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How Jay Z and Desiree Perez Maneuver Business Toward Future

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Desiree Perez may be no household name but she has been by the side of super star business mogul and renowned musician Jay Z for the past two decades. Perez works as part of the Roc Nation team and she is one of the guiding hands leading Jay Z’s company into the future. Right now Jay Z is looking at a pretty big moment in his life: the end of his 360 Deal with Live Nation. Almost a decade ago Jay Z signed a 10 year/$150 million contract with Live Nation in order to see his music and live performances controlled by the company. With the deal reaching a ‘buy-sell’ moment, where either party can choose to walk away or re-negotiate, we are preparing for a big round of industry news. See related article on

Jay Z can’t have been upset with the structure of his deal as it provided him an excellent groundwork upon which to grow his brand. With that being said, in ten years the music industry has changed in a dramatic way. Now there are rumors abound that Live Nation is seeking to pull out of representing Jay Z’s recorded music — a marked change in the structure of their deal. According to sources close to Live Nation the company is still at least interested in representing Jay Z’s live performances but that might not be enough to keep him on board.

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Desiree Perez and Jay Z were spotted in Santa Monica, CA taking a sit down dinner/meeting with the president of Universal Music Group.  For more of Dez, click on  In the wake of Jay Z’s pending free agency this sit down is taking on renewed importance. Could Jay Z be looking to jump ship and take on a deal with UMG? The logistics make sense as UMG would give Jay Z ample room to grow.  More to read on

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