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Designing The Best Legal System to Grow Wealth

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Sujit Choudhry is an internationally recognized expert in comparative law. His goal is to help policymakers and teachers know what legal systems work the best. Thankfully, in our day and age, there are so many good cases to look at.

When you think about what government works the best, people have all sorts of ideas. The progressives look to the democracies of Europe as their poster child of justice. Multiple parties, and a broadly liberal welfare package is supposedly what we should all be pushing for. Conservatives look to the good old days when the politicians were old white men who clutched, but did not obey their Bibles. What side of the fence you are on depends on your personal beliefs and choices.

Successful countries tend to be those that create an environment where lots of people have the freedom to sell and buy. Examples are the United States, Singapore, China, U.K., Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, and Switzerland. Often times, in the name of fixing inequality, progressives propose price controls such as the minimum wage that manipulate who and how one can enter the market to sell your services. This increases unemployment, because employers simply refuse to hire anyone who is not worth the minimum wage in their eyes. Learning from the wealthiest countries in the world, we see that they place few barriers to their citizens and foreigners buying and selling. The countries that have the most economic problems in our list place practically no barriers to buying, and several barriers to selling.

An example would be the United States, with its minimum wage laws and little subsidizing of undergraduate education. These barriers keep every American from selling their services competitively. You then have a large population of unemployed youth and minorities who are not worth the minimum wage, and cannot afford to pay for undergraduate education.

Countries like China do the opposite. They place several barriers (but not heavy) to buying, particularly from overseas. The barriers they place include holding down their currency, to make foreign currencies artificially high, and imposing tariffs on certain imports. China places fewer barriers to selling than the United States. It is easier to go to the privately run colleges and get a degree in China than in the United States, because tuition costs are much lower in China. This ensures that students in China can access an undergraduate education easier.

China’s economy continues to grow rapidly at a rate of 7%.

Sujit Choudhry wants to help you and your organization manage government well. People want to know how to maximize their return on investment. Having a good legal system is crucial to this goal. Sujit looks forward to hearing from you. You can reach him at his LinkedIn account.

SEC Whistleblower Advocate: They Advocate for You

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The SEC whistleblower advocate program provides much needed protection to any person who would entertain ideas of being a whistle blower but fears retribution from n employer that may be practicing something other than “best practices”. Sometimes the infractions to the SEC regulations are inadvertent but many times these are conscious efforts to skirt rules and regulations that were set in place to protect unsuspecting consumers.

While many are out to provide good service, others would prefer the method that best serves to line the pockets of those who work in the financial industry. An advocate for those who would be whistleblowers is a great thing. It provides not only the best possible outcome for the consumer of financial products but also provides protection for those who would be advocates for the consumer in this world. These advocates deserve to be commended for their protection of the unsuspecting consumers. Most know very little about SEC rules and regulations and they deserve the protection that honest people on the inside can provide. Only those on the inside can offer this protection. This protection is quite important to the general public. While the general public puts their trust in financial planning and advice because the system is quite convoluted for the average consumer to understand and the general public puts their trust in the professionals that do understand the system. These individuals while mostly honest often believe they are doing no harm when they break rules for the sake of saving time. There are some things that are good to cut corners on and others that are dangerous practice to cut corners. That is why the whistle blowers (the honest people within) need protection above all others. The fact that there can be monetary compensation for being an honest whistle blower, makes the idea much more appealing and easy to accept if you are one of those people who can and will tell the truth. The truth should always win an always be the acceptable means of practice in every situation! Whistleblower protection through the means of an attorney seems to be the best possible outcome for would be whistle blowers. Keep on advocating for what is right!

Ross Abelow Helps Animals

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There are a lot of attorneys in the New York area. Many work with families and people to others to get out of problems they may have had happen to them. Ross Abelow is committing to not just helping people, but animals too.

How He’s helping

There are several ways to help animals that they may love, but not all people are going to want to give in every way. Ross Abelow has committed his time to helping raise funds for animal shelters that are underfunded. He is choosing to use a Go Fund Me page in order to make the money to help them. By getting the word out, he is helping others find the shelters in need and help them as well.

Why Help

There are several reasons you may want to help. The largest is to help animals that would otherwise not survive the winter. Most of the shelters see the largest incoming animal count during the cold months.

When is a Good Time to Help?

There is really no better time than now to help him and help animals with surviving. The shelters need help now more than ever and the best people to do it are the ones that can. If there are animals in your local shelter, you can help by adopting them or helping the shelter to take care of them. You may even be able to volunteer and help in that way.

Take your time in helping with the shelters you want to. Whether or not you decide to donate through Ross Abelow or not, you can help animals in the shelter. You just need to decide how you want to help and what is going to be the best way for you and the location you wish to help. The last thing you want is to get yourself into a position you don’t want with the shelter.

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