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Freedompop Sets Sights on Conquering New Markets

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FreedomPop, a company which since its inception has committed itself to offering free and low-cost cell phone service has announced their intention to venture into the global market. The company has in the past received massive accreditation in the U.S and U.K; the CEO of FreedomPop has announced an additional $50 million in funding to assist in their plans to divulge and invest in other markets. The company has since its inception enjoyed significant growth in in its customer base due to its irresistible products.

The company has set sights in investing in developing countries from the continents of Asia and Africa. This comes after the company has recorded massive profits in the U.S and the U.K; this growth has necessitated FreedomPop to seek for mergers with other mobile companies that have the requisite infrastructure in a bid to cut the cost of starting up independent businesses. These mergers guarantee faster growth rate as well as offering a safe platform to offer their services.

The world today has witnessed a massive increase in internet users; FreedomPop seeks to address this market by offering them free calls and data across multiple regions. The idea behind offering these services has been hailed by many companies. This appraisal has seen global giants like Intel engage Freedompop through funding their noble idea of empowering people with cheap and reliable internet and calls.

This immense growth cannot be ignored. FreedomPop has very attractive data and call plans available to their subscribers. The company boasts of offering the most cost effective and data plans in the market that ensure their customers enjoy free data and calls for $5 a month. This is only available to android users. This service is available to android users through the freedompop app which is available in playstore.

The $50 million in funding has been directed to ensuring the company develops the necessary infrastructure to develop wifi in emerging markets; in a bid to lure customers and boost the company’s profitability.

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