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Fashion & The Academy of Art University

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The Academy of Art University is still going strong, especially after being around for more than 80 years. This school has developed some of the brightest minds in the entertainment industry as well as in fashion industry. There are nearly 13,000 students who work, study and play within these hallowed halls. The school’s teacher-base consists of over 1,154 part-time teachers and up to 283 full-time teachers. Academy of Art University’s main goal is to prepare its students for a successful career in communications, in liberal arts and in entertainment. As of today, it has churned-out a plethora of talent. Some of this talent has been involved with the making of huge Hollywood hits such as “Sully,” “Avatar,” “Big Hero 6,” “Boss Baby,” and “Dunkirk.”

Adriana Georgiades, a fashion student with the Academy of Arts University, has just won a scholarship for $1,500 by participating in the one of the school’s writing contests. In addition to the $1,500, she has earned an internship with TRC Marketing. The Fashion Journalism Scholarship Contest excepted thousands of entries during the spring semester, but Georgiades was the one who stood at the pinnacle in the end. The 23-year-old was more than excited to win the contest because she has a strong passion for what she does. This contest was all about the future of fashion during the social-media age.

Fashion is everywhere in society now days. “We need to find a way to maintain the tenants of fairness and objectivity that’s found in journalism,” said Georgiades. This young woman is actually from Johannesburg, South Africa, but she relocated to the US to further her fashion education. She attended South Africa’s Rhodes University. Sports blogging was her main job at this fine school, and it matched her love for being a die-hard Liverpool fan. Georgiades noticed that there wasn’t much talk about fashion while attending Rhodes University and this is why she moved to beautiful San Francisco to pursue a career in fashion.

The Academy of Art University has been around since 1929, and it was founded by a painter named Richard S. Stephens. Thanks to its passion for the arts, this school has made a huge imprint on society.


Orange Coast College Rises To The Top Of College Rowing

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Thinking of college-level rowing often inspires thoughts of the most established academic four-year institutions who have dominated one of the last true amateur sport in the world. As a two-year college one would not normally expect to even see a crew from Orange Coast College at a rowing meeting, let alone achieving much as one of the top crews in U.S. rowing circles. Orange Coast College has maintained such a pull on those who have worked and rowed with the Californian school that many remain in the program as coaches and assistants after their term as a crewmember or coach are over.


The demanding nature of rowing is seen as a major reason for the success Orange Coast College has achieved in both sporting and academic circles. As a rowing program, the school has won an impressive 11 national titles in the novice crew category despite its status as a two-year community college close to the heart of Los Angeles; Orange Coast College has also seen its ranking for achieving Associates Degrees rise to number 65 of the more than 5,000 educational institutions offering these programs across the U.S. The physical skills achieved by those taking part in rowing programs are easy to see and are accompanied by a mental success seen in the academic achievements of the members of the rowing crews who have won scholarships to some of the top Ivy League institutions in the nation.


The establishment of the Orange Coast College campus came in 1947 when a former U.S. Air Force base was gifted to the burgeoning college to create an impressive campus of more than 240 acres. In its early stages, the campus was created from the existing buildings used by the U.S. Air Force with a major period of construction taking place from the 1950s to 1970s. The minimal architecture of Richard Neutra has become a major part of college life for those living and studying in Costa Mesa. Learn more: