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Bhanu Choudrie: Expanding To The Middle East

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Have you ever wondered how does life in one of the richest families in Britain it look like? How does it feel to run one of the richest British enterprises?

We all guess that is awesome, but we usually do not think about the hard work standing behind the story of success. Now, we’ll try to take a look behind the story of Bhanu Choudhrie – the successful businessman and the head of the C & C Alpha Group.

Bhanu Choudhrie’s name and reputation are well-known in the British world of business. This reclusive businessman comes up from one of India’s richest and most influential families.

Their family income worth is estimated to almost $ 2 billion. Bhanu Choudhrie is not the only famous member of the family. His father is well-known in Britain as one of the greatest contributors of the Liberal Democratic Party. The Choudhrie’s family residences are situated in some of the most exclusive parts of London’s Belgravia.

The family is functioning on two separate levels – private and business, and Bhanu Choudhrie is very successfully handling both levels.

The Activity And Work Of C&C Alpha Group

Bhanu Choudhrie is directed to what he does the best. He is the head of C&C Alpha Group – the company that invests in various business projects: from the utilities to care homes.

C & C Alpha Group is a holding enterprise founded in 2002. This company gathers private investors who are tied up in the venture capital business for over 30 years.

The company includes six major sectors: real estate, utilities, aviation, healthcare, hospitality, and agriculture. This company also brings forth the advisory services within its consulting department. As Choudhrie claims – his role-model was a famous US financier Warren Buffett, since his investment approach was inspiring for him.

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The influence of C&C Alpha Group was rising for years, especially in UAE where this company is very significant and reputable. The company has its own aviation school Alpha Aviation Academy. This school is well-known for its training of pilots for short airline flights. The company also supplies Air Arabia, with new recruits. Alpha Aviation Academy in the UAE is training over 120 recruits, but the company also has a largely based center in the Philippines where 500 future pilots are trained.


Choudhrie claims that increased demand in the UAE is making the company consider exploring the potential for a new training campus opening in Europe.

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HGGC’s MyWebGrocer Partners With Respida Capital and General Atlantic’s Mi9 To Create Global Retail Software

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HGGC has announced that efforts to partner with Mi9 are in advanced stage. Through a press statement, the company has announced that talks have been going on for several months to ensure requisite channels are followed. “As things are, the merger will soon be going public,” said the statement. This latest merger, if goes through as planned, will elevate HGGC’s MyWebGrocer to becoming one of the fastest growing private-owned consumer packaged goods provider in California. Since it was started, MWG has become one of the reputable digital media providers that directly deal with various Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG). Mi9 Retail, on the other hand, takes credit as the premium omnichannel retail solutions provider. Respida Capital and General Atlantic jointly own the company. The trio, Respida Capital, HGGC, and General Atlantic have vowed to support the merger until it is sealed.

Upon completion of the deal, it is expected that MWG will acquire more than 500 new customers. While the company already services several reputable clients, it will be an added advantage that HGGC’s MyWebGrocer will add more clients to its list. Currently, the company serves a number of high-end brands in the world. They include Abercrombie & Fitch, ShopRite, BevMo!, Nike, Levi’s, Giant Eagle, Cole Haan; Tommy Bahama, and Shopko among other companies.

Speaking about the progress of the new collaboration, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder Richard Lawson said, “Mi9 has a proven track record of successfully integrating best of breed retail software technology companies. Adding up MWG to it is a natural step to the company.” Mr. Lawson, who has been with the company for many years feels that the merger will be the greatest thing in 2019 and beyond. HGGC, which was founded in 2007 enjoys a long list of reputable clients who have made this company based in Palo Alto acquire $4.3 billion worth of assets since its inception.

Regarding HGGC’s collaboration with General Atlantic and Respida Capital’s Mi9, Lawson added, “We look forward to partnering with Mi9’s retail management to help execute their vision and their continued effort to revolutionize the software retail industry through the application of the timely innovative technology.”

Chris Burch and a Clever Investment Start

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Chris Burch would have perhaps laughed, if told when he a little kid, suffering from severe attention deficit disorder that he would grow up to be wealthy, hit to know more. He was never told this, but his parents knew that there was something special about him, which is why they enrolled him into Tilton’s prep school in New Hampshire. Sometimes parents just know when there’s something special about their kid. The school opened up a entire new world for Chris Burch, there are still to this day, things that pop up in his mind from the school, that helps him in decision making.

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As a junior in high school, he began to work with his father in construction. The work was hard, even brutal at times, especially due to Chris being so slender. But it taught him the benefits of hard work, and what some people had to do to survive. In 1976 Mr. Burch went on an unexpected business venture, he put up $2,000 with his brother to launch a door to door clothing business. The products sold were bourgeois sweaters for girls. Chris Burch continued to do this when was attending Ithaca College.

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His venture eventually grew to the point of him finding himself, face to face with the UK-based Swire Group. A deal was struck that left the company worth at $60 million. Eagle Eye was now a multi-million company, refer also to ( Since then Chris Burch has found himself involved in different business journeys, whether entrepreneur or investments.