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FreedomPop the Provider Free 4G Wireless Internet Access

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FreedomPop provides revolutionary mobile services that entail the world initial free mobile plan so that it can provide an affordable internet connection. The firm was founded in 2012, FredoomPop is redefining the rules of the global telecoms industry speeding up the merging of internet forms and technology with the traditional Telecom. It has been funded by technology giant Intel Capital, Mangrove Capital, Partech, Axiata amongst others. The company offers its services in U.S. as well as U.K. with plans to roll out its services to other countries this year.


The firm’s team include seasoned web and telecom entrepreneurs who are committed to providing free mobile services to its customers a model similar to the one adopted by Skype of providing free voice services to its customers, it other free data services includes Dropbox as well as Spotify access. Other free data services include free home, 4G mobile phone services and wireless internet.


According to Freedompop review, a customer who want to experience the freedomPop’s services, the journey begins by signing up with the FreedomPop’s services. Once signed up for FreedomPop’s services the user can share data allocated to him with friends as well other FreedomPop users, get more data or take the opportunity of having a free 500MB package. The user has to purchase a mobile hotspot, however, once you have it the 500MB monthly web access at 4G connection, it comes with 200 voice minutes and texting is unlimited, however receiving and sending a text will consume user data. In additional to being free the FreedomPop’s services does not need any contract and there are no cancellation fees or any other hidden cost that the customers might experience.


The half gigabyte may be free however the data may not be enough for the users who are heavy internet users. For example, the light users who use the internet for browsing Facebook, it is enough to meet their internet needs. If the user needs more data or they finish their data allotment, FreedomPop charges the users $10 per month once they are on their last 100MB of the data usage that is given every month, this is an automatic charge. Users do receive an email notifying them of the upcoming charge thus giving them a chance to cancel the subscription before their account is charged. Users can also opt out from the automatic billing from the FreedomPop website by setting the automatic bailing to No.


FreedomPop offers customer the free service for year, later the customers will be automatically be charged $10.99 per month for this services, with no contract of commitment still.

How Visual Search Improves Lives

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Visual search is something that is proving to be very beneficial for everyone. Visual search is especially helpful for retail. There are plenty of people that are looking for a certain product that they like but can’t seem to find. People often have to deal with the frustration of trying to find out what a certain item is that they saw. It could be that they seen the item at some place they were visiting, or that they were looking at an ad and saw an item other than what was being advertised. Either way, they wanted that item. However, they can’t find it because they can’t figure out the search terms.

Fortunately, there is Slyce. Slyce is visual search technology that makes it easier for people to find what they are looking for. The technology can be downloaded to the smartphone or tablet. Then the user could find a product that they are interested in and take a picture. Slyce will give a lot of information about the item in the image which includes the cost, the material, and the store that it is available in. Slyce also refers people to similar products. Therefore, they may find something that they like better than the initial product.

Slyce also makes things easier for retailers. When customers visit a retailer looking for a certain item, they often times just leave the store if they don’t find the item. However, Slyce and visual search technology not only lets people know where the product is, but also lets people know of alternatives in the store in case they might want to buy something else. Often times, the alternatives are inexpensive and even more visually appealing than the initial offer. Either way, Slyce will bring in more sales for the retailer. As a result, both the retailer and the customer are satisfied.

FreedomPop is Revolutionizing Wireless Service

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The world has become increasingly connected. These days if you want to be successful or stay in touch with loved ones, then you need a cell phone and you also need internet access. Unfortunately, for many years getting access to cellular service was extremely expensive. People that only needed a little service to stay in touch with loved ones and to browse the internet were forced to pay as much as a hundred dollars a month for the privilege of using a cellphone. The founders of FreedomPop noticed this problem several years ago, and they decided they had to act.

FreedomPop launched several years ago, and they immediately started offering free phone plans. These plans typically came with 200 minutes, 500 text messages, and 500 MB of data, enough for a basic user. After using up your free minutes, messages, and data every month, users could purchase additional data. Many people enjoy using FreedomPop’s free plans, but they do not realize just how affordable their extra plans are.

Finding access to Wi-Fi throughout the United States is incredibly difficult. Sometimes people have to rely on shady free wi-fi hotspots located at truck stops and restaurants. These free wi-fi hotspots are convenient, but they are also dangerous. FreedomPop has an incredibly $5 wi-fi plan that is perfect for travelers. The plan grants you access to ten million wi-fi hotspots throughout the country. These hotspots grant you access to voice, texting, and data. The hotspots are well distributed throughout the United States so that you can easily access the internet wherever you are. It should be noted that this plan works best in cities because there are more hotspots to choose from, but FreedomPop does have several hotspots just off of the interstate.

There are many unlimited plans in the marketplace, but most of these plans cost more than a hundred dollars a month. Normal people simply cannot afford an unlimited plan. FreedomPop wanted to bring the unlimited plan to the massess, so they unveiled a cheap unlimited plan. For just $20 a month, people receive unlimited talk, text, and data. This plan is incredibly affordable. In future years, more people should turn to FreedomPop for their unlimited plan.

FreedomPop is revolutionizing the wireless industry. Their affordable wireles plans allow almost anyone to receive wireless service. They hope to expand in future years, so that more people can enjoy affordable wireless service.

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FreedomPop Review – The Cheapest Wireless Service

Freedompop Sets Sights on Conquering New Markets

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FreedomPop, a company which since its inception has committed itself to offering free and low-cost cell phone service has announced their intention to venture into the global market. The company has in the past received massive accreditation in the U.S and U.K; the CEO of FreedomPop has announced an additional $50 million in funding to assist in their plans to divulge and invest in other markets. The company has since its inception enjoyed significant growth in in its customer base due to its irresistible products.

The company has set sights in investing in developing countries from the continents of Asia and Africa. This comes after the company has recorded massive profits in the U.S and the U.K; this growth has necessitated FreedomPop to seek for mergers with other mobile companies that have the requisite infrastructure in a bid to cut the cost of starting up independent businesses. These mergers guarantee faster growth rate as well as offering a safe platform to offer their services.

The world today has witnessed a massive increase in internet users; FreedomPop seeks to address this market by offering them free calls and data across multiple regions. The idea behind offering these services has been hailed by many companies. This appraisal has seen global giants like Intel engage Freedompop through funding their noble idea of empowering people with cheap and reliable internet and calls.

This immense growth cannot be ignored. FreedomPop has very attractive data and call plans available to their subscribers. The company boasts of offering the most cost effective and data plans in the market that ensure their customers enjoy free data and calls for $5 a month. This is only available to android users. This service is available to android users through the freedompop app which is available in playstore.

The $50 million in funding has been directed to ensuring the company develops the necessary infrastructure to develop wifi in emerging markets; in a bid to lure customers and boost the company’s profitability.

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