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Sleep Apnea Patients Have a Champion in Dentist Avi Weisfogel

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Sleep apnea has been associated to heart disease, diabetes, strokes, high blood pressure, depression, and other serious illnesses. This disease affects more than 18 million adults in the United States, but there haven’t been any major research or advancements in this field. Some of the signs of sleep apnea occurs prominently in the facial features that includes puffy eyes, dull complexion, wrinkles, and pooling of blood underneath the eyes, including hair loss.

Avi Weisfogel, DDS is a New Jersey dentist who is looking to bring strong focus on sleep apnea by becoming an avid researcher and technology developer. Avi Weisfogel was determined to make in-roads into the sleep apnea disorder which he saw almost daily in his dental practice.

In 2010, he left his general practice to start a company that was wholly dedicated to sleep called Healthy Heart Sleep. Then in 2012 he founded the Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient which served as a dental lecturing platform on sleep apnea.

It took a couple of years and a few million dollars, but Weisfogel, DDS developed an oral appliance system that was developed under his Dental Sleep Masters Program in 2014. The system consists of oral appliances which supports the jawbone and opens the airway. By using Weisfogel’s device, patients are able to sleep uninterrupted.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel attended Rutgers University where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Psychology. Then he attended the college of dentistry at New York University where upon graduating began his dental practice called The Old Bridge Dental Care. As a neighborhood dentist, he received many awards as the best dentist of year.

Through Dr. Weisfogel’s Dental Sleep Masters Program, he continues to provide a focus, service, and science research on common disorders which affect many people. Through him, dentists from all over the world are gaining an in-depth understanding of how to handle various sleep-related complications.

Dr. Weisfogel’s has received accolades for his valuable scientific contributions on using oral appliances to treat people with obstructive sleep apnea and to further help medical professionals understand conditions like sleep apnea and the complications associated with it.