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Chris Burch Opens Luxury Hotel On Private Island In Indonesia

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Chris Burch is a venture capitalist who is known for venturing out into the world of fashion. He is a fashion mogul who has taken his knowledge of businesses and made a huge name for himself. He is known for pioneering numerous different ventures, which have spanned over a variety of different fields. Most recently, Chris Burch decided to venture into the hospitality industry by building a one of a kind luxury hotel. The hotel was build as a gift for Chris Burch’s children since he wanted to give them something that they could cherish forever. The hotel is built on a private island in Indonesia and is called the Nihiwatu.  Related article on

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The hotel has received incredible reviews from travelers and reviewers alike. The hotel has received incredible ratings from numerous travel magazines, which has helped boost its popularity. The hotel spells out absolute luxury and offers its visitors a one of a kind experience that they wouldn’t find elsewhere. For starters, the island that the hotel is located on is pristine and beautiful. Since the island is not inhabited much, it still retains its natural beauty in its purest form. The beach alone is reason enough to visit this beautiful hotel. The clear waters and white sand look picture perfect and provide one of the most beautiful backdrops to the hotel.

The hotel is rated five stars and boasts of an incredible holiday experience. When visitors come to the hotel, they are provided with a personal butler who tends to their every need when they are here at the hotel. The hotel has over twenty-seven private villas which house visitors from around the world. The hotel has luxury amenities like a spa and private pools for guests to relax and unwind in. The hotel also has a beautiful infinity pool that has been featured in numerous magazines, and for luxury, photo shoots.  Additional article on

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The hotel also serves as a holiday home for Chris Burch and his family. Burch has his private villa which is by far the best among all the villas in the hotel. The Nihiwatu has also been brilliant for the economy of the island. The hotel has introduced numerous jobs for the locals, thus helping them lead a better life. The island has also been able to develop more as a result of this, which is just one of the many ways in which Chris Bruch has helped the people of the island.  To learn more about his various business ventures, check this website.

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