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A Look At Arthur Becker And Some Of His Real Estate Investments

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Who Is Arthur Becker?

Arthur Becker is a technology and real estate investor who also previously served as the chief executive officer and board chairman of Zinio LLC. Zinio is a digital magazine publication platform that serves over 5,500 digital magazines in North America, Europe and Asia. Mr. Becker stepped down from being CEO of Zinio LLC. in 2015 after naming Kelly Conlin to be his replacement. He has also served as chief executive officer of another technology company called Navi Site from 2002-2010. This is a firm that provides web hosting services, program management, IT outsourcing and cloud management for companies.

Arthur Becker’s educational background includes studying at Bennginton College in Vermont. He completed his undergraduate studies there in 1972 and went on to study at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire. Mr. Becker completed an MBA at the Tuck School of Business in Dartmouth College in business in 1974.

Other companies that Arthur Becker has been involved with include the Vera Wang Fashion company, Atlantic Investors LLC., Clearblue Technologies Inc. and Madison Technologies LLC. At the Vera Wang Fashion company, Arthur was a senior adviser at the firm for seven years. He was also married to the founder of the firm, Vera Wang before becoming divorced later on, At Clearblue Technologies, Mr. Becker was a director and a vice chairman of the board. Arthur Becker co-founded Atlantic Investors LLC. in 2002 and is now a managing partner at the investment company.

Arthur Becker’s Latest Real Estate Investment In New York City

According to the NY Times, Arthur Becker has invested over $15 million dollars of equity in a project developed by Madison Equities and Property Markets Group that is located on 10 Sullivan Street in Manhattan. Additionally, he had mortgaged an additional $5 million dollars for the development project as well. Reports released by the Real Deal publication, state that Mr. Becker had traded his stake in the company to acquire ownership of three townhouses located at 30, 40 and 50 Sullivan Street. Arthur has revealed that he plans to live in one of these townhouses and sell or lease out the remaining two as rental investments. View his crunchbase.comĀ  profile for more information.