Chris Burch and his friend and hotelier James McBride bought a hostel from a New jersey couple on the Sumba. It is a remote Indonesian island that has one of the most beautiful backdrops right surrounded by clear blue ocean. The two friends invested about $30 million to renovated the hostel into a five-star resort that just screams luxury and relaxation. Travel + Leisure Magazine called Nihiwatu the best hotel in the world. Considering how many hotels are in the world, that’s pretty impressive. Burch has a private residence at the resort called Raja Mendaka. It can also be rented out when available. It also has four villas, all equipped with plunge pools. There is a total of 27 villas to rent, with breathtaking views of the beach and lush scenery. There are a number of services available to guests including a beach spa, which can also be provided in your room if requested. Each room goes for $750 a night and if you want to rent Raja Mendaka, Chris Burch’s estate it is $14,000 a night. These prices are during the busy season. The rooms include art and sculptures from the local Sumbanese people. Burch and McBride wanted to give back to the community making Nihiwatu the largest local employer on Sumba. On top of that, a portion Nihiwatu’s profits are given to the Sumba Foundation. More to read on

30 years in the business industry and Chris Burch has no intention of slowing down. In his more current business he founded Burch Creative Capital and works as CEO. He has invested in big fashion brands as Tory Burch, C. and Wonder. Mr. Burch has also contributed to other brands such as Voss Water, Jawbone, Poppin, and Faena Hotel + Universe.   Refer to for a related article.

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With nearly 40 years in the business under his belt Chris has helped over 50 companies reach success. He has even worked with fan favorite TV personality Ellen DeGeneres with her brand ED. At Burch Creative Capital they find creative solutions to help businesses grow. It was launched in 2007.  Additional article on

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The Genius of Chris Burch, Investing in Nihiwatu.

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Chris Burch is a well-known entrepreneur and investor. He is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. His mission is to provide clients with the skills necessary to navigate the world of financial markets. He has had more than forty years of experience when it comes to being an investor in the market.   More to read on

Chris Burch also has a wide range of companies that are outside of the market spectrum. He has interests in fashion, real estate, and the latest technology. His first business was called Eagles Eye Apparel and it eventually sold for more than one hundred sixty-five million dollars. One of the things that he has made an investment in that has paid off handsomely for him is a hotel called Nihiwatu.

The hotel is located on the island of Nihiwatu and the Sumbanese people live in harmony on the island. The resort is called the Barefoot Luxury Resort. This is a place where modern and ancient traditions coincide. In three years Chris Burch became a co-owner of this hotel and was determined to make it one of the best in the world. He has invested more than thirty million dollars of his own money to make the hotel the best it can be without harming the natural beauty that surrounds it.

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By investing in the hotel and the people that live there, Nihiwatu has become the number one hotel in the world by the readers of Travel and Leisure magazine. He accomplished this by creating thirty-two villas for the hotel with the most modern amenities. A second thing he did was to hire the local people to work there. This helped the local economy grow and make the island a great place to stay. A final thing he did was to keep the natural beauty of the island intact for all to see. There are more than five hundred sixty acres of natural land and ocean located around the hotel.   Read more about his resort investment, click this.

Keeping a balance like this has made Chris Burch one of the finest investors in the world. He is maintaining a perfect harmony with Nihiwatu’s past and future.  Additional article on

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Chris Burch – A Successful Entrepreneur And The Founder of Burch Creative Capital

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According to the article release on, you have to get it right when holding a party in Hamptons. This includes the food, the cocktails, and the tablescape as well. Therefore, when Chris Burch was looking for the right person to help him with the organization of one of his parties, he thought of Chef Andrés Morataya. Chef Morataya owns a farm-to-table restaurant known as Panga in Panama. He specializes in the development of unique dining experiences to clients who are holding parties. When he started his restaurant business, Chef Andrés built his first grill from scratch using driftwood and bricks. Chef Andrés believes in creativity when it comes to the restaurant business.  Check this on   According to Andrés Morataya, limitations in your business venture should pave the way for more opportunities and adventures.

About Chris Burch

Christopher Burch is the CEO and Founder of Burch Creative Capital. The company has a different approach when it comes to the creation of values. The investment philosophy of the company is based on the entrepreneurial values of Chris Burch. When he founded Burch Creative Capital, Christopher has the vision of exploring new market opportunities. He used creative skills together with strong financial practices to build, scale, support, and incubate disruptive business brands.

By having more than 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur and investor, Chris has participated in the development of over 50 business companies. He can easily combine an excellent understanding of customers with direct sourcing. As an investor, Chris Burch has created a good track record in connecting innovation and business impact. In that case, Burch Creative Capital was founded on the basis that successful investment also requires creativity. This implies that entrepreneurs should stop concentrating on the existing opportunities and invent new ones. Therefore, entrepreneurship should be all about creativity, the creation of values, and passion. Fo0r his latest cool contribution to the market, click on

Before he founded Burch Creative Capital, Chris also co-founded a luxury fashion brand known as Tory Burch. He was devoted to the power of marketing and branding. Currently, Chris Burch is applying his sense of branding and marketing at Burch Creative Capital, which has the business interest in various areas such as hospitality, financial services, consumer products, and technology.  For an update with his timeline activities, hit on   Apart from being a successful investor and entrepreneur, Chris Burch is also a philanthropist. He was involved with Sumba Foundation and Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation. He also contributed some funds to Mt. Sinai Hospital.  Check this awesome investment of him on here.

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