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PR World Awards Honors Darius Fisher’s Work

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Status Labs President and Co-Founder, Darius Fisher was 2016’s Business Development Individual of the Year in the PR World Awards, a program that recognizes exceptional work from business development experts, teams, and departments in categories like corporate communication, marketing, and investor relations. The Gold Winner of the annual awards expressed his appreciation for the prestigious recognition and said that any company with plans for long-term growth such as Status Labs needs business development strategies. He saw the award as the acknowledgment of the good work he has done with the help of his team.

Growing Status Labs

Darius Fisher contributed to the growth of Status Labs by developing and implementing digital services that cater to a broad variety of needs and accumulating an impressive client base that includes prominent public figures and Fortune 500 companies. The company provides digital marketing, online reputation management, and public relation solutions with the firm clocking a 939% growth from 2012 to 2015. Through his team sales management skills, long-term plans, and goal setting, Fisher has been able to drive the company to great heights. He has also done a lot in improving key customer relationships.

Fisher’s Expertise

Mr. Fisher has played a significant role in improving how companies manage their online reputation and public relations. In an age where individuals and entities have most of their information online, it becomes necessary to guard it because it shapes the perception of the audience. Darius Fisher has become the person to call when in the middle of a digital reputation crisis with his experience as a political consultant coming in handy. Since Fisher co-founded Status Labs, he has made a name working with high profile individuals who include athletes, CEOs, and politicians.

Besides his skills in managing online reputations, Mr. Fisher has done very well as the President of Status Labs, and one reason for that is the way he deals with employees. Fisher incentivizes workers with rewards such as Apple Watches, music festival passes, and home cleaning services so his employees can put in more work. He also loops in employees on the latest news and acknowledges their achievements.