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A Preview of the History and Performance Record of IAP Worldwide

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IAP Worldwide specializes in global-scale logistics and facilities management services as well as advanced technical and professional services. The company has experienced gradual growth since its inception in 1953, which includes the acquisition of additional equipment and hiring more employees. Today, IAP Worldwide is available in more than25 countries and has reached a workforce base of above 2,000 employees. Part of the success the company has achieved can be attributed to its strong resolve to maintain positive practices and its focused management team.  Learn more about IAP Worldwide:
History and development
The company, in its strategy to achieve growth and expansion, has acquired several businesses along the way. Some of the businesses acquired include Pan Am Services, Inc., which specialized in operations management. As the history page of IAP Worldwide cites, the company started initially as Jason Controls, but was later renamed to Jason Controls Worldwide Services in 1989 after acquiring Pan Am Services.

In 1990, IAP Worldwide was launched in Irmo, SC, and the company would offer specialized logistics and procurement services within the region. This earned IAP Worldwide a contract with the U.S. government to offer generator supplies to the U.S. Army stationed at Saudi Arabia. This would transform the company into a team that offers technical support to the troops and to date IAP Worldwide has been working with the army in various parts of the world.

To embrace solutions for expanding markets, the company acquired G3 Systems in 2015. G3 Systems is an engineering company based in the UK that offers services both locally and internationally. The company offers different services ranging from deployable modular systems to support services and fixed infrastructure. The acquisition of the company helped to offer additional capability to IAP Worldwide, something that also expanded its market base. Read more: IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. – Facebook and IAP Worldwide Services – ViaSat

Corporate policies
Doing things in the right manner translates to solving the problems of customers in a smart and efficient way. This explains the reason IAP Worldwide has advanced its core values: respect, responsibility and integrity. These are ingrained policies and practices that have propelled the company to its current high position in the market.  Learn more about IAP Worldwide:

IAP Worldwide offers a drug free workplace to ensure all their services are handled by focused individuals. The company also offers diverse opportunities that are not limited by discrimination on any basis.