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Nick Vertucci’s Great Insight about Property Investment and His Poker Career

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Nick Vertucci is a real estate genius in investing. He is the founder and CEO of his companies in Irvine, California. The property investing expert announced the launch of his famous book, ‘’Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls To Succeed’’. In this new book, he gives a guide as well as a personal account of how he lost his business fortune in computer technology and realized how to rise up from his losses and regain his prosperity. This was the start of his venture into real estate enterprise.

In real estate investment, Nick Vertucci encountered many mistakes. This led to a mental breakdown causing depression. He then decided to enroll for the training circuit where he found a mentor and learned how to reason differently. He was also able to have a strong mental basis integrated with his financial investment business.

The renowned book gives details about Nick Vertucci’s dynamic situation in his life as his foundation that contributed to his philosophy. This led to a state of financial freedom and a more sustainable and stable enterprise. He began his career in technology business without education or funds. He developed in his pursuit only to make a tragic fall. This was when he rebuilt his fortune emerging as the epitome in his domain.

Nick Vertucci was engaged in learning about the investment industry for 10 years after studying in the real estate training circuit. He is currently the CEO and founder of Nick Real Estate Academy. The institution equips aspiring entrepreneurs all over the nation with necessary academic experience to bloom in the real estate portfolio.He has also helped in the growth of professionally controlled Turn Key investment system. This enables other upcoming investors to purchase, rehab and lease properties owned by the bank.

Vertucci’s investment policy encompasses four stages of building an idea. It involves seeing the goal that one wants to attain, believing in one’s potential no matter the surrounding challenges, developing and outlining a plan and the strategies on how to achieve the results as well as implementing the plan without giving up to achieve positive results.

In accomplishing the desired outcome, an investor requires outstanding passion and inner drive. He discovered this great insight as a result of his array of downfalls. It caused him to realize the deeper version of himself and ultimately his path to success. Moreover, perseverance in times of hardship overcomes fear failure and brings out self-confidence.

He is also an accomplished poker player. He is known for competing against celebrity poker player like Antonio, the magician, Phil the poker brat among others. His history in this domain dates back to the time before his investing interest. In 2004, he was involved in his first tournament. He was position 8 out of 251. He has thrived in this impressive poker skill thus acquiring a winning spirit in both careers.

The abilities to read other people’s minds, adapting to change, emotional stability and self-confidence are his major strongholds in his two professions. Nick Vertucci is also a diligent, patient, determined and aggressive businessman.

Hussain Sajwani, DAMAC Owner

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In 2018, Forbes ranked Hussain Sajwani as the 4th richest Arab worth approximately 4.1 billion dollars. But this kind of success was years in the making. Throughout his childhood, Hussain Sajwani worked hard in school, and consequently, earned a scholarship to the University of Washington, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics. After graduation, he took a job with GASCO, a natural gas company, but quickly developed an interest in catering.

This launched Hussain Sajwani into his current role as CEO of DAMAC. What started as a small catering business quickly evolved into an international logistics company, supplying meals to US Forces throughout the Middle East. Despite this incredibly lucrative venture, Hussain Sajwani never stopped imagining something greater. The DAMAC Owner diversified his company, moving into the hospitality industry. Currently, the company serves over 150,000 meals daily.

With these profits, Hussain Sajwani began investing in real estate by purchasing land in undeveloped neighborhoods. Many developers saw this as a foolish choice, but a few years later, ex-patriots from all over the world began purchasing these properties. And this was the beginning of DAMAC Properties, which would eventually become one of the most well known companies in the UAE. Eventually, he was able to literally change the Dubai skyline by building towers that attracted investors the world over, earning the nickname The Donald of Dubai.

Once again, the DAMAC owner could have sat back and enjoyed his success, but instead he chose to keep expanding. By creating partnerships with Versace and Ferrari, he pushed luxury to a new level. At the same time, he expanded his business portfolio to include DICO Investments Co LLC. But what does the 4th richest Arab do with his money? Hussain Sajwani created the DAMAC Foundation, which has recently sponsored a free online program intended to give Arab Youth coding skills. Additionally, he donated $272,000 to Yemen We Care to provide healthcare and education to Yemini war victims. Hussain Sajwani continues to encourage development in his country, whether by constructing new buildings or investing in people.