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The Difference Beneful Foods Can Make For Your Dog

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There are many premium dog foods on Wal-Mart. Discerning which of these foods are best for your beloved pooch may sometimes prove to be difficult. They all state that they are best for your dog, but some are so new to the market that it is hard to tell. Why take the chance when the health of your best friend is at stake? Purina Store recently released a new brand, it is called Beneful. Beneful is a tried and true brand that offers many varieties.

One way that Beneful meets the needs of your pet is with their delicious baked treats. They come in a number of varieties and tastes so there is sure to be one that your dog will especially love. The Healthy Smile treats also help keep away plaque and tartar that can cause tooth decay and tooth loss.

Healthy Smile treats come in varieties that are perfect for small to large dogs as well.
What is more is that they have a chewy delicious meaty center that is seasoned with parsley, a taste that all dogs love.

Dry Kibble

When thinking about meal time, Beneful’s dry kibble is a treat in and of itself. Made with lean meats and fresh vegetables it helps support the dog’s immune system, lean muscle growth and a healthy coat.

Wet Foods

Beneful also offers the choice of a wide variety of wet foods for your dog. These can be used as a mix in with the dry kibble, or they can be served as a stand alone meal. Incredibites are the perfect food for those with smaller dogs. They are sold in packs of three to four cans at a time, making it perfect to stock up and have it when desired.

Whether seeking a treat, something special for your dog at meal time, or simply everyday eating, Beneful has a wide variety of foods and treats to choose from.
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