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The Hi-Tech Cyber Attack Solutions as Provided by Rubica. Inc

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In a recent report, there has been numerous cases of cyber attacks. These incidences have affected many people from various parts of the world leading to the search of efficient means of security. Companies and governments have cried foul for losing their valuable data and other intelligence documents to unknown cyber criminals. One instance that left people shocked was the attack of over 300,000 computers in over 150 countries worldwide on May 2017. What makes it even worse, is that there has been no strict cyber security measure that has been put in place to date.


The rising number of cyber attack cases per annum is indeed worrying (YahooNews). In a period of about 3 years only, the price multiplied by four while the number has risen to as high of $500 billion worldwide. However, the cyber security venture has announced that, by 2021, the cost of the threat would go up to $6 trillion. According to the sources, this amount will cover all due loses that cyber attack will cause including; stolen money, lost productivity, theft of intellectual property, and fraud among others. The different tactics of cyber attacks are on the rise hence there is a need of strong cyber security policy before it is too late.


About Rubica


Rubica is among the highest ranked companies worldwide with a myriad of personal cyber security solutions. The company is located in the United States. At Rubica, one is protected against cyber attack through an application available for download. The application can be downloaded on phones, laptops, and smart phones. Once you have downloaded the app the company takes care of all your problems.

Rubica highly protects your personal cyber security rights by the full services they provide. The protection is available throughout the day as long as one’s device is on. Additionally, there are cyber securities experts who are on high alert to keep you safe. The personal cyber security agency has strong partnerships with leading financial and legal insurance firms. This enables the company to provide appropriate and dependable services to its clients. In case of cyber attack, come to Rubica Inc for easy solutions.