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Overview of White Shark Media Reviews

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White Shark Media,a search marketing firm, is located in Central America, US and Denmark. It specializes in providing Adwords management as well as Bing Ads to small and medium sized businesses. It tends to focus more on the area that makes more money for the clients. White Shark Media offers its ecommerce clients product listing kind of advertisements in all their management plans, Google analytics implementation and complete conversion tracking.



The company is capable of helping you manage your Adwords campaign from the initial setup and the continuous steps of optimization to make sure you hit your goals every month. You will be able to avoid falling into common pitfalls and errors that are common for most beginners who end up messing their Adwords campaigns. The company helps make your campaign by putting an effective keyword that is negative to ward off unnecessary clicks that will not convert. White Shark Media helps in forging the best negative keywords that ensure a successful and effective campaign.



The company also assists in ensuring that all your visitors are not just directed to your homepage but are otherwise directed to the most relevant page. This will be the page that is most relevant to what they could be searching for. This exposes your users to an awesome user experience and this goes a long way in influencing the score you get from Google on your ads. This marketing agency will assist you in the creation of customized ads for every keyword that you desire to match the kind of queries typed in by the users. Using the ad extensions also assists the campaign to stand out from the rest due to an increase in visibility and value.



Why Should Companies Go for White Shark Media services?



White Shark Media has a huge experience on a number of platforms like Shopify where it runs AdWords campaigns. The company refers its clients to this platform as it is a great platform given that the first client referred to it back in 2010 is still using it to date. The major clients of the company include A Star Movers Texas, iMarine Incorporated and Platinum Pro Painters Canada.



The company has employed around 144 employees who are in charge of serving the company’s 600 and over active clients. The company boasts of a 8-10% client retention rate and charges mid-level rates that make it suitable for average marketers. The company’s primary services include web development, mobile marketing, pay per click management and SEO. Its secondary services include pay per click engines, conversion optimization and landing page optimization.