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Oren Frank Changing The Therapy Narrative Via Talkspace

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Online therapy is picking at a fast pace, and many patients seem to prefer this type of treatment. It is an online platform that provides therapy sessions to its clients. Talkspace was founded in by two pioneers in the field of online therapy named Roni Frank and Oren Frank. The firm is based in New York and offers services that anyone can afford at their convenient time. Talkspace mission is to help to curb the issues of stigmatization that result with mental illness and in turn, make therapy services affordable through a convenient way that via the website or mobile phone. Read more at by Oren Frank

Oren Frank E-therapy app has changed the medical sphere entirely from the regular face to face Interaction between the patient and doctor. It is proving to be a great move because of the increased number of users. It has a team of licensed therapists who give consultations advice and provide as well as plan for a treatment plan for patients with mental illness or psychological issues in general.

As recently announced by Oren Frank, The team has a new member who was a medical officer with UnitedHealth top executive. While in UnitedHealth, Neil Leibowitz worked as Senior Behavioral Health Medical Director. He has a law experience primarily in private practice and bioethics. He, therefore, qualifies for the role as he will oversee both the professional and medical.

Neil Leibowitz comes on board as Chief Medical Officer. Oren Frank makes this crucial decision amidst the constant increase to have online therapy that would help carter for patients in the commercial healthcare segments.

The online therapy start-up By Oren Frank helps to connect people with therapists who are not only qualified to practice but also licensed to operate and offer medical services appertaining to mental health issues.

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Wes Edens

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Wes Edens is a prominent investor and philanthropist, whose claim to fame is being the co-owner of the Fortress Investment Group and being the owner of the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks. He has made a great impact both in financial and philanthropic circles.

He founded the Fortress Investment Group in 1988 and took it from a small private equity firm to an asset manager managing the funds for some of the worlds top investment groups. It currently handles more than $40 billion in assets. Wes Edens private equity business has forayed into numerous fields such as healthcare, finance, real estate and media to name a few, acquiring businesses which showed great potential. One of the most notable accomplishments was the financing of the Brightline passenger rail. This has now been rebranded as ‘Virgin Trains USA’ and is currently operated in partnership with the Virgin group. It is the only inter-city passenger rail line in recent times that has been developed with private funding. Currently the Miami to West Palm line is fully functional. There are plans in the works to provide similar lines connecting Orlando to Tampa, and Southern California and Las Vegas. Wes Edens was instrumental in the acquisition of Florida East Coast Rail. A liquid natural gas (LNG) facility was set up in Miami to provide a cleaner fuel alternative for the freight rail. Wes Edens realized the potential for providing LNG to other markets around the world. New Fortress Energy has since been expanding its services to markets around the globe. Read the article of Wes Edens at

Outside of the accomplishments of his private equity group, Wes Edens is well known for his part ownership of the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks. The team has shown a remarkable turnaround in its progress recently, with the team holding the NBA record for the most successive wins halfway through the season. His other notable accomplishments include the acquisition of the English Aston Villa Football club, in partnership with an Egyptian billionaire.

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Betsy DeVos: Bringing Much Needed Change To The Education System In The Country

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The education system in America has always been one that stands among the best in the world, and students from all over the globe seek admission in institutions within the country because of all that they have to offer. In spite of this, the education system doesn’t operate at its fullest potential and tends to run into a few hurdles that hinder the development that students here can experience. One facet of the education system in the country is the school system, which is something that has a significant impact on the future generations who are going to be one day leading the country. At a young age, children are at their most impressionable and tend to have a number of talents that they can develop. When the education system positively helps these children, they can grow and develop their skills and contribute to society better. However, not all schools can provide the kind of infrastructure and facilities that children would generally need, which limits their growth to a certain extent.



As a result of the disparities in the education system in America, several notable figures have risen, voicing their opinions about changes in the order that could benefit the country as a whole. One prominent figure who has been a driving force behind a significant number of developments that have been taking place is Betsy DeVos, who currently stands as the Education Minister in America.



Betsy’s interest in the school system started in the early days of her professional career. Being someone who was always involved with potential developments that could help her home state of Michigan, she realized that education was one facet that needed improving on. After analyzing the system, she realized the significant differences between the public school system and the private school system of education. Public schools were more opted for when it came to this kind of schooling system, and were the ones where the majority of the students in the country went. Because of their large intake, it becomes all the more important for this school system to improve, which is what led to DeVos’ increased interest in this regard.



Over the years, DeVos has managed to bring forward big change for these systems, thereby allowing children to receive a better education in their formative years. Through her work, both professional and philanthropic, she has been able to aid the development of thousands of children all over the world.


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A Spotlight on Victoria Doramus’ Impressive Professional Life

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Victoria Doramus is a renowned creative marketer and trends expert in Europe’s fashion, design, and lifestyle industry. Besides his career, Ms. Doramus spends her time and resources supporting charitable organizations.

How did she advance her career from a fresh graduate to the famous figure she is? We have shed light on his professional background to help you comprehend.Victoria Doramus is a self-made professional. Before starting her career, Victoria Doramus joined the University of Colorado, where she pursued an undergraduate degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. She completed her studies in 2006.

After completing her studies, Mindshare, a New York-based media agency employed Victoria Doramus as its assistant media planner. She was in charge of producing branded marketing content, as well as managing the agency’s print media budget. She served the agency for one year.

In 2007, Ms. Doramus started working as a creative consultant at Stila Cosmetics, a beauty and fashion company based in the Greater Los Angeles Area. She collaborated with the company’s art director to develop creative campaign projects.

After serving Stila Cosmetics for one year, Ms. Doramus transferred her services to Creative Artists Agency (CAA). She helped the company to coordinate meetings, cultivate strong industry associations, as well as organize various networking events.

In 2011, she started working as a writer and research assistant at various organizations. She collaborated with other executive officers to write lifestyle articles, as well as publish various lifestyle journals.

In 2014, Peter Berg, a film director based in New York City appointed Ms. Doramus as his assistant. She helped Berg to develop strong relationships with various contractors, as well as manage his properties based in New York.

At present, Ms. Doramus is a philanthropist who supports The Amy Winehouse Foundation, Room to Read, and Best Friends Animal Society. Moreover, she supports the Women’s Prison Association, and other charity organizations operating in the United Kingdom. Her primary focus is to assist young people to escape addiction from alcohol and drugs.

The Amy Winehouse Foundation is named after the late Amy Winehouse, a British pop star who died from addiction to drugs. The foundation is dedicated to educating the youth on the problems of addiction. Victoria’s contribution to the foundation has helped many young people avoid and overcome addiction.