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Renowned Brazilian Author Jaime Garcia Dias

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Jaime Garcia Dias is a renowned Brazilian author whose life and works have left a deep impression on the literary world. Shaped by his upbringing and other notable authors, Jaime’s work is deeply influenced by Brazilian culture and life. Jaime Garcia Dias is one of the notable authors of our time.

Born to well-educated parents, Jaime Garcia Dias was given the perfect environment to develop his artistic nature and develop his painting. His father was a well-respected writer and journalist. His father mentored his passion for literature.

Throughout his life, Jaime Garcia Dias was devoted to literature. At the young age of 15, Jaime decided he wanted to be a writer and pursued this goal with single-minded enthusiasm. Starting his literary career at the precocious age of 18, Jaime wrote and published his first book. Since the age of 18, Jaime has continued to write book after book. At the age of 45, Jaime has now written 20 books, all within the fiction genre.

In addition to his numerous celebrated novels, Jaime Garcia Dias has received several incredible awards. His first literary award, the White Crane Award, was received in 2001. Most recently, Jaime received the ABC Award of Brazil Literature Prize.

Jaime Garcia Dias has done more than just write his well-read and impressive books, he has also spent his time enlightening the minds of the upcoming generations as he teaches at the Carioca Literature Academy. His resume shows that Jaime began his teaching career at the Carioca Literature Academy in 1993. By the year 1997, Jaime became the vice president of the Carioco Literature Academy.

While teaching at the Carioca Literature Academy, by the year 2001 Jaime Garcia Dias had written and published 10 books. By the year 2007, Jaime became the president of the Carioco Literature Academy. Despite his already incredibly successful career, Jaime did not slow down in his literary endeavors. In 2010, Jaime began writing a serious of journal entries entitled, “Wise, the Journal of Brazil.”

On his blog he says possibly the most renowned work of Jaime Garcia Dias is his work entitled, “Fell from Heaven.” “Caiu do Céu,” or as translated into English, “Fell from Heaven,” is the book that really launched Jaime’s literary career. This publication earned Jaime the coveted White Crane Award. In addition, at the Latinos Book Meeting in 2003, Josue Gomez honored and promoted “Fell from Heaven.”