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End Citizens United Judges Judge Kavanaugh

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Judge Kavanaugh has been known for years by many as someone who put the agendas of corporations before the needs of the people in the United States. When President Trump nominated him for the Supreme Court, End Citizens United knew that something had to be done to prevent him from causing harm to the American people. Many people are already very concerned about the state of politics and believe that it is for sale to whoever has the most money to pay election campaigns. Read more news about the group on USA Today.

According to End Citizens United, many of these big-time donors have some rather extreme agendas that they are trying to get passed and they aren’t good for the average American. One of the agendas that has End Citizens United concerned is the idea that campaign financing may be a free for all soon that will allow large amounts of money to go in with absolutely no accountability. They are far from alone with the concerns as it was shown that the majority of American is concerned about the future of campaign finance.

While campaign finance has been a concern for many years, it came to a head when the Supreme Court made a decision concerning Citizens United and their right to keep their donors from the public. End Citizens United was formed after this decision in order to fight to keep politicians accountable for who they are accepting money from. It’s clear that money talks in Washington and Citizens United are trying to keep it quiet who is actually doing the talking.

End Citizens United will continue to fight against dark money having the power in politics. They are letting the American people know that they can take back the power and have their voices heard. While corporations may appear to have all the power, ECU knows that things can be changed. While ECU knows that it will take time to have the decision made in the Supreme Court concerning Citizens United overturned, there are other steps that can be taken in the meantime. By supporting candidates who believe passionately about accountability in fundraising, they can fight for change.



George Soros Empowers Through Philanthropy

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Somebody like George Soros should need no introduction, but he ultimately likes to keep his name out of the spotlight so they are occasionally required. George Soros is a billionaire investor as well as one of the most giving philanthropists to ever walk the planet. While those are lofty titles they are merely the second and third leg of his title as one of the most progressive billionaires in the world today. Soros has spent his entire life and professional career working toward putting himself in a position to help as many people as possible. Soros’ unlikely rise to prominence is a unique story in and of itself and the work he has done once he got there is even more interesting.

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George Soros was a Jewish teenager living in Hungary when the Nazi force rolled into the country and set up an occupation. From 1944 to 1945 the Nazis that occupied Hungary would kill over 500,000 Jews in cold blood. During that time Soros had to fight as much as possible in order to live and to survive. He and his family worked quietly to help subvert the regime by acquiring fake identity papers to help other Jews escape the country. Eventually Soros and his own family would end up fleeing and they would end up in London, having fled from Budapest. Once in London Soros worked tirelessly to graduate from the London School of Economics, handling two jobs at once in order to pay for his studies. Know more about George Soros on Business Insider.

It was this hard work work and this experience with the oppressive Nazi regime that would inform George Soros’ decision to start the Open Society Foundations after settling in America. Soros came to America in the ’50s and he would have landed his fortune with the Soros Hedge Fund by the ’70s. With that money in hand Soros established a network of progressive philanthropic companies all over the world, spanning 130+ different countries. These foundations would form the backbone of what is now known as the Open Society Foundations. Through this network Soros has helped to fund grassroots activists, education, reform, and more throughout the globe. The Open Society Foundations has given nearly $12 billion so far in their lifespan. Learn more on about George Soros.

The Open Society Foundations has also had an effect here at home in the United States. During the infamous Ferguson Protests in Missouri activists were able to come to the streets and raise their voice in order to bring attention to the racially motivated police brutality. Soros and the Open Society Foundations had indirectly helped this activism by funding grassroots campaigns in the area to the tune of nearly $33 million. Soros is also a key figure in the success of the early days of the #BlackLivesMatters group.

Plans to Confirm Nominee Betsy DeVos as U.S. Secretary of Education is Expected Soon

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Betsy DeVos is recognized nationally as a devoted leader and has more than 35 years of political experience serving for the Republican party. Betsy is presently concentrating on educational choices advancement in the state of Michigan while serving as Chairman for Alliance for School Choice. Last Year, President Donald Trump announced Mrs. DeVos as his nominee to fill the highest-ranking position for our country in education. On February 7th, 2017, CNN News reported the Senators will be voting on her approval and confirmation for nomination as U.S. Secretary of Education. She presents her credentials to stand approved for the seat, including holding Chairman seats for the Republican Party four consecutive times.

