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Amazing New Luxury Apartment Building Projects In New York City

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Ten New York City developers were recently interviewed for a piece that was published on Haute Living’s website. The piece was broken into two segments and were published on October 26, 2016 and October 27, 2016. The articles, and interviews, were done by Catherine Sabino. During these interviews, these ten developers discussed their amazing new luxury apartment building projects in the city. These buildings will offer New York city residents a wide, new variety of NYC apartments for sale.


Two of the busiest developers in the state are Jonathan Simon and Matthew Baron. This partnership us currently working on two condominium projects in the Manhattan area. One project is a newly constructed residential building. The other project is a reconstruction of a historic building.


The top woman developer in the city, Veronica Mainetti, was also interviewed. Ms. Mainetti is the president of Sorgente Group of America. Her latest project is located in the neighborhood of TriBeCa. The building is a historical landmark that has been updated significantly on the inside and can be almost completely self sustainable. It is now home to several NYC apartments for sale.


Bill O’Connor, Billy Macklowe, Jeff Blau, and Ziel Feldman were also among the developers interviewed in these articles. Each of these developers are also working on luxury buildings in the city. Each of these buildings will offer prospective buyers a variety of NYC properties for sale.


These articles are a great way for prospective buyers to get an idea of the developers opinions of the current strength and stability of the market. However, individuals who are looking to purchase on of these luxury apartments will need to find a great real estate company to work with. Town Residential is one of the best real estate agencies in the city.


Town Residential agents have over a decade of experience in the various neighborhoods of New York City and the real estate properties that go alongside. These professionals each have their own specialties including, new purchases, resales, and event construction projects. The offices are located throughout the city which also helps insure their convenience. These neighborhoods include the same locations as the new projects discussed with the developers.