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Fortress Investment Group, A Top-Ranking Asset Management Company

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Fortress Investment Group is a global company whose primary focus is the management of alternative assets. The company deals in private equity, credit funds, and hedge funds. The personalities behind the formation of the profit-making company are Randal Nardone, Peter Briger, assisted by Wes Edens. The asset management organization has its main office in New York, United States. FIG has about 5000 people in its workforce who are committed to the company’s policies and vision. The FIG company has a customer base that constitutes institutional investors and individual clients who are more than 1500 on the global platform. The company currently manages assets that are about $42.1 billion. In 2007, the Fortress Investment Group was the first asset management company to have its shares sold to the public. The company’s public offering generated more than $600 million at a very trivial season. The company was valued at approximately $7 billion with its shares trading at $35 per share. Visit

The year 2017 is a very critical season for the Fortress Investment Group as it is the time when the company transferred its ownership to SoftBank Group. The successful technological company procured FIT at the cost of $3.3 billion. The profitable move saw the three principals of the company and other senior professionals maintain their positions as the company still operates independently. The transformation has also helped in creating more profitable opportunities for FIG and increase the growth of the company. FIG’s revenue collection has also been improving even as it builds lasting relationships with its clients. As a result of the agreement, the Fortress Investment Group Shareholders are now getting their dividend which is $8.8 per share. The move has seen SoftBank Group become one of the dominant managers of alternative assets in the whole world. Fortress Investment Group is currently one of the assets management company in the United States that is trading publicly. The company has a vast knowledge of the sectors that it invests in. The FIG also has competent expertise in capital markets that know how to get funds for the company’s projects at a low cost with minimum risks


Madison Street Capital Releases The Annual Hedge Fund M&A Overview

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Madison Street Capital has released its annual global hedge fund industry merger & acquisition overview. The summary looks into the various indicators in industry for the year 2015. In addition, the report compares such information with the performance of the sector in the last few years. It provides players with a professional outlook of the industry. Many players in the industry peruse the report to get detailed insights about the market. This is a true measure of Madison Street Capital’s reputation.

According to the report, there was an increase in the number of transactions completed in 2015. In total, 42 deals were successfully closed as compared to 32 in the previous year. This upsurge represents an increase of over 27 percent in transaction volume as measured by AUM, relative to 2014. From the data, the highest numbers of dealings were undertaken in the fourth quarter of 2015. Analysts were optimistic that the momentum would continue into 2016 and make it a record year in hedge fund M&A transactions.

In addition, the company reported an increased number of M&A deals. The value of hedge fund sector assets was at all-time high. This means that the shareholding of the companies rose considerably. The distinct improvement in asset value was of great interest to many analysts. This is because in 2015, hedge funds reported dismal performance. This situation caused many fund managers to seek for alternative asset management solutions. They were hoping to enhance their firm’s revenues. Such income would help in meeting the increasing operational costs.

The mediocre performance of hedge fund strategies has also affected the ability of fund managers to attract new capital. This is because more investors are opting for other investment solutions. Given the scenarios, many fund managers have been operating below their optimal levels. To this end, these firms have been reporting lesser revenues coupled by the ever-increasing costs of operations. Additionally, fund managers are facing downward pressures on fees. Clients continue to demand for fee reduction. Combination of the two factors has adversely affected the operations of small fund managers.

About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is a strategic investment-banking firm. Its headquarters are in Chicago, Illinois. The company provides its clients with valuation services, advice on mergers and acquisition, corporate financial advisory services, and financial opinions. It operates in North America, Africa, and Asia. Madison Street Capital has extensive experience in creating real opportunities in various industries such as technology, construction/real estate development, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, consumer markets/retails, aerospace, and distribution.

The company is committed to excellence, leadership, and integrity. The management and employees understand the value of timely delivery of solutions. The investment firm responds quickly and tenaciously to opportunities. It has a unique way of matching of buyers and sellers.

Madison Street Capital Is Recognized For Its Merger And Acquisition Achievements

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The merger and acquisition industry is on fire. Companies around the globe are trying to keep their heads above the rising economic disaster that is brewing in China. The BRICS nations are scrambling to pull out of the recessions that have turned their countries into high inflation and jobless markets. The companies in those countries are losing money, market share, and credibility and many of the top corporations have left Brazil, Russia, and South Africa because of the devastating recessions. The corporations that are still in business want to merge or be acquired by other companies in order to stay solvent. One Chicago-based investment firm is helping companies in emerging markets like Brazil and Mexico as well as India merge with U.S. and U.K. companies that can keep them profitable. That investment firm is Madison Street Capital.

Madison Street Capital is one of the top boutique investment firms in the United States. Under the leadership of CEO Charles Botchway and COO Tony Marsala, Madison Street Capital has managed to be one of the top performers in the $100 to $500 million category in the M&A world. The firm has been so successful in 2015, and in 2016 that the company has been nominated for the 15th annual M&A Advisors Awards, according to an article published by The article mentions the merger between Dowco and Acuna & Asociados. That merger represents the interest that U.S. companies have in companies that are in the emerging market category. Madison Street’s Senior Managing Director Karl D’Cunha is responsible for closing that deal.

The merger and acquisition market has been filled with mega-mergers in 2016. The proposed mega-mergers in several industries shows the need to consolidate and expand and gain market share quickly around the globe. The big mergers also prove that big companies must merge in order to stay profitable in certain industries and gain a presence in markets that have potential going forward. The fear that China is going to disrupt economies in Europe and the United States has been one of the motivators for mergers and acquisitions in 2016.

The motivator for Madison Street Capital’s mergers and acquisition deals is not based in fear. Botchway and Marsala put deals together based on compatibility and profitability. Both men are considered experts in the financial industry and the men have the awards and the following that proves their excellence. Botchway’s executive team closed 32 M&A deals in 2015 and the 2016 number should be higher. Marsala has been recognized for his outstanding work in emerging markets in 2016, so the 15th annual M&A Advisors Award confirms the firm’s commitment in that part of the industry. But Madison Street Capital is also known for other investment strategies. The company is considered an excellent resource for companies that what to learn more about mergers and acquisitions.

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Equities First-Making Business Loans Obtainable

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A global leader in shareholder financing solutions, Equities First Holdings is providing more stock-based and margin loans to the business economy while banks and other similar institutions seem to be making it harder to obtain them. Borrowers needing to quickly gain capital or who do not meet the specific criteria lenders have set, are finding that equities lending is a great alternative.

Many banks have recently severed their lending options to prospective borrowers, increased their interest rates, and even tightened their loan qualifications. However there are still options available to borrowers in the market. Al Christy, Jr. is the CEO as well as the founder of EFH and has found an innovative borrowing solution that collateralizes loans by stocks. It is available to borrowers seeking working capital and these stock-based loans often have a fixed rate, and typically a higher loan-to-value ratio than margin loans.

According to Christy, a margin loan requires a pre-qualified borrower and normally needs the borrowed money to be used for a specific purpose. The interest rates vary and the loan-to-value ratios scale form 10 to 50 percent. The borrower’s collateral can even be liquidated without any warning by the lender, should a margin call arise. But with a stock-based loan borrowers have the stability of a fixed interest rate ranging from 3 to 4 percent, with the loan-to-value ratios staying between 50 to 75 percent. There are no restrictions either, so the lender doesn’t decide what the money is used for. Also these loans are non-recourse, even if the stock should decrease.

Equities First Holdings has been providing its clients with better financing choices since 2002. They are a supplier of capital against stock publicly traded in order to allow clients to meet their financial goals. EFH has had over 650 successful transactions that is worth over $1.4 billion. This company has become successful due to the fact that it offers its customers low fixed interest rates and high loan to values.


EFH is a global company in nine countries, including subsidiaries in London, in Hong Kong, in Singapore, and in Austrailia.

about Equities First :

The Shining and Rising of Brad Reifler in Business Sector

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Bradley Reiler as of late began a public, and non-exchanged interim asset called Forefront Income Trust. The 40 act cash is centered in helping middle-class Americas put resources into items held just for the 1% (the licensed investor.) The asset is not related to the value markets; does not profit until the speculator makes 8%; and, for direct ventures, gives 3% to veterans and military families. The asset purchases back share quarterly to the rate fractional liquidity to its financial specialists.

Every investment is considered a novel resource backed advances and specialty money chances sourced by the business pioneers straightforwardly and not the direct piece of the Forefront group. Before the Forefront Management Group, LLC, Reifler established Pali Capital in 1995 and was the CEO until November 2008.  They also had workplaces in the United States, United Kingdom, Latin America, Austria, and Singapore.

Reifler started his free profession in 1982 when he established Reifler Trading Corporation, and a firm occupied with the execution of worldwide subsidiaries, but later sold in 2000 to Refco Inc.

Brad serves on different corporate and counseling boards as CrunchBase shows. He was additionally a Trustee of the Millbrook School and once in the past Chairman of the Finance Committee. Brad moved on from Bowdoin College and is currently the CEO and founder of Forefront Management Group, LLC together with its auxiliaries: LLC, Forefront Capital Management, LLC, Forefront Advisory, and Forefront Capital Markets, LLC.

Forefront Group was established in June 2009 and is riches administration and boutique investment banking firm that offers venture admonitory administrations to people and organizations on both optional and non-optional criteria.

The firm fulfills the wage and long haul gratefulness needs of worldwide organizations, merchants, budgetary guides and individual speculators. Its capacity to give advice, make and execute is empowered through a coalition of business, portfolio administration, financial instruction, and conveyance pioneers.