Mrs. DeVos also served leadership roles for campaigns, organizations, and political action committees for the Republican Party. She is very much involved in local and national organizations and institutions; including Great Lakes Education Project, Foundation for Excellence in Education, and Art Prize. Other organizations she serves as chairman are The Philanthropy Roundtable, University of Maryland’s DeVos Institute for Arts Management, American Federation for Children, American Enterprise Institute, and The Potter’s House School. Betsy DeVos remains active in many communities advocating transformation of the educational system by offering alternatives for parents to educate children in America. Her goal is to create environments nationally for all children to receive a quality and safe education.

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Betsy DeVos received her high school diploma from Christian High and BA degree from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. What some people may not know about her is that she’s a devoted wife, mother, grandmother, businesswoman, advocate, and philanthropist. She is married to Dick DeVos and together the couple are supporters of Christian schools, including the Potter’s House in Grand Rapids. From 2009 to 2011, the DeVos Family donated more than $1 million to the school and an estimated $36 million to Grand Valley State University. Educational institutions, including Trinity Christian College and Zuni Christian Mission School have received $5.9 million in contributions from the family’s foundation.

After today, Betsy DeVos is expected to receive nomination approval for the seat as U.S. Secretary of Education. Although the Democrats and some Republicans will most likely vote against her, she will win the position with the vote of our Vice-President, Mike Pence who will untie the votes on tomorrow. Sources are saying a final confirmation vote from Alabama Republican Senator Jeff Sessions may happen, as well. Mrs. DeVos has supported education in Michigan for thirty plus years with ties to Christian schools and the State’s university. Since 1981, she will become the third woman to be nominated and approved to head the United States Department of Education, if confirmed. Visit her website

George Soros: Democratic Financial Mogul

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George Soros has become a financial hero for the Democratic Party, bringing in millions of dollars. In 2004, George Soros spent more than $27 million trying to defeat President George W. Bush in 2004. Soros has given more than $25 million to Hillary Clinton and other key Democrats up for election, as well as important causes close to him.

George Soros is an 85-year-old Hungarian, who currently resides in New York and has had a 25-year friendship with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Soros has been a currency trader for many years and has amassed a fortune near $24.9 billion through currency trades. Soros has become more politically engaged because of his concerns of Donald Trump’s political agenda for the country.

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Soros political adviser Michael Vachon says Soros has always been a donor to Democratic causes, but the political stakes are exceptionally high. George Soros’ willingness to fully financially endorse Hillary Clinton has been seen by many as potentially empowering other Democratic wealthy donors.

Soros has convinced several liberal donors to give extremely large amounts financially to various campaigns and causes. San Francisco environmentalist Tom Steyer (donated $31 million in 2016), hedge fund manager Don Sussman ($13.2 million) and media leaders Haim Saban and Fred Eychaner who have both given $11.1 million each.

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Last Summer, George Soros has donated more than $7 million to a PAC supporting Hillary Clinton called Priorities USA Action, becoming the largest recipient of his financial contributions. George Soros has also given more than $5 million to Immigrant Voters Win, a PAC working to increase turnout among low-propensity Hispanic voters in several key states.

Soros has also given $5 million to an organization fighting back against conservative efforts attempting to restrict voting. The nonprofit Voting Rights Trust is partly run by former Clinton campaign lawyer Marc Elias. Soros has given $1.5 million a Democratic based PAC supporting Democratic Senate candidates. Soros’ recent spending spree has been compared to his actions in 2004, when he gave money to boost John Kerry’s campaign against Bush.

George Soros responded to Kerry’s failure by launching Democracy Alliance, a club of top liberal donors who steer cash towards long term battles on issues important to Democrats including combating climate change and income inequality. Democrats are excited to see what more George Soros will do during the next election cycle. Soros continues to be a strong financial backer for the Democratic party’s needs.

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