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Plastic Surgeon And Cosmetic Surgery By Jennifer Walden

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Texas has bigger than life cowboys, bigger than life Texas burgers, and Jennifer Walden a cosmetic surgeon that loves her job. What does a cosmetic surgeon do you may ask? A cosmetic surgeon helps people to look and feel their best by providing them with reconstructive surgery or other image changing results. Each surgery is a risk. If you ask someone that needs larger breasts or their fat cells removed, they will say it is worth the risk. Some procedures are minimally or noninvasive. Some are very dangerous. Each surgery will receive the same care and concern. Because of the care she gives, Jennifer has won several awards such as the American Society of Plastic Surgery and American Women’s Association awards.


Hundreds of individuals make the decision to have cosmetic surgery each year. Some need wrinkles removed through a facelift. Some lose weight and need their skin tightened. Some want bigger boobs and some want smaller wastes. Most people think these surgeries are unnecessary. Ask a person, with a chicken neck, if they cry over the way they look. Ask a person, with breasts that are tiny, if larger breasts will help them and they will most likely say yes. People that seek out Cosmetic surgeons like Jennifer Walden are hoping to get the surgery sooner than later.


The Plastic surgeon is a miracle worker when it comes to reconstruction surgery. The plastic surgeon can help a man get his life back after he is severely burned on both legs. The Plastic surgeon has the ability and talent to give a person a new nose or reduce their breast size. The surgeon helps a person that loses a lot of weight feel better about themselves with tummy tucks and skin removal. The plastic surgeons such as Jennifer Walden love helping others feel and look better.


Challenges and new ideas area always presenting themselves to Jennifer Walden. She loves showing off new products on television. She also gets lost in showing off new wrinkle solutions and talking about her family. Jennifer’s parents are very proud of the woman and mother that she has become. Jennifer can explain things like med spa and Kybella so that you will know what you are getting into. One of the new procedures she is hoping to incorporate is the 3-D Vectra imaging. These new procedures will surely help make her job easier and clients safer.


Cosmetics with Dr. Jennifer Walden

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Jennifer Walden is a plastic surgeon located in Austin, Texas. She finished her residency at the University of Texas Medical Branch, then received a fellowship in aesthetic surgery at Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital. Dr. Jennifer Walden has pioneered advanced forms of cosmetics at her practice such as Vectra and ThermiVa. These pieces of technology have earned her national recognition for their effectiveness and usability. The Daily Mail featured her as a spokesperson for the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). American Way issued her the title of one of The Best Plastic Surgeons in America alongside other premier colleagues. These awards and recognitions have built upon her already strong reputation as an experienced, skilled surgeon. Dr. Walden successfully represented her business and made the field of cosmetics more accessible to the public. It is uncommon for a practitioner to simultaneously serve as a spokesperson. She has done a phenomenal job at both positions and has earned the respect of critics across the nation.

In addition to her incredible practical skills, Dr. Walden has published in national journals such as Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Plastic Reconstruction Surgery. Her articles described the necessary steps for safe, effective surgeries, and fellow surgeons have approved these innovative methods. These publications are closely related to products from other companies such as Venus Concept, ThermiAesthetics, and Ideal Implant and Sciton Inc. Dr. Walden’s combination of experience, accessibility, and concern for her clients makes her a premier surgeon in the field of cosmetics. Journals and colleagues have praised her commitment to improving medicine and a natural taste for sophisticated design. In 2014, Harper’s Bazaar named her one of the 24 Best Beauty Surgeons. This title cemented her legacy as a distinguished surgeon and publicized her actions via ASAPS. While other surgeons are also competent, Dr. Walden’s achievements give her nearly unmatched credibility. In the coming years of ever-changing cosmetics, her techniques are guaranteed to be effective and impressive